What IF Trump Wins?

Can you imagine this Corporatist as the next POTUS?  Frightening!

Can you imagine this Corporatist as the next POTUS? Frightening!

He wants to build a fence stretching from California to Texas and make Mexico pay for it. He wants all Muslims in the US to register like sex offenders so we know who they are, where they are, and what they MIGHT be doing. He wants to round up every illegal immigrant in the country and ship them back to Mexico. Now he wants to ban all Muslims from entering the United States until, he says, our government can figure out what is going on.

Well Mr Trump is is rather easy to figure out what is going on and it astounds me that our government has not yet figured it out! Allow me to give you a short lesson……sometimes it is better to choose the lesser of two evils and sometimes it is better to allow a sleeping dog to lay! Here’s what I’m talking about…..

The US went into Iraq under a LIE! We removed Saddam Hussein and found no weapons of mass destruction. In the name of “freedom and democracy” we transformed Iraq into a relatively calm state into a fortress for terrorists! We did the SAME thing in Libya when we removed Khadafi and Libya is now a hornet’s nest for terrorists including ISIS! We aided and abetted the removal of Egypt’s President Morsi duly ELECTED by the Egyptian people only to ensure he was replaced with a US YES MAN! So much for “freedom and democracy!

We’ve spent a great amount of time and taxpayer dollars in Afghanistan with many Americans wondering why we are there and I suppose you are one of them. Here’s a clue….we are protecting the drug poppy fields! Now we are trying to induce regime change in Syria because we don’t like President Assad as he won’t kiss our collective imperial asses! Essentially, what we’ve done is destabilize the Middle East and, in fact, we’ve been doing it for decades now. The region has become even more dangerous than it ever was in the past and now masses of Mid Easterners are trying to escape the region as they no longer feel safe in their own countries thanks to the US and NATO!

That said let me get on to Trump and the possibility that he MIGHT wine the 2016 GOP nomination.

Donald Trump is a showman! He says things for SHOCK value. He plays on America’s fears. He echoes what SOME Americans think and feel but NOT all. He plays the hate line, racism line, and sexist line in this country to his own advantage. But here’s something else. Trump has billions. He’s a CORPORATIST! All of his rhetoric might sound good to you but I strongly suspect once in the Oval Office we’ll see his true CORPORATIST colors! He’ll be for the 1% and continue to SCREW the 99% as the current administration does! Electing this man as POTUS would be one big DISASTER for America! He says he wants to make America great again but fails to understand that will NOT happen through the cesspools of racism, sexism, and prejudice!

Yesterday Trump shouted he’d like to ban all Muslims from entering the US. This morning he’s all over the morning news show spouting his hateful rhetoric of prejudice. This morning he’s the STAR and Trump loves to be the star.

Why don’t we just cut to the chase. About this…..Trump wins, we ban all Muslims from entering our country, we tattoo all Muslims in this country and register them, hell…we even put them on concentration camps like we did the Germans and Japanese Americans during WW2, or just enslave them. Would that make Trump and his supporters happy? Would that solve “the problem”? DOUBTFUL! But it would serve to further divide and WEAKEN our country!!

Sen Ted Cruz said we should focus on radical Islamic terrorism instead of banning Muslims from the US. Dr Ben Carson says “Everyone visiting this country should register and be monitored during their stay as is done in other countries. I do not and would not advocate being selective one one’s religion.” Finally a voice of reason! Thank you Dr Carson!!

Jeb Bush says Trump is “unhinged” Finally Bush says something I agree with! Martin O’Malley finally said what many have been thinking about Trump. He says Trumps comments “removes all doubt he is running for President as a FASCIST DEMAGOGUE.” I fully agree and he’s running the same road HITLER ran! Hitler got elected in Germany by playing on people’s fears and now Trump is doing it in the US. Hitler blamed the Jews for all of Germany’s woes and we all know what happened there. Now Trump seems to be blaming Muslims for all of America’s woes!

Senator Bernie Sanders says “The US is a strong nation WHEN WE STAND TOGETHER. We are weak when we allow racism and xenophobia to divide us.” Again a VOICE OF REASON AND LOGIC! Hillary Clinton says Trumps comments are “reprehensible, prejudiced, and divisive.” AMEN TO THAT!! Oh, finally Clinton says something I agree with too.

I’ve often warned of a coming American Hitler. Could Trump be it? Frankly, I hope anyone BUT Trump wins!


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