BLACK FRIDAY! Americans once again show world their true colors!

Commentary by Monomakh———–

Today is Black Friday and the hype is already in full swing with promises of MEGA-deals!  Already massive crowds of consumer machine Americans are flocking to the malls and outlets in a frenzy just like hungry sharks!  Already a small child has had their item stolen from their very hands and the thief and mother of the child have beaten the hell out of each other.  Oh yes!  That one amazing item!  It’s all worth it!  Already people are running over each other, shoving each other, demonstrating the behavior of packs of hungry wolves trying to consume the kill.  Nothing is forbidden!  Nothing is beyond getting what you want no matter what!  Yes, Americans are once again demonstrating their IGNORANCE for the whole world to see!!  And if you are looking for dignity you won’t find any today as Americans acting with dignity and as adults has been cast aside.  Today is the day Americans show their true colors and act as spoiled snot children getting what they want and…..meanwhile……the world watches in amazement thinking what an ignorant, childish, consumer driven bunch of LOSERS we really are!!  Insulted?  GOOD you should be!!

America HAS fallen in many ways and for many reasons and one of the biggest contributors to our national demise is our behavior.  We are living in a decadent society no doubt!  We are a nation of spoiled rotten children!  Adulthood?  What in the hell is that????  It’s all pretty disgusting IMO and in the opinion of the world as well.

In watching the local and national MSM news over the past few days I couldn’t help but notice that 98% of all “news stories” are really COMMERCIALS.  Commercials for the new movie Star Wars.  Commercials for BLACK FRIDAY.  The fact is that there is very little NEWS reported.  Most of what we see on our news programs is one big COMMERCIAL!  Hey the frickin world is falling apart!  Turnkey and Russia are IN PROCESS of starting WW3!  NATO countries have been financing ISIS!  Unarmed black youths are being gunned down and murdered in COLD BLOOD by police with a MENTAL PROBLEM AND RACE PROBLEM!  Climate change is a growing issue that needs to be address not ignored.  And all over the world people are SUFFERING from lack of food, water, and shelter!  But, hey, SCREW THAT because all that matters is GROSS CONSUMERISM and today, Black Friday, is one of the BIGGEST HOLY DAYS FOR THE MONEY PRIESTS!  Yeah, that’s all that matters to many Americans.

Personally, I think it is all pretty disgusting and vulgar.  Personally, I think the childish and ignorant behavior of many Americans is deplorable.  And, yet, we wonder why we have NANNY GOVERNMENT?  It’s not rocket science.  We are a nation of children and government is our NANNY.  Adulthood is dead!  Dignity is dead!  Intelligence is dead!  America is now completely a society turned upside down and inside out!

Once upon a time not so long ago we were a nation admired and respected by the rest of the world.  America was the shinning example for most of the rest of the world.  Everyone wanted to be an American not so long ago.  But, today it is a far different story.  Today we are NOT a shining example of dignity, intelligence, and civilization.  Today that once great American beacon of hope no longer shines!  Today we are a childish, corrupted, and absolutely GREED loving society!!  And where does it all end….America?  We can’t go on this road forever.  The end will come sooner or later.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be anywhere around when that end comes.

This is why I hate the holidays!  It’s because they are no longer the holidays (holy days).  Instead they have all been hijacked one by one and transformed into CONSUMERISM and GREED days!  Holidays no longer have any meaning other than WHAT WE CAN GET!  We are a nation who has lost its moral compass!  We are a nation and a society in which right has been turned into wrong and visa versa and in which up is down and down is up.  Did I say we have lost our moral compass?

I few days ago I read an analysis explaining why some think radical Islam will eventually conquer the West and it all centered around America and the West (Europe) having lost its moral compass.  Faith has been thrown out the door and stuffed into the sewer!  In the West almost anything goes no matter how SICK it is!  Muslims and many non-Muslims now see America and the West as the fortresses of Satan and for GOOD reason I might add!  In that analysis it was noted that the radical Muslim gunmen and suicide bombers in Paris recently at the concert by an American band didn’t open fire until the band started playing a song about the devil and the crowd started summoning the devil.  When the crowd started chanting the words of the song the Islamic terrorists opened fire.  If that is true then we have something way beyond a simple loss of morals in the West.  Something that we’d better correct QUICKLY and IF we plan on being a people and nation for much longer.

How far have we fallen O America and Europe?

ANSWER:  Pretty damned far!!  And we’ve just about passed the point of NO RETURN!





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