Chicago Protesters: No Justice, NO SHOPPING!!

It took Chicago police and prosecutors 13 months to announce criminal charges against a Chicago police officer who gunned down 17 year old Laquan McDonald in cold blood.  And this past Tuesday after charges were announced authorities released graphic video from a police dash cam showing the shooting.  But authorities did not release that video voluntarily.  They only did so under court order and now police have released additional video from other dash cams in patrol cars that responded to the shooting.  In light of these facts one must wonder if there was not some sort of COVER-UP being perpetrated!  Police dash cams clearly show murder by cop!  They show the black teenage youth running in front of the police car driven by the officer who shot him and that video shows no indications at all that McDonald was armed.

The Chicago police officer who shot McDonald is named Jason Van Dyke, aged 37.  He’s been charged with first degree murder and a judge has denied bail in the case until tomorrow at which time a second hearing is scheduled.  The officer’s attorney says Van Dyke opened fire on McDonald because he feared for his life and for the lives of other police officers responding.  This alleged fear stems from Van Dyke’s assertion that McDonald had a knife.  Well that’s a matter of question as to whether the youth had a knife or not but couldn’t the officer have shot McDonald in the leg?  Why are our cops now aiming for kill shots instead of wound shot?  Van Dyke could have easily shot the youth in the leg and McDonald would still be alive today to face trial but instead he chose the kill shot!  And btw Van Dyke allegedly did not fire one single shot at McDonald.  He fired an astounding 16 shots!! That’s over-kill and that’s absolute BULLSHIT in my book!!  Van Dyke was assigned to desk duty after the incident 13 months ago with pay during the ongoing investigation.

About 2000 protesters gathered in Chicago yesterday to protest the alleged attempted cover-up of the incident, the ridiculous 16 shots, and the 13 month long investigation demanding justice NOW!  They gathered on one of Chicago’s most prestigious streets, the Magnificent Mile,”  preventing Black Friday shoppers from shopping, God forbid!  Protesters shouted, “No justice?  No shopping!”.  

As I mentioned above Chicago police released dash cam video but only because they were ordered to do so by the court.  Mysteriously, however, the dash cam video has NO AUDIO!  That, again, makes one wonder just what Chicago authorities are trying to hide!!

Protesters and elected officials are demanding the resignations of the prosecutor and police superintendent, Garry McCarthy who told reporters, “The Mayor has made it very clear that he has my back.”  And just who is the mayor of Chicago?  Why it is none other than the infamous Rahm Emanuel the former top adviser to President Barack Obama!

Protesters also called for the demilitarization of Chicago police which, frankly, needs to happen across this country IMO.  Our police are no longer the neighborhood cops they once were.  Now they are, at least, a Para-Military force! Enough of the Nazi SS routine already!  This is America not WW2 Nazi Germany!!

I heard a report on this case the day before yesterday and in that report it was stated that Van Dyke had a history of overreacting and using excessive force.  That report also said people had complained about him in the past.  That report did not mention whether anything had been done about these matters or if Van Dyke was even reprimanded. Sadly, if true, then Van Dyke is far from being alone with such problems.  There seems to be many officers in this country who are a bit too quick to pull the trigger and many of those officers seem to go for the kill shot rather than a wound shot!  Perhaps our police need to be trained to first fire a wound shot?

This incident has once again infuriated Black America and for good reason.  Lately, it seems like many black youth have been shot dead by white police in situations that could have been handled differently.  Police used to have some respect for human life but it appears today that they don’t!  Police used to shoot and wound a suspect and very rarely did they kill the suspect.  Today, however, killing the suspect seems to be the norm and that needs to STOP NOW! Police need to be more sensitive to the fact that such shootings are only adding fuel to racial tensions in America. Those tensions have always been there even after the 60’s civil rights movement.  For decades those tensions have been submerged but now they are surfacing again and that is something we don’t need IMO.  The FACT is we are all HUMAN BEINGS NO MATTER WHAT OUR SKIN COLOR!  That before ANYTHING ELSE needs to be constantly held in mind!!  Finally, it appears to me that in this case a cover-up may have been underway!  If so, then it needs to be exposed and officials need to be canned and prosecuted for obstruction of justice no matter who they are or what office they hold!

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