NOW is the time to remove ISIS from existence….PERMANENTLY!

Commentary by Monomakh

Rurik4Yesterday was a sad day for France and for the World as ISIS terrorists carried out at least 7 coordinated terror attacks in Paris killing over 100 innocent people and severely injuring many more. Today ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks after celebrating joyously last night as Paris burned. The French President immediately closed the borders and deployed the military into the streets saying the attacks were an “act of war.” That’s all well and fine but I say it is closing the door of the barn after the cows have already gone.

For far too long Europe has been too locked into political correctness and “multiculturalism.” Not so long ago “refugees” from Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other Mid Eastern nations began “immigrating” into Europe in mass and they were welcomed when, in fact, they should have turned these people around and sent them back where they came from. Now France is paying the price. Germany is also paying the price as tensions rise over the mass influx of Muslims into Germany and Chancellor Merkel is on the verge of being ousted from office over allowing it to happen. Merkel’s days are numbered and I’m pretty sure she’ll be replaced with a German hardliner who will “expel” the new immigrants from Germany one way or the other.

As we all know there are two ways to invade and conquer a nation or region. One is you send in your army and fight to win, conquest. The other is to send in immigrants in mass and overwhelm your enemy, conquest. The radicals in the Middle East have chosen the latter as they have no army that can defeat any European army. And that plan is working, apparently, perfectly!

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin seems to be the ONLY leader on top of this problem. He decided to bomb ISIS before they could start trouble in his nation and he’s doing a fine job of that. Europe and the United States, however, seem to be clueless as usual. Just a few days ago President Obama boldly claimed ISIS was “contained.” Yesterdays horrific bloodbath in Paris PROVED him WRONG….again.

The Russians were invited into Syria by Syrian President Assad to help that nation fight ISIS and other terrorist groups behind the civil war now raging inside Syria. The US and its allies have no such invitation. Putin’s plan is to eliminate ISIS completely from the face of the planet and leave Assad in power. Obama’s plan is to use ISIS to get rid of Assad and make a deal with ISIS afterwards. That was the same plan he used in Libya which DID NOT WORK! And it’s not going to work in Syria or anywhere else because these people are terrorists which is a term Obama seems not to understand. This present US “foreign policy” is laughable at best and foolish beyond measure at worst. You can’t negotiate with terrorists! All that they understand and respect is POWER and MIGHT. Joining the Russians and blowing the shit out of ISIS would get the point across to all of the radical Muslim extremists rather quickly. The answer is simple. Remove ISIS and anyone associated with ISIS from existence by whatever means necessary! NOW is a time for RUTHLESSNESS not PC or indecision!!

I strongly suspect the well-coordinated and well carried out attacks we seen in Paris yesterday are only the beginning and there will now be more such terror attacks across Europe, the US, and elsewhere until ISIS is removed from existence by ANY means necessary. The French government says they had no prior warning. WTF? Hey France! It was a TERRORIST ATTACK and they don’t give advanced warnings! I’m afraid the French still don’t get it.

ISIS is a terrorist organization well armed, well-funded, and well-organized. They are also a group of lunatics hooked on drugs and sex. Women are enslaved to serve as sex slaves for ISIS fighters and leaders ruthlessly. Non-Muslims are murdered indiscriminately and if you happen to be a Christian they like to crucify you just like Jesus was! ISIS kills fellow Muslims who don’t submit to ISIS authority and religious beliefs even though a Muslim killing a fellow Muslim is a PARAMOUNT SIN according to the Holy Qur’an. BTW murder and suicide are also paramount sins for Muslims. ISIS is a demonic force of drugged out sex addicts bent on world conquest and if yesterday’s events in Paris don’t awaken the West what will?

ISIS and all of the other terror groups see Western attacks on them as a “new Crusade.” They see this as a Jihad, meaning RELIGIOUS war. In the West we don’t see it that way but it really doesn’t matter how we see it because in the minds of these radicals it IS a religious war! The West really needs a REALITY CHECK because just because you don’t believe something does NOT mean it doesn’t exist! Fact is we ARE engaged in a RELIGIOUS war with extremist Muslims! Enough of the PC BULLSHIT already!!

Obama said earlier yesterday that he wants to make it easier for Syrian refugees to come into the US. Is that frickin wise? NO! I must admit that Obama leaves me scratching my ass most of the time wondering WTF?. After yesterday’s horror in Paris and he wants to make it easier for people from Syria to enter the US? If anything he ought to be making it harder and CLOSE OUR BORDERS NOW!

The plain fact of the whole matter is that the West seems absolutely clueless about it all and has been for a long while now. The US and allies are trying to be “nice” but nice isn’t working! Obama has succeeded in replacing real generals who would kick ass and take names later with PC yes men and, let’s face it, the US military is now for all practical purposes NEUTERED. The Muslim terrorists see the US and West as “weak” and they, sadly, are pretty close to CORRECT!

