Once Again Washington Doesn’t Get it!!

commentary by Monomakh —-

As is the case so often in Washington DC up on Dung Hill and over at the Crap House our elected officials just don’t get it and that includes Barack Obama! During the course of his prime time address last night he kept telling the American people not to be afraid. WTF?

Well Mr President America is NOT AFRAID! What we are Mr President is PISSED OFF!! And come to think of it Americans have been PISSED OFF now for a long time! We are pissed off over the JOKE that is known as Congress and we are pissed off about your DO NOTHING presidency and all of the lip service you consistently give us! We are pissed off over the growing CORPORATIST STATE in which We The People are forced to pay more for less! In fact, We The People have an entire list a mile long of what we are pissed off about.

It’s astounding that our politicians just don’t get it. What are we doing in this country? Electing the DUMBEST people in the nation we can find? These people are BEYOND being out of touch with main street America! They don’t even have a clue! Americans are NOT AFRAID of the lunatic psycho killers called “terrorists.” We ARE pissed off about our government who basically does nothing other than search granny at the airport suspecting the old dying lady just might be a terrorist. WTF???

We are pissed off that even though we have the most powerful military on the planet AND in human history they have had their hands tied by our out of touch politicians so that they can’t do their job (ie: remove ISIS from existence). Hello! Try carpet bombing all territories held by ISIS for starters Mr President!

At least one retired (sadly) US Lt Colonel had the guts to say what he thought last night on Fox News saying in reference to Obama, “This guy is such a total Pu—, it’s stunning!”. Amen to that!!

Here’s the FACT for all of you drugged out people in Congress! We are Americans and WE ARE NOT AFRAID, period! We aren’t afraid of terrorists and we aren’t afraid of you either! We are PISSED OFF and there is a big difference between being PISSED OFF and afraid. We Americans have endured hardships. We’ve both lost and one. We have suffered and had our hopes and aspirations ruthlessly shattered against a wall thanks to the Corporatist State that now controls this nation and its government. Contrary to what you might think we are NOT “consumer machines.” We are PEOPLE! No, we are BOLD AND BRAVE PEOPLE who STILL have a spark of that unquenchable AMERICAN SPIRIT living within us and all across this nation that spark is becoming a RAGING FIRE!

I found President Obama’s speech last night demeaning and insulting to any and all Americans. Afraid? LOL I think our leaders are the ones who are afraid not We The People. They are afraid of offending a people with a violent and murderous history. They are afraid of offending a NATO nation (read Turkey) who has been aiding and abetting ISIS by buying their black market oil. They are afraid of offending that PRIME AND WELL KNOWN SPONSOR OF TERRORISM called SAUDI ARABIA! They are afraid of loosing a buck more than they are watching INNOCENT Americans die needlessly at the hands of the SCUM we call terrorists (both foreign and domestic and of various ideologies). They are afraid of offending the minority as they ignore the MAJORITY. And they are afraid that all of their smoke filled back room DEALS will one day be exposed for all to see and they will be brought to justice like any common criminal!! In short, they are afraid of the American People!

The fact is We The People are NOT AFRAID! What we are is PISSED OFF! The sooner our so called “representatives” get a clue, the sooner they might be motivated to wage a MAJOR MILITARY ATTACK AGAINST ISIS AND REMOVE THEM FROM EXISTENCE PERMANENTLY. And while we are at it let’s not stop there. Turkey and Saudi Arabia as well as that other major sponsor of terror known as Iran also need to be dealt with!

Afraid? MY ASS!!

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