Trump, America’s Hitler

Source: Trump, America’s Hitler

Trump is using the SAME approach used to get elected by Adolf Hitler!  This man is divisive beyond imagination and even though he’s not POTUS he’s already damaging our nation and people!  Can you imagine what he’d do if he were POTUS?  He must be a very unhappy man as he’s so full of hate.  He’s a corporatist!  He’s for the 1% not the 99%.  Elect him to the White House and the working poor in this nation will quickly find themselves homeless!  He’s playing on our fears and our hatreds.  Remember,

Hatred only breeds more hatred in return!!

Do we really need anymore of that in this nation?  We are a nation already divided.  What America needs is a Great UNIFIER!!  Not another divider!!

Click the link above to read an excellent comparisons between Trump and Hitler by Dr Craig Considine.


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