4 comments on “NOW is the time to remove ISIS from existence….PERMANENTLY!

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    Sonora, you are correct in that the west has no clue how ancient and deep this holy war runs: all the way back to Abraham who admonished his father for worshipping idols; they despise idol worship and the Catholics in Europe are key targets; there are strict protocols amongst the Moslems; if one makes peace it has to be honoured if you are honourable;

    The only way to take down Isis is to go to the Imram with evidence of breach of the codes of Allah; one will first have to declare peace near the Great Mosque; and, of course be of an “acceptable” faith as stipulated in the Quran; and, go during the Great Pilgrimage to ensure one keeps ones head, just in case; and, declare there to be only one God, Allah the Merciful; which shouldn’t be too hard to do if one can humble oneself;

    The Anglo-Saxons have no such word in their vocabulary; they are already in the middle of a Jihad and they do not realize the fuse that has already been lit; the Nostradamus of South Africa, Seer van Rensburg 100 years ago he had this to say about the UN and Europe: from “Words of a Prophet” by A. Snyman:

    Page 16: ‘(He gives us a description what the Third Boer Republic will look like) –
    “After our nation has humbled itself before the Lord, I see a great miracles taking place and after I see the Vierkleur flying over a free Afrikaner Nation, and once again there is peace and prosperity. (But during this time violence and bloodshed breaks out in Europe and those nations will find themselves in great misery):”

    On page 37 he predicted the collapse of the world economic system, followed by: “an era of peace and harmony”

    On page 120 he predicts the Founding of the United Nations which he interpreted himself. He described it as follows: “The wheel has no hub because the United Nations have excluded God. A wheel cannot operate without a hub to hold it together, causing it to break and overturn the wagon in the process all countries which are part of the United Nations will experience great distress, because the axle around which everything turns is God’s decision not man’s…”

    On page 133 he predicts that Europe becomes a Unitary State. He said the future Europe will stand under authority of a single government. Although that government will look good on the surface it will inherently be diabolical and corrupt.

    On page 182 he predicts: “the Monarch (Queen Elizabeth) losing her throne because of Germany and it seems likely that there will not be a successor”.

  3. ISIS people are obeying Lucifer the sparkling one. Allah calls himself the sparking one. God is not a sparkling one having horns of light coming out of his hands. A sword of light comes out of his mouth. God has feet looking like fine brass refined in the fire. God has a face that shines like the sun. That is not a sparkling being. Lucifer is a sparkling being. That is discribed in ◄ Ezekiel 28:13 ►15, KJV Cambridge editon 1611. Rethink who Allah is. God is not a sparkling being. ISIS people need to stop warring against people.

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