We can screw around with these people until Hell freezes over and to no avail. These radicals do not wish to negotiate with us nor engage in diplomacy with us. They don’t want our lifestyles, religion, or anything else. They just want us DEAD! How do you possibly negotiate with drugged out, sex addicted, psycho killers? Answer…YOU DON’T BECAUSE YOU CAN’T! What you can do, however, is remove them from existence and do the world and all future generations a big favor! That’s what Putin is trying to do and that is what Obama and Europe need to do!! The West seems not to realize that this is a fight for our very survival and we’d better get a frickin clue NOW! But, I’m sure we won’t as we in the West have become a LAZY, decadent, and even IGNORANT society. Not only that but we’ve also become a WEAK and FEARFUL society. “Land of the free and home of the Brave”? MY ASS! Not anymore!!

After yesterday’s slaughter and bloodbath in Paris the US and the West now need to send ISIS and all other Muslim radical terror groups a message that is LOUD AND CLEAR. Carpet bombing of all ISIS controlled areas is now in order. No need to boots on the ground. Just use the USAF to do the job and after the regions are bombed into oblivion LEAVE! No reconstruction, no massive waste of US taxpayer dollars, LEAVE!! Knock their sorry asses back into the STONE AGE AND LEAVE!

But we will not do that I’m certain because the US is still locked into the PC BULLSHIT as is Europe even after yesterday’s events in Paris. WTF is wrong with you people? Oh wait, I know! We are just as drugged out and sex addicted as the ISIS fighters are!! All those drugs coming across our border with Mexico are being consumed by “someone” in America and guess who it is??? AMERICANS!!

I predict that the radical psychotic Muslim terrorists will now step up their attacks in Europe and they will also target the US and rest of the Western World. The attacks will progress and become more and more organized and coordinated and ISIS will celebrate their victories daily. I predict that the US and allies will continue to be clueless and far too concerned about being PC than anything else. Meanwhile hundreds and then thousands of INNOCENT Westerners will die as a result of the terror attacks and not even that will shake the US and West awake and back to their senses. And then at some point will come the end. The end of the West as we know it and the radical Muslims WILL have their global caliphate that they so much desire! And in the West we will look back on it all someday and wonder WTF? How did it all happen? I hope my predictions are WRONG!! I hope someday soon the US and West get a clue and respond to ISIS in a very STRIKING WAY! But, I am NOT holding my breath.




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  2. Reblogged this on UZA – people's courts, forums, & tribunals and commented:
    Sonora, you are correct in that the west has no clue how ancient and deep this holy war runs: all the way back to Abraham who admonished his father for worshipping idols; they despise idol worship and the Catholics in Europe are key targets; there are strict protocols amongst the Moslems; if one makes peace it has to be honoured if you are honourable;

    The only way to take down Isis is to go to the Imram with evidence of breach of the codes of Allah; one will first have to declare peace near the Great Mosque; and, of course be of an “acceptable” faith as stipulated in the Quran; and, go during the Great Pilgrimage to ensure one keeps ones head, just in case; and, declare there to be only one God, Allah the Merciful; which shouldn’t be too hard to do if one can humble oneself;

    The Anglo-Saxons have no such word in their vocabulary; they are already in the middle of a Jihad and they do not realize the fuse that has already been lit; the Nostradamus of South Africa, Seer van Rensburg 100 years ago he had this to say about the UN and Europe: from “Words of a Prophet” by A. Snyman:

    Page 16: ‘(He gives us a description what the Third Boer Republic will look like) –
    “After our nation has humbled itself before the Lord, I see a great miracles taking place and after I see the Vierkleur flying over a free Afrikaner Nation, and once again there is peace and prosperity. (But during this time violence and bloodshed breaks out in Europe and those nations will find themselves in great misery):”

    On page 37 he predicted the collapse of the world economic system, followed by: “an era of peace and harmony”

    On page 120 he predicts the Founding of the United Nations which he interpreted himself. He described it as follows: “The wheel has no hub because the United Nations have excluded God. A wheel cannot operate without a hub to hold it together, causing it to break and overturn the wagon in the process all countries which are part of the United Nations will experience great distress, because the axle around which everything turns is God’s decision not man’s…”

    On page 133 he predicts that Europe becomes a Unitary State. He said the future Europe will stand under authority of a single government. Although that government will look good on the surface it will inherently be diabolical and corrupt.

    On page 182 he predicts: “the Monarch (Queen Elizabeth) losing her throne because of Germany and it seems likely that there will not be a successor”.

  3. ISIS people are obeying Lucifer the sparkling one. Allah calls himself the sparking one. God is not a sparkling one having horns of light coming out of his hands. A sword of light comes out of his mouth. God has feet looking like fine brass refined in the fire. God has a face that shines like the sun. That is not a sparkling being. Lucifer is a sparkling being. That is discribed in ◄ Ezekiel 28:13 ►15, KJV Cambridge editon 1611. Rethink who Allah is. God is not a sparkling being. ISIS people need to stop warring against people.

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