TURKEY Again! Now they are training ISIS terrorists!!

I’m getting a little tired of writing about TURKEY! However, it seems that the NATO member Turkey has a whole lot of irons in the fire. In other words, they’ve got their grubby little paws in just about everything when it comes to the terror group ISIS aka Islamic State! Must I begin keeping a running list?

Let’s see….drug running, smuggling ISIS oil providing mega-funding for the terror group, and now comes even more. Let me start with this. According to the article linked below ISIS now has offices inside Turkey which sell SLAVES! Yes you heard me right I said SLAVES!! See how archaic these rejects are (ISIS)? They actually engage in selling slaves. But that’s just the least of it.

Seems that Turkey is harboring the enemy ISIS BIG TIME! In fact, ISIS fighters are trained inside Turkey according to the report! Turkey is OBVIOUSLY in bed hot and heavy with ISIS the terrorist org and the billion dollar question is why haven’t they (Turkey) been booted out of NATO? Oh wait, I know……MONEY!!

You see you must begin to understand the New World Order. It is an order in which global corporations and nations can do anything they want and get away with it as long as there is MONEY to be made. And I’d say the selling of slaves like the selling of ISIS oil is BIG MONEY. And the training of ISIS fighters? Why ISIS is just the latest boogey man designed to keep the people of the world in a perpetual state of fear so that they may be more easily controlled by the Corporatists and their NWO.



Mein Kampf returns after 70 years!

HitlerFor the past 70 years since the end of WW2 when allied forces defeated Hitler copyright laws have been used to prevent publication of his manifesto entitled “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). The book is notoriously anti-Jewish and contains Hitler’s ideology throughout. Starting next month a new edition of the Hitler writing will be published but it will contain “critical commentary” according to the publisher.

Jewish groups are wary of the forthcoming new edition and the German government has made it clear that it won’t tolerate any new edition of the book without annotations.

German copyright law stipulates that a copyright expires 70 years after the death of the author. In this case that would be April 30 as Hitler ALLEGEDLY committed suicide in his bunker on 30 April 1945. At least that is the official line of BULLSHIT if you want to believe it! There’s a lot of EVIDENCE that Hitler in fact got out of Germany before the Allies moved in via Franco’s “neutral” Spain and then on to Argentina where he lived out the remainder of his life until the 1960s. The FBI had an ongoing investigation into this very possibility under Director J. Edgar Hoover and the preponderance of evidence alone indicates Hitler did get out and survive. And the body outside the bunker that the Soviets claimed was Hitler? It was his double! And the skull that the Soviets claimed belonged to Hitler turned out to be that of a FEMALE after DNA testing.

Mein Kampf has been published in other countries such as the US for years but this is the first time it is being published again in Germany since the end of the war. Hitler wrote the book after being jailed following a failed coup in 1923 historically known as the Beer Hall Putsch. When the Nazi’s seized power in 1933 millions of copies were printed and, in fact, the book was mandatory reading for all Germans and Nazis.

In the book Hitler sets out his extremist ideology which is clearly ultra-nationalist. And the book is also very anti-Semitic and anti-Communist.

In this day of obvious hatred, racism, and sexism I must ask do we really need this? The book is available from other

Hitler as a boy

Hitler as a boy

countries such as the US so why has Germany decided to start publishing the hate book? Some see this as a resurgence of German nationalism and it may well be such. This is a book that brings division not unity. It is a book that inspires hatred not compassion. Some say republishing the book bridges the gap between today’s generation and the Nazi era generation and that may or may not be so IMO. The fact is Hitler was a crazed drugged out monster period! Are we now making him a martyr? I don’t think we need any more hate in the world but it appears the publishers and Germany disagree with me!

Hitler killed not only Jews but also gays and Christians. In fact, anyone who didn’t agree with him or challenged him quickly found themselves in the camps. Most likely Germany sees Deutschland Mark sign and that is really what it’s all about in this Corporatist world isn’t it? MONEY!!



Iraqi Forces Score Major Victory Over ISIS

The Iraqi military scored a major victory over ISIS today by taking back control of the city of Ramadi. ISIS has held the city for slightly over a year now and the recapture of the town also means ISIS will have less access to oil which it has been selling to that TRAITOR nation called TURKEY!

You can read the report at the link below. I’m just glad to see the Iraqi Army fight and win rather than doing as they typically do which is abandoning their weapons and running away.

See the article at:

The Muslim Conquest of Europe is Underway!

There are two ways to make war. The most common way is to send in your army and invade the territory of your enemy with force. The other more stealthy way is to send in massive numbers of immigrants into your enemies territory. It seems that the Islamic invasion of Europe is taking place via the later way.

I’ve heard some European leaders say before that the massive number of immigrants from Syria and Iraq are NOT mostly women and children as the MSM claims. It now seems that the President of the Czech Republic has decided to expose the truth about these immigrants giving high profile status to the revelation that these immigrants are NOT mostly women and children.


