Another Mass Shooting, Several Dead….and no solution?

Commentary by Monomakh —-

Sadly 14 people are no dead in San Bernadino, CA after a couple opened fire during a county employee holiday banquet.  One shooter, Sayed Farook, was a county employee working as a health inspector for the past 5 years or so. Both husband and wife are described as “devout Muslims.”  Farook went to Saudi Arabia not long ago and came back home to California with a wife.  Farook himself was born in America and is an American.

At this point police are unsure if this act was an act of workplace violence or terrorism.  They noted Farook’s recent trip to Saudi Arabia and the fact that he had recently grown out his beard.  A relative of Farook’s said the family is shocked by Farook’s actions and condemned the shootings which killed 14 people and injured another 17.  Although the couple drove away calmly after the shootings police later found them in a black SUV and a massive gun battle ensued.  Police filled the SUV with bullets and both Farook and his wife were killed inside the SUV.

As after all other mass shootings the MSM and politicians are now calling for stricter gun laws and more indepth background checks.  That may all help but the fact is none of that is going to solve THE PROBLEM!  And just what is the problem.  Well it is a bit multi-faceted.

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings not so long ago were committed by a young man with mental problems and taking psychiatric meds.  The Colorado theater shootings were carried out by a young man with mental issues who dressed as the Joker from the movie Batman and it is rather obvious that he could no longer distinguish reality from fantasy.  Other shootings have been carried out by angry people while others have been carried out by people motivated by racism or aimed at some particular religious group.  The shootings at the church in Atlanta not so long ago once graced by the esteemed Dr Martin Luther King were carried out with cold intent after the shooter had set through a prayer meeting and sat right next to the pastor he later killed no less!  And so what is going on in America?

The problem has been a long time developing.  It just didn’t pop up one day magically.  The FACT is America has lost its moral compass!  We have cast traditional morals and values out the door and replaced them with NONE!  We’ve been desensitized to death and gruesomeness thanks to Hollywood and video games and we no longer value HUMAN LIFE!  We are a drugged out nation and that includes BOTH legal and illegal drugs, we consume more drugs than the entire planet, and we are a society now experiencing the PSYCHOSIS brought about by all of our drug consumption!  We no longer put the lunatics among us away as we once did in mental institutions but, instead, we allow them to roam the streets even though some are clearly a danger to themselves and/or others!

There’s a headline today in the MSM that says, “God isn’t fixing this.”  Well here’s a REVELATION!  WE aren’t fixing this either!!!!

America is a sick society and a lost society.  We are a nation that has increasing problems distinguishing between reality and fantasy.  We are a nation suffering from pandemic mental illness and psychosis!  We are a society without morals or real values!  Most importantly we are a nation and society that has turned its back on God the Creator by whatever name you want to call him, her, or it!!  Why should God fix anything in America then???

We are a society that has turned right into wrong and wrong into right.  We’ve made up, down, and down, up!  We’ve taken what has historically and traditionally been valued by Americans and thrown it all out the door.  Hell, what we’ve really done is flushed it all down the toilet!

We can pass all the laws we want.  We can do the most indepth background checks until we are blue in the face.  We can even go as far as outlawing all guns!  But NONE of that is going to solve THE PROBLEM!


And until we do something about ourselves THE PROBLEM will continue and we will continue to see acts of violence which CLEARLY PROVE America no longer values human life…..ANY HUMAN LIFE!!  Where do we start?  How about this……..

Get the hell off the drugs and turn back to God!  

Then…God just might FIX THIS!!




2 responses to “Another Mass Shooting, Several Dead….and no solution?

  1. Sandy Hook was a hoax……….. it is the government, setting a lot of them up,, through immigration and staged events as well………… gun grab attempts. Another point is that they are not jailing repeat offenders, the one in New Orleans had a list a mile ling, all attempted murder. Obama will never give that to the press.. only te ones he wants you to see, MC

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