GOP Proves US Elections are RIGGED!!

Commentary by Monomakh —

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Dr Ben Carson

We all know that DEALS are made in DC in smoke-filled backrooms by Republicans and Democrats alike but what is now happening within the Republican Party regarding candidate Donald Trump is astounding.  Let me begin with this…..I think Trump was a “clown” chosen by the GOP to polarize the voters so everyone would go over to their beloved son Jeb Bush.  Problem is voters are taking Trump seriously and they are taking Bush like a joke!  The GOP plan has backfired and now the GOP having been caught with their shorts down is in full mode PANIC!  And Jeb? Hell he’s not even on the voters radar!

The GOP leadership has been working to set up a brokered convention next year due to the fact that Trump is leading in the polls and appears to be the one that the American GOP voters want as their candidate.  However, that means NOTHING to the GOP leadership as is becoming obvious now.  The GOP leadership doesn’t give a crap about who the GOP voters want period!  They want THEIR MAN and in this case I’m pretty sure their man is Jeb Bush. But, the GOP is so out of touch with the American voter than they don’t realize America is SICK of the Bush clan and doesn’t want a THIRD President Bush!

Atop all this, today GOP candidate Dr Ben Carson is now threatening to exist the party and run as an independent.

Donald Trump 2016 GOP candidate for POTUS

Donald Trump

Dr Carson is angry, and justifiably so I might add, over an article appearing in the Washington Post that GOP leaders are planning a brokered convention so they can pick THEIR candidate as the 2016 GOP nominee.  Dr Carson said, “If this is correct, every voter who is standing for change must know they are being BETRAYED.  I won’t stand for it!” Carson went on to say, “I assure you Donald Trump won’t be the only one leaving the Party.”

This is how things typically work on the Beltway.  Deal Making so that the pet dogs of the leadership and big donors is always chosen no matter what.  And IF you think these people care one damn about what the American people want….THINK AGAIN!  They don’t!!

Trump has surprised everyone including the GOP leadership and donors.  Everyone thought he’d end up being such a joke that voters would flock to Jeb Bush who is the chosen for the leadership.  Dr Carson has now figured this out and I’m sure Trump has too.  This is nothing short of DIRTY politics!  Do we really want someone from the GOP in the White House after this little revelation?  For some reason the GOP just can’t get it together anymore and that’s why Obama was re-elected.  The fact is the GOP leadership is acting like a bunch of bumbling idiots!  Trump remains very popular despite some recent statements he’s made including banning Muslims from entering the US.  He’s outspoken and bold and Americans like that in contrast to the wimpy image that is far too often seen in American politics.  Americans want a strong leader because many have figured out we NEED one now more than ever due to the fact that our enemies are now not simply knocking at our gates but are INSIDE OUR GATES!  They want someone who will take a stand no matter how controversial and do what needs to be done allowing the pieces to fall where they may.  Trump is filling that bill….hate to say….PERFECTLY.  Trump is also charismatic to a certain degree more so than the other candidates including Carson.  He uses that and it is working.  That’s something the GOP leadership didn’t count on I think and now it’s got them running scared because they can see the writing on the wall. That is, their boy Jeb just AIN’T goin’ to be the nominee!

Carson is RIGHT!  The GOP leadership is now in process of BETRAYING the voters!  Do we really need any more corruption in government?  Do we need any more politicians who are deaf to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE?  Carson and Trump are the two most notable and powerful candidates at this point.  Should both of them exist the GOP that could spell absolute disaster for the GOP and cost them the 2016 election!

Sadly the GOP seems to be ignorant that many times when you play someone for a clown or fool that person turns out to NOT be a clown OR a fool!!  That’s exactly what Trump has done and it’s got the GOP leadership in such a hissing they’re about to burst like a bubble!  Guess the GOP leadership is now proving that THEY are the REAL clown and fool.



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