America’s War on Terror: How lies and mistakes created ISIS

Commentary & Analysis by Monomakh—-

“First we went into Afghanistan where al-Qaeda was based and then we went into Iraq.  Instead of asking ourselves why the phenomena of terror occurred we were looking at locations.  This is a major lesson we must learn in order not to make the same mistake again.”

These words were spoken recently in an interview given by Lt Gen Michael Flynn, former US commander of US forces in Afghanistan and Iraq.  In that interview the General maintains that without the war in Iraq, ISIS would not exist today.  The interview was given to Der Spiegel and the general also blamed America’s poor emotional response to the 9/11 attacks in addition.

General Flynn has more than 30 years service in the US Army and between 2004 and 2007 he served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He now says he regrets his role in the Iraq War.  Further, Flynn says the attacks on 9/11 led America to create disastrous military policies.  No doubt!  These policies (if that is what you want to call them) have now destabilized the Middle East and opened up a hornet’s nest!  Sometimes it is better to allow a sleeping dog lay but America’s leadership under both the present and Bush 2 administration seem not to be aware of that.

The so called “War on Terror” began when Bush 2 and his cohorts Dick Cheney and Colin Powell LIED to the American people and world about Iraq’s Saddam Hussein having “weapons of mass destruction.”  After they were EXPOSED for the LIE that dumbass Bush 2 decided to make a joke out of the whole thing.  He joked about these WMD’s looking under desks, podiums, laughing, snickering, and playing the role of the ever so hilarious “comic.” Come to think of it maybe that is what that LOSER should have been.  A comic because his administration and tenure in the Oval Office was a JOKE!

Thus began America’s bitter sinking into the cesspool of Mid Eastern politics and it was all based on a LIE told by the American POTUS, his Vice President, and his Secretary of State (a former Pentagon Chief of Staff no less).  Bush toppled Saddam Hussein in Iraq and sadly President Obama has continued the SAME policy as he toppled Moammar Khadafi in Libya.  Gen Flynn said this was a “HUGE ERROR.”  Flynn said that despite how brutal Hussein was that it was a mistake to eliminate him and he says the same about Khadafi.  He went on to say, “The historic lesson is that it was a strategic FAILURE to go into Iraq.  History will not be and should not be kind with that decision.”

Flynn went on to reveal that back in 2004 US authorities had the self proclaimed “Caliph” and head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, in the Camp Bucca detention center in Iraq.  However, this POS mass killer and psychotic was deemed “harmless” by a US Military commission and RELEASED in December of 2004!  WTF?  Flynn says we were TOO DUMB as we did not understand who we had at the time because we were operating on our emotions connected to the shock of 9/11.  He goes on to say we failed to ask why the radical Muslim terrorists attacked us and instead we were asking where they came from so we could bomb the shit out of the bastards.  Flynn says at that point we began marching down the WRONG strategic road!

He says we have not been taking the threats from ISIS and other terror groups seriously when they threaten worldwide attacks.  He pointed out that these terrorists have a leadership structure in Europe and that most likely they have a terror leader in every European country!  And Flynn warns, “The same is probably similar for the United States, but just not obvious yet.”  WTF?  What about all those reports from Border Patrolmen over the years since 9/11 about finding discarded Mid Eastern military uniforms along our border with Mexico?  Why has this not been taken seriously and urgently?  Can the US government in general really be that IGNORANT?  Those finds should be cause for MAJOR ALARM but instead they are ignored or downplayed.  And what about Venezuela?  We’ve long known that Mid Eastern aliens go to Venezuela where they are taught to appear Mexican and speak Spanish so that they can get into the US from Mexico.  Shouldn’t we have launched a military campaign against Venezuela to put an end to this as they CLEARLY consort with the enemy?  WTF is America thinking?  Are we thinking??

Al-Qaeda is NOT one big group!  I suspect neither is ISIS!  Osama bin Laden’s writings proved this.  He wrote how the terror group(s) are becoming more dispersed, more diffuse, and how they are operating in smaller units or cells.  Flynn says that in order to defeat ISIS the US must adopt a strategy to HUNT DOWN ISIS LEADERS (and I say eliminate them!), block their financial operations (that would mean the US and NATO FORCING that turncoat nation called Turkey to stop buying ISIS oil), and cooperating with Russia in their goal to eliminate ISIS.  But, INSTEAD, the US is doing just the opposite in case you haven’t noticed!  The question is WHY????


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