MUSLIMS protest AGAINST Islamic State!!

Did you get the headline?  Please read it again and pay particular attention to “Muslims.”  The MSM is treating the latest protests by MUSLIMS AGAINST TERRORISM as a sort of “first” but the FACT is they’ve protested before against the INFIDEL terrorists using the name of their religion to justify MURDER!  The problem?  The MSM simply doesn’t report these protests so it appears that mainstream Muslims are silent about the slaughter.  That’s part of the way that the MSM engages in “social engineering” and “forming public opinion.”  The TRUTH of the matter is that MOST MUSLIMS do NOT support ISIS or any other terror group!  The TRUTH is many mainstream Muslims are really ANGRY that these terrorists have hijacked their religion and using it to justify suicide and murder BOTH of which are SINS according to the teachings of the Holy Qur’an!

“The solution will come from us” was the message from Muslims in France protesting today against ISIS and other terrorists.  One speaker pleaded with fellow Muslims to lead the battle against Islamic terrorism and his plea is getting a lot of traction not only in France but around the world.  A video of Bassem Braiki’s plea has now gone viral after he also condemned the attacks in Paris last week.  The video has gotten over 1 million hits!

In his comments Braiki told fellow Muslims, “Let’s protect our beautiful religion.  Let’s go and track these IMPOSTORS who PRETEND to be Muslims and kill people.  It’s not the authorities who are going to get rid of them….IT’S US!”  He encouraged his fellow Muslims to report suspicious activity to police without worrying about being seen as turncoats.  He also spoke of many people confusing peaceful Muslims with terrorists but said that “intelligent people will know that these attacks were NOT ABOUT ISLAM.”

Braiki’s video is not the only video by Muslims put up on the Internet lately speaking against ISIS.  Muslims in France and across the globe are condemning ISIS and al-Qaeda.  The message from Muslims is clear.  Muslim does NOT automatically mean terrorist!  In fact, Islam forbids murder and suicide and both are considered sins!  It is also a sin for a Muslim to disrespect a mosque, church, or synagogue because Muslims, Christians, and Jews are People of the Book, meaning they all worship the same God.  The Quran guarantees murders and those who commit suicide a place in Hell, in fact.

Muslim groups around the world have condemned recent attacks carried out by ISIS including the downing of a Russian passenger jet in the Sinai, the Paris attacks, and the latest attacks in Mali.  Muslim nations have also condemned the attacks including Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait.  Malaysia’s Prime Minister Razak said his nation is ready to fight alongside other nations against ISIS and other extremists.  He said that the terrorists “DO NO represent any race, religion, or creed.  The are TERRORISTS and should be confronted as such.”  He also said that the terrorists using the name of Islam are blasphemes against true Islam.

Today in Rome hundreds of Muslims gathered at a rally called “Not in my name” and also in Milan.  They chanted “We are not the enemy” as they condemned terrorism and ISIS saying terrorists do NOT represent Islam.

So when people ask stupid questions like “Why aren’t Muslims standing up to ISIS and al Qaeda” you can now say THEY ARE!  And they are across the globe!!  Generalizing and assuming that all Muslims are either terrorists or support terrorism is ridiculous and ignorant.  Let us not forget that typically when we ASSUME something we end up making an ASS out of U and ME.

As for the MSM and their “shaping of public opinion”?  Looks to me like what they are shaping or trying to shape is hatred, division, and racism and they’ve been doing that for a long, long time now!  Sad that they can’t just report the news and facts!

For more on this story see:—the-solution-will-come-from-us-165741864.html



3 responses to “MUSLIMS protest AGAINST Islamic State!!

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  2. All Muslims know is protest. Protest cannot save them. ISIS and people called Muslims both use the same book. Tell Muslims this: Allah calls himself a sparkling one. God is not a sparkling one having horns of light coming out of his hands. A sword of light comes out of his mouth. God has feet looking like fine brass refined in the fire. God has a face that shines like the sun. That is not a sparkling being. Lucifer is a sparkling being. That is discribed in ◄ Ezekiel 28:13 ►15, KJV Cambridge editon 1611. Rethink who Allah is. God is not a sparkling being.

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