Czech Republic President Milos Zeman says that the wave of refugees from the Mid East coming into Europe is “organized and MOSTLY consists of YOUNG MEN” who in his opinion should go back to where they came from, take up arms, and fight against ISIS.

Zeman goes on to say that most of these young men are in excellent health and SINGLE. The President also compares the situation to that of Czechoslovakia after Nazi Germany annexed it in 1939. Zemam says, “I am profoundly convinced we are facing an ORGANIZED INVASION and NOT a spontaneous movement of refugees.” If Zeman is right then Europe now faces the greatest danger it has faced in a long time because that would mean these so called “refugees” are not refugees at all but an INVADING MUSLIM ARMY!

Almost 70% of the Czech people oppose the refugees arrival in their country. The Czech Republic is an EU member and it has rejected mandatory quotas which would place these refugees among all EU member nations. Recently, Zeman accused Turkey of being an ISIS ally and suggested Turkey should not be a member of the EU. Zeman also believes that his nation should not have to accept refugees whose culture is distant from Czech culture.

The question now is, has Europe acted dangerously foolish by taking these refugees in? Syria has said that most of these young men are deserters from the Syrian Army who refused to fight ISIS or who were scared to fight. Should we believe Syria? They don’t have a good track record for telling the truth unfortunately.

There may indeed be some stealthy plan by ISIS or others to conquer Europe by flooding it with “refugees.” Refugees who will rise up and fight when ordered to do so by whoever controls the plan. That would be a devastating scenario for Europe. That COULD be the plan OR Syria may be right in that these young men are army deserters. What are we to believe?

One thing is for sure and that is that the MSM is LYING when it claims most of these refugees are “women and children.” The FACT is MOST of them are YOUNG MEN in perfect health as any good soldier should be!! I think Europe has made a very BIG mistake and apparently the Czech President is of the same opinion. Political Correctness always leads to foolishness and in this case I fear Europe has been very, very foolish. These young men need to be sent back to the Middle East NOW and they should go home and fight to protect their homeland from ISIS instead of running away!

And as for Turkey?  I think NATO has a Trojan Horse inside its gates as Turkey has been caught red handed consorting with ISIS the enemy!  Seems to me that Turkey is a PROBLEM!  And, in fact, it DOES appear that Turkey IS an ally of the Islamic State, ISIS!!!!



Cry Baby Pentagon Refuses to Share Intel with Russia on ISIS!!

Putin3You know that little spoiled rotten snot who if he doesn’t get his way he throws a temper tantrum? Well it appears that is what the US Pentagon is acting like nowadays along with the inept Obama Administration, its boss!

The Pentagon is refusing to share intel on ISIS with Russia unless Moscow changes its stance on Syrian President Assaud. In taking this stance Washington has rejected the Russian offer for cooperation in defeating the terrorist org ISIS, the Islamic State.

Since Russia’s President Vladimir Putin launched his campaign against ISIS this past September Russia has been offering to share intel with the US and NATO in hopes Washington would reciprocate. However, the Pentagon is still refusing the offer saying they are NOT going to cooperate with Russia until the Russians change their position on Assaud’s future.

Russia has maintained the position that the Syrian people must be allowed to decide who their leader is or will be and not US imperialism! Further, Russia has consistently spoken out against Washington’s REGIME CHANGE strategy which as we all know how worked out so well —- NOT! Look at the shinning examples of this regime change in Libya which has been in chaos ever since Washington removed long time leader and dictator Moamar Khadafi a few years ago. There is now no central united government in Libya and al-Qaeda along with ISIS rules large chunks of LIbya. Things are not much better in Iraq which, if you recall, was tagged by Bush 2 to be transformed into a nation of “peace and democracy.” Iraq is in chaos and the same thing is now happening in Afghanistan.

The Obama Administration’s strategy in Syria has been one of foolishness! Washington wants Assaud removed and plans on making a deal with ISIS latter once they, ISIS, has removed Assaud. That’s outright crazy and stupid IMO! Since when do we negotiate with terrorist? Russia’s strategy is just the opposite. Russia plans on removing ISIS and leaving Assaud in power or at least leave his fate up to the Syrian people. ISIS is NOT trustworthy! They are not only Muslim religious extremists but they are also nothing but a pack of sex crazed, drug addicted mass killers! How on earth can the Obama Administration think that it can work a deal out with them at ANY point on ANY thing???

Russia has provided air support for the Syrian Army fighting against ISIS and it’s been helping Syria to recapture towns and territories taken by ISIS previously. The Obama Administration does not consider Assaud’s regime to be legitimate and they want him gone. But they consider ISIS legitimate??? WTF? Assaud is the elected president of Syria just as Egypt’s Morsi was elected leader only to be removed, imprisoned, and replaced by a military dictator who kisses the Pentagon’s ass! It appears Washington ONLY considers leaders legit if they kiss Washington’s ass!

