ISIS Makes New Threats!

BaghdadiIn less than a span of a month the terrorist group known as ISIS or the Islamic State has carried out two terror attacks killing hundreds of people.  The first attack was on a Russian airliner taken down by a soda can bomb over the Sinai and killing all 229 people on board.  The second attack was in Paris killing over 100 people at various sites.  ISIS is now making new threats against Rome and Washington.  In new professionally filmed video ISIS says they will turn the White House black and blow it up.

ISIS is now attempting to establish itself as a state (caliphate) by attempting to set up a government and taxation system in territories it controls.  Contrary to what some seem to think ISIS does NOT adhere to the Muslim mainstream beliefs and this is important to realize before we go judging all Muslims based on ISIS.

The doctrine followed by ISIS is a perverted form of Wahhabism which is the major sect found in Saudi Arabia.  ISIS believes that the end of the world is fast approaching and that it will be marked by a great final battle between Muslims and infidels.  They believe this battle will take place at the northern Syrian village of Dabiq.  ISIS believes they will win this great battle and defeat the West at that time and then they will spread THEIR form of Islam all over the world.  At that time ISIS will establish a global Caliphate subjugating everyone to their religions and killing those who refuse to convert.

What you need to know is that this vision held by ISIS is contradictory in some respects to what ISIS actually does.  The group that has suffered the most at the hands of ISIS and the group that has endured the most killings carried out by ISIS are MUSLIMS!  ISIS has killed more Muslims than any other group.  They have also killed converts after they have chosen to convert to the ISIS form of Islam without mercy!  Despite their claims it appears that ISIS just likes to murder people no matter what, convert or not!

There are a few other problems with the theology of ISIS.  For instance, ISIS routinely rounds up women in territories they take over and enslaves them as sex slaves for their fighters.  Those women who refuse to be sex slaves are….you guessed it….killed!  There also seems to be a lot of drinking, doping, and partying within ISIS.  All of this is contradictory to the tenets of Islam, however.  It appears that ISIS has taken Islam via a “pick and choose” theology picking what they like and discarding the rest.  Does that really make them Muslims at all?

What is ironic is that ISIS beliefs about the end of the world have some things in common with Christian fundamentalists who believe the end of the world is dawning and there will soon be a great battle in Israel called Armageddon.  The difference between them is that the fundamentalist Christians are not taking over territory or engaging in wholesale human slaughter as ISIS is.  I point this comparison out because religion at ANY extreme is something to be cautious of no matter what the chosen faith.  Religious fanaticism is ALWAYS dangerous!

Islam teaches that suicide is a “sin” as it also teaches murder of innocent is a “sin.”  The Qur’an also demands that Muslims respect Christians and Jews and their places of worship because they are “People of the Book.”  These People of the Book are Muslims, Christians, and Jews because they all worship the one same true God.  I guess ISIS and many others have overlooked these teachings in the Qur’an.  Again, pick and choose?

In my book ISIS is NOT Muslim at all.  Words are nice but ACTIONS always hold the proof of what one claims.  When words and actions don’t match is called HYPOCRISY!  And that seems to be exactly what ISIS is.  A gang of HYPOCRITES using Islam as a shield while engaging in activities that the Qur’an brands as SIN!  The Qur’an also teaches that Allah (God) detests hypocrites.  It also teaches that Allah sees all things EVEN those things which one does in secret.  It may behoove ISIS and its “Caliph” Baghdadi to read the Qur’an and pay attention to what it says and does not say.

ISIS is nothing but a gang of bloodthirsty, sex addicted party animals in my opinion!  SINNERS trying to appear as God’s righteous BUT to NO AVAIL as God sees all that they do I’m sure.  Like so may others steeped in their religions they may THINK they have a pass for their sins BUT it doesn’t work that way.  The day will come when even they will have to answer to GOD/ALLAH.  I would not want to be in their shoes on that Judgment Day!

Now that you’ve read this instead of generalizing and making the mistaken assumption that all Muslims believe like ISIS does realize that the FACT and TRUTH is that MOST MUSLIMS DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT ISIS DOES.  Not at all!  In fact, MOST Muslims believe what I do about ISIS.  That was, “bloodthirsty, sex addicted party animals.”  In other words………….SINNERS!!!!!




3 responses to “ISIS Makes New Threats!

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  2. ISIS people are obeying Lucifer the sparkling one. Allah calls himself the sparking one. God is not a sparkling one having horns of light coming out of his hands. A sword of light comes out of his mouth. God has feet looking like fine brass refined in the fire. God has a face that shines like the sun. That is not a sparkling being. Lucifer is a sparkling being. That is discribed in ◄ Ezekiel 28:13 ►15, KJV Cambridge editon 1611. Rethink who Allah is. God is not a sparkling being. ISIS people need to stop warring against people.

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