Carson Under Fire Again! Says China is Fighting in Syria! Details this Weekend!!

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

GOP 2016 presidential candidate Dr Ben Carson is causing waves again. That’s good because this country needs some WAVES! Carson says he has better evidence than the Obama White House that China is involved in the fighting in Syria against ISIS. He said he’d release his intel this weekend for everyone to review including the WH. At today’s WH briefing Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked to comment on Carson’s claim but Earnest was speechless only saying, “Maybe it violates my job description as a spokesman to be speechless, but in this case I am.”

WH officials including NSA advisor Susan Rice said Carson’s claims are “untrue.” President Obama also disputed Carson’s claim that ISIS could be defeated easily in an ABC News interview yesterday saying Carson “doesn’t know much about fighting the terrorist group.” Hmm…seems Obama ignored the FACT that the US has been supplying ISIS with Toyota trucks and weapons indirectly via other “anti-Assad” (read Terrorist) groups inside Syria. The Obama strategy has been to use ISIS to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad and then cut some sort of deal once ISIS is running things. That’s a pretty risky and ignorant “foreign policy” in my opinion. Since when do we “cut deals” with terrorists????

As far as I can see a few missiles fired on ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq WOULD defeat them rather quickly along with STOPPING the weapons supply to them directly or indirectly. So, I believe Carson is RIGHT. ISIS could be defeated rather quickly if these things were done but for some reason the WH just doesn’t see it that way.

In other news pertaining to Dr Carson I say candidate Donald Trump in Iowa talking about Carson and referring to Carson’s claim that he was “pathological” when he was a wayward young man and youth. Trump questioned if Carson was fit to hold the presidency in light of Carson’s claims about his past as a youth. Yes, let us ignore everything else Carson has done as an ADULT and God forbid let us not attest to the fact that PEOPLE CHANGE!

Katie Couric also interviewed Dr Carson and that interview covered a wide range of topics from his biography to Trump to foreign policy. Regarding Trumps insistence on referring to Dr Carson as “pathological” Carson said someone needs to instruct Trump on what exactly the term “pathological” means. He went on to say the label “doesn’t mean that it can’t be cured.” Dr Carson suggested some of Trumps LACKEYS go talk to some professionals who can tell them what the word means and then educate The Donald!

What Trump is trying to do is paint a picture of Dr Carson that is HIGHLY inaccurate and based on his past as a youth. It’s nothing more than a SMEAR CAMPAIGN and the MSM is onboard with Trump! I don’t see anything in Dr Carson that I’d term as “pathological” but what I DO see awhole lot of is the MSM inaccurately reporting on Carson and twisting his words! Am I qualified to say what is “patholigical” in Carson? You bet….TWICE! Perhaps Trump’s lackeys should give me a call and I’ll instruct them on what the term actually does and DOES NOT mean.

In the interview with Couric, Dr Carson refused to give the name of the friend he claims he tried to stab when he was in his teens. He said he would reveal the person’s name IF the MSM would promise not to bother the person or any of the other people and IF the promised to report honestly and truthfully. LMAO well don’t hold your breath Dr Carson because today’s MSM does anything BUT that!

Carson said during the interview that he’s getting constant phone calls from people who’ve been associated with him and saying the MSM is harassing them. He said people are also showing up at his door with cameras. Yes, it’s like one big CIRCUS because that’s what the MSM does best! They turn everything either into a CIRCUS and/or WITCH HUNT!! It’s all about drama and ratings. Someone please instruct Dr Carson on this!

Couric also asked Dr Carson about his friend, Alfonso Costa who was convicted of insurance fraud to the tune of more than $40K back in 2008. At his trial Dr Carson appeared as a character witness for Costa. This despite the fact that Dr Carson wrote in one of his books entitled “America the Beautiful” that anyone guilty of health care fraud should be punished severely, lose their medial license, and go to prison for not less than 10 years.

Dr Carson responded by saying Costa has been his closest and best friend and he knows his heart. When Couric pressed Carson he refused to elaborate further on Costa. All I can say to that is people make mistakes. How long do we hold those mistakes against them and when do we FORGIVE them?

Regarding foreign policy Couric questioned Dr Carson about his recent claim that China is fighting in Syria against ISIS. Carson insisted China is supplying military equipment including radar and sophisticated monitoring systems to Syrian forces and he added he will be putting out the info on this “shortly.”

When Couric asked Carson about his lack of foreign policy experience Dr Carson pointed out that his rivals have the same lack. In fact, Dr Carson said when you look at the candidates he doesn’t see any that have extensive foreign policy experience and he’s absolutely RIGHT!

When it comes to Dr Ben Carson is appears to me that the MSM is increasingly on a witch hunt. Right now he’s the frontrunner among Democrats and the MSM favored boy Jeb Bush is NOT in that position. I think the MSM wanted and expected Bush to be in the top spot and since he’s not they are now trying to crucify Carson anyway they can in hopes that he’ll get so tired of the BULLSHIT he’ll just exit the race and then Jeb can become numero uno! Hey MSM! The American people DON’T WANT ANOTHER BUSH!! Get a frickin clue!!!

I’m happy to see Dr Carson sticking it out and I hope he’ll continue to do so. I hope he continues to hold on to the top spot and I hope Jeb EXITS the race! Go home Jeb!! America does NOT want you in the WH!





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