ISIS is EXPANDING and is NOT contained!!

The manhunt for the mastermind and associated killers continues in Europe following the series of well coordinated terror attacks in Paris carried out by ISIS a few days ago.  France is already bombing ISIS targets in Syria in response with the French President declaring the terror killings in Paris are an “act of war.”
Meanwhile, Russian authorities have now determined that a homemade terrorist bomb brought down its passenger jet over the Sinia last month killing all on board.  Russian President Vladimir Putin is now vowing to “unleash hell” on ISIS and he has ordered long range Russian bombers to begin bombing ISIS targets in Syria and he’s also deployed more warplanes in the operation.  Looks like he’s about to “waste them in the outhouse” to coin a phrase he is famous for.
Across America half of the state governors are saying HELL NO to allowing refugees into their states as they don’t trust the US screening process and fear some of the refugees could be terrorists.
Over at the White House, sadly, they still don’t seem to have a clue with Obama still maintaining ISIS is “contained” despite the Paris attacks.  And to top it off a long time ally of Obama, Senator Dianne Feinstein who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee contradicts Obama’s claim about ISIS be “contained” and she says the FACT is ISIS is not contained and in FACT is EXPANDING!
Feinstein said she’s “never been more concerned.”  She noted the recent ISIS video calling for attacks in America and she said we must be prepared for such attacks.  She also said that she thinks Obama needs to listen to his military people “and ask for the kind of precise military strategy and tactics that might be able to really contain ISIL and defeat it.”  She went on to say that Americans CANNOT be confident that there is no threat to the US homeland despite assurances by US officials to the contrary.  Referring to ISIS she said, “They are on a march.  I think we have to recognize this.”  YOU BET!  And they (ISIS) needs to be stopped dead in their tracks NOW!
To be fair to President Obama he later clarified what he meant when he said ISIS was “contained” saying, “When I said that we are containing their spread in Iraq and Syria, in fact, they control less territory than they did last year” which is true btw.
The Syria-Iraq border region seems to quickly be becoming the stage for WORLD WAR III as more and more nations begin to bomb ISIS targets.  However, Arab nations seem to be absent in this effort!  Perhaps they don’t realize how strong a threat ISIS possess to their nations?  Perhaps they are too fearful of ISIS to engage in any confrontation with them?  Or perhaps they just prefer to let the West and Russia do their dirty work.
The bottom-line is that ISIS MUST BE REMOVED FROM EXISTENCE BY ANY AND ALL MEANS NECESSARY!  It doesn’t matter how it happens or who carries it out but it MUST be done!  It’s time for the world to wake up and face reality.  ISIS is nothing more than a murder organization and sex crazed brotherhood!  Even though it professes Islam as it’s faith it is not even REMOTELY connected to true Islam!  ISIS simply uses the mask of Islam and when you look at the ISIS fighters who rape women, keep women and children as sex slaves, engage in drug abuse, murder, and suicide it becomes rather clear.  ISIS is NOT A MUSLIM ORGANIZATION but it IS a MURDER ORGANZIATION.  It’s time for them to be put off the stage and I strongly suspect Russia and France are about to do just that!


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