ISIS Mastermind DEAD!!

Commentary by Monomakh

The ISIS mastermind behind last weeks terror attacks in Paris is now confirmed DEAD!  No frickin loss there!  Now if the rest of ISIS can be killed (and I mean ALL of them) the world will be a much safer place.  I say ISIS needs to be made an example for other terrorists.  Put simply, the West is not going to put up with their shit anymore and neither is Russia or China!

The Paris mastermind WAS named Abdelhamid Abaaoud, age 27, and a Belgian citizen of Arab descent.  I’m sure ISIS will hail him as a hero and martyr but if I were ISIS I’d be spending my time figuring out how to protect my ass instead!  Not only has ISIS now pissed off most of the world but they are also now pissing off their fellow Muslims across the planet.  We are seeing more and more Muslims speak out against ISIS letting it be know that the terrorists do NOT represent Islam at all.  In fact, the leader of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, referred to ISIS a few days ago as the “Iblis State.”  Kadyrov is a Muslim himself and in case you don’t know in the Koran “Iblis” is Satan.  So what Kadyrov was saying is that ISIS is a SATANIC STATE!  And, frankly, that is the way MOST Muslims now see ISIS.

I think it important that we too realize that ISIS does NOT represent MOST Muslims.  In fact, Muslims have been the primary target of ISIS for a long while now.  Most of those slaughtered in cold blood by ISIS fighters have been MUSLIMS.

China has now jumped on the band wagon after ISIS executed a Chinese national yesterday.  China is now promising to bring ISIS to “justice” and in the Communist world “justice” usually means “DEATH!”.  It would not surprise me at all if Chinese war jets join the Russians, French, and Americans in airstrikes and, basically, using Syria and Iraq for target practice.  Fact is one way or other ISIS and ALL other terror orgs MUST be STOPPED by ANY means necessary!

The “Iblis State” (to quote Chechen President Kadyrov) must now be beheaded fully!




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