The Terrorists are HERE America!!

BaghdadiSometimes in the course of human history it becomes necessary for a people to get a clue and rather quickly I might add. Why? Because their continued existence as a state and as a people depends on it. Such is now the case for America and Europe but I want to address America specifically as we seem to be the most lethargic and we seem to be a society in denial. Denial of a nationwide threat by people who literally hate our guts. Yes, for most Americans it is still hard to fathom that someone would hate America and Americans but in this case it is very true.

Americans have become comfortable with the notion that our enemies are “over there…somewhere across the great pond.” But, such is NOT the case when it comes to radical extremists such as al-Qaeda and ISIS (the Islamic State). To the contrary our enemies not only seem to be knocking at our gates but some seem to already be inside those gates and in our very midst!

Ever since 9/11 US Border Patrol have been finding discarded military style uniforms along our border with Mexico. These discarded uniforms have Arabic writing on them. Some have patches which depict the planes flying into the Trade Towers in NYC with the caption, in Arabic, “Allah Akhbar!”. Yet, this has mostly been ignored by America as we have apparently mistaken the realness of the threat these people……SOLDIERS…..pose to our nation! Further, for a long while we have known that immigrants from various Mid Eastern countries first go to Venezuela where they are taught to speak Spanish and where they are taught Spanish traditions so that they appear to be Latinos when they cross the US-Mexico border.

Why has America not responded to any of this? Why have we turned the other way pretending not to notice when we know for a fact what Venezuela has been doing (ie: aiding and abetting the enemy)? In times not so long ago such actions by Venezuela would be an act of war but, today, it is as if it were nothing. Yet, this is to our own peril I fear!

Judicial Watch has an article up on its website entitled “Middle Eastern Men Arrested Near Mexican Border with Steel Cylinders.” It notes that 5 young Mid Eastern men were captured by USBP his week in Arizona no less than 30 miles from the border and no less than 35 miles south of Tucson, AZ. That should alarm everyone!! Two of the men were carrying steel cylinders in their backpacks. They alarmed USBP enough that they asked for backup from DHS and reportedly there was a massive response by federal law enforcement to the scene. The JW article reports that the two men with the steel cylinders were taken into custody by the FBI.

This incident came just days after 6 Mid Eastern men were arrested near the Arizona town of Patagonia. One of these men was from Afghanistan and the others were from Pakistan. Patagonia is about 20 miles inland from the border. Federal officials have confirmed the arrests made on November 17, 2015. After determining these men posed no threat they were turned over to ICE.

What is strange is as JW reports there is no record of the men who were carrying the steel cylinders in their backpacks! Now why would there be no record of these men? Only three of the men are named in a database according to JW while the other two are labeled as “unknown subjects” which a federal law enforcement source told JW in all of his years of experience he’s never seen such a thing before! Now why would two of these men presumably the ones carrying the steel cylinders not be identified?

Judicial Watch has broken several stories over the years concern terrorists in our midst. This past April JW reported that ISIS was operating camps near the US-Mexican border west of Ciudad Juarez. This report was denied by Obama officials but it was CONFIRMED by high-ranking officials in Mexico’s government! Last fall JW was first to report that ISIS was plotting an attack on the US with car bombs and other devices. That report caused the US Army’s Ft Bliss in Texas to go on heightened alert. Federal agents were also put on higher alert. A few weeks after this 4 ISIS TERRORISTS were taken into federal custody by US officials and the Texas DPS in both McAllen, TX and Pharr, TX.

And this brings us to the present. A few weeks ago a well orchestrated terror attack took place at several locations in Paris, France killing over 100 people and injuring many more. These attacks were well planned and well-coordinated and ISIS took responsibility for these attacks.

Now comes the incident this week in San Bernardino, CA in which a husband (Farook) and wife (Malik) team opened fire at a holiday party for county officials killing 14 people and injuring 17 more some critically. Farook was an AMERICAN BORN young man in his late 20’s of Pakistani heritage. Malik was a young woman from Pakistan who had immigrated to Saudi Arabia and whom Farook met online and married around May of this year. The FBI is now investigating this incident as an Act of Terrorism! We also now know that Malik had ties to known terrorists and ISIS! She got into the US with a simple fingerprint! It is being speculated that she radicalized the young, quiet Farook whose behavior began to change in recent months is significant ways. For instance, he stopped attending Mosque which was odd as he normally attended twice a day! Police have also discovered a virtual bomb making factory in his garage and some neighbors suspected something odd was going on but did not report it to police because they didn’t want to be labeled as “racists.”

This even comes more news that ISIS is planning an attack in the UK as a follow-up to those in Paris. BTW ISIS dis praise the attack by Farook and Malik! Neither were apparently on FBI radar as they had no criminal history. Farook was allowed to buy two handguns legally with a background check not long ago. Some unidentified person bought the assault rifles they used in the attacks and police are now searching for that person wishing to question him.

To be fair, I must also say that it is now known that federal authorities are pursuing several active investigations in our nation regarding terrorist or possible terror plots. Sadly, they dropped the ball when it comes to San Bernardino. Now 14 innocent people are dead and that number includes at least one Muslim! Yes, terrorist kill their own along with the innocents as ISIS and al-Qaeda have demonstrated time and time again.

My point is this. The terrorist are not coming. THEY ARE ALREADY HERE IN OUR MIDST! And the problems is we DON’T know who they are other than what we’ve seen in the past which are young Muslim men with radical ideas and religious ideations IMO. Our country and our people are now in great danger and instead of denying it or thinking that our enemies are “over there somewhere across the pond” we need a REALITY CHECK and that is exactly what happened in California a few days ago SHOULD BE!!

Yesterday I read a news report about comments made by the “Toughest Sheriff in America” Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona (Phoenix). He said that he could “no longer guarantee the safety” of people and he encouraged all quarter of a million of Arizona’s conceal and carry permit holders to help him “keep the peace.” Other law enforcement officials thinks this is not a good idea as some people are untrained and could be a greater risk than a help both to police and citizens. You know, some people couldn’t shoot at the broadside of a barn without missing LOL. So, here we have a duly elected and highly notable Sheriff telling people in his county and state that he can no longer ensure their safety!! That’s pretty scary! When a government can no longer protect its people then there is something VERY WRONG!

Like I said. It’s time Americans WAKE THE HELL UP and stop pretending like the terror threat “just ain’t so” and everyone in the world just loves us Americans to pieces. REALITY CHECK—-NOT SO!!!! The fact of the matter is that this nation has many enemies both foreign and domestic. And some of those enemies are VERY dangerous. The sooner we accept this post-9/11 reality the sooner we can get on with the business of protecting ourselves and putting these psychotic killer extremists OUT OF BUSINESS! And that IS what must be done. We can no longer downplay the situation because if we continue to do so we risk many more Americans being needless killed and maimed by these lunatics with guns and bombs.



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