The bottomline is this. Russia and Putin are set on eliminating ISIS while the US and Obama are set on eliminating Assaud. Washington is trying to force Russia into agreeing with the Washington strategy but Russia refuses. The result is that the Pentagon refuses to share intel on ISIS with Russia. Further, Russia has accused the US of NOT striking ISIS targets in its air campaign that is supposed to be targeting ISIS fighters and bases. Russia has alleged that the US is actually striking foes of ISIS which amounts to the Obama Administration consorting with the enemy!

Putin most likely does NOT need Washington’s intel on ISIS as he also has the help of Chinese intel. Putin is extending a hand of cooperation and Obama is refusing like some spoiled child not getting his way. The fact of the matter is that the Obama Administration is inept in terms of foreign policy, et al. I don’t call negotiating with the enemy ISIS foreign policy! I call it TREASON!! And frankly that IS what this administration is guilty of!!

Russia and Putin have the CORRECT GOAL and strategy. REMOVE ISIS! Then let the people of SYRIA decide who leads them. Once again the Obama Administration is on the WRONG side as they were in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. What Washington has done especially in Libya is create a nation in chaos and as bad as Khadafi or Saddam Hussein were the fact is they provided stability which seems to be something that Washington CANNOT provide in the Middle East any longer!

Once again we must ask what is Washington thinking?  OR are they even thinking at all?


Vladimir Putin: From Manly Man to……calendar boy???

Commentary by Monomakh —-

A new 2016 calendar is out for sale in Russia featuring President Vladimir Putin in a variety of poses some shirtless. Each page of the calendar also has a thought for the month from Putin. Once again Russia portrays Putin as not only a strong leader but a MANLY leader unafraid of and very comfortable with his masculinity UNLIKE the metrosexual UNMANLY leaders we have in the USA! I won’t mention any names but I assume you can figure out who they are 🙂


The calendar is selling off the shelves and that is to be expected as Putin remains very popular with Russians. So why is Putin so popular with Russians? Over the course of the past 15 years Putin has held power in one position or the other either as President or Prime Minister. He has a support rating of about 85% almost consistently.

Putin portrays the image of an intelligent and strong Russian male and Russians like that as they are not all nice and fuzzy with the American concept of “manhood” which is somewhere between wimp and bringing out the woman inside of them. In Russia traditional and historical male values still fly high and males are expected to be strong, competitive, decisive, and masculine. They are also expected to be proud of their masculinity not ashamed as seems to be the case in America where males are bashed and degraded beyond any reasonable limit.

Russians also like the way in which Putin stands up to the world especially the metrosexual USA! His resent military campaign in Syria against ISIS is a good example. Putin decided to go it alone and started bombing the hell out of ISIS while exposing the truth about the half-ass effort of the USA and NATO against ISIS. Being the MAN he is Putin launched Russian airstrikes against ISIS targeting where it would hurt ISIS the most and he shrugs off Western criticism of his military campaign.

One thing Russians like, admire, and respect both traditionally and historically are STRONG men and STRONG and decisive leaders. Russians don’t have much respect for the weak male or weak leaders. In Russia leaders who have achieved the most have always been strong, decisive, charismatic, MANLY men. However, I must note too that Russians love strong women leaders such as Catherine the Great and others. Russians love STRENGTH and Putin exhibits that strength perfectly.

America needs to take a lesson from Russia. ENOUGH of the weakling metrosexualism already! It’s time America elect a REAL MAN as POTUS or a REAL WOMAN! It’s time to get rid of the WIMPS! We need a strong and decisive leader cut from the same mold as Putin now more than ever!!




Pope Calls for Faithful to Resist Consumerism!

In his annual Christmas address Pope Francis called on the Faithful to resist materialism and consumerism. In other words, the Pope is calling for the faithful to stand up and FIGHT against the Corporatist! FIGHT against these greedy evil bastards trying to turn us into 100% consumer MACHINES!

Pope FrancisThe Pope called on people to embrace simple and balanced values and push back against excesses in modern society which so “often is intoxicated by consumerism and hedonism, wealth and extravagance, appearances and narcissism.” The Pope also called on Christians to “act soberly” in ways that are simple, balanced, and consistent and for all to see and do what is essential.

“In a world which all to often is merciless to the sinner and lenient to the sin, we need to cultivate a strong sense of justice, to discern and to do God’s will,” the Pontiff said. He went further by condemning “a culture of indifference which not infrequently turns ruthless.” He also asked the faithful to combine “empathy, compassion, and mercy.”

Personally, I’m glad this Pope is challenging consumerism and the ruthless inhumane Corporatist! We are NOT consumer machines! WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS and our lives mean much MORE than buying the JUNK most corporations produce!!