3 comments on “A Religion of Peace or Violence?

  1. I understand what the guy is saying, but it has gone beyond the talking stage. Everything should have been said about fifteen years ago.
    America, is geared up for PAYBACK.

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  3. Personally I highly doubt violence and revenge are the solutions to this problem. Farook was an American. American born and American raised. Further, I think this problem of violence and killing goes way beyond religion. We’ve lost our moral compass in this nation. We’ve turned everything upside down in the name of the bullshit called “political correctness.” For decades now we’ve indoctrinated our youth in violence and disregard for the value of human life thanks, in part, to Hollywood and the video game makers. Much of our youth is on psych medications and everyone wants to be the gangsta. Meanwhile,, many parents simply view their offspring as “in the way.” One thing I know and that is violence breeds even more violence until there is complete chaos and perpetual war…or…civil war. I don’t think anyone with any common sense wants to see that happen because if it does we will ALL be watching our loved ones die needlessly.

    From what I’m hearing, reading, and seeing Farook snapped and became a very disturbed young man. That may have been when the predators got ahold of him and radicalized him, fostering his anger and turning it into hatred. He is exactly the kind that the extremist look for to radicalize and, sadly, there are many such young men in America today who are angry and frustrated.

    The majority of American Muslims do not consider the radicals even Muslims at all but, rather, infidels. To go headlong making all Muslims targets of mockery, abuse, or worse would be utterly foolish and short-sighted IMO. Finally, I think MOST Americans realize that these terrorists are just cold blooded mass killers who like to kill and that, in fact, IS what they are. Psychotics with guns! Farook is not the sole mass killer in America. Remember the Colorado theater, Sandy Hook, Columbine, et al. Those psychotic killers were young white males of Christian faith or no faith.

    I do agree with one thing, among others, the Imam says in this post. That is America has a hate problem. Hell we just hate everybody when it comes down to it and right now Muslims are the object of our hate. Who will it be next week, next month? Like I said, we’ve lost our moral compass in this country and getting it BACK is the solution IMO. Until then things will only get worse and, sadly, I suspect we will see more of this kind of tragedy not only in America but around the world.

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