Who’s Funding ISIS? The answer may surprise you!

by Rob Lorinov —–
During the Soviet-Afghan war the US via the CIA formed a resistance group known as the Mahajadin who used terror tactics to resist the Soviets. After the Soviet forces left Afghanistan these “resistance groups” continued to exist and morphed into what we know as al-Qaeda. Today we have ISIS which is basically a terrorist group on steroids using terror now on a global scale. This is part of the evolution of radical Islam that people need to understand.

ISIS formed in Syria and surprised everyone with its rapid growth attracting not only Arab radicals but radicals from Western nations including the US as well. What surprised everyone about ISIS was how they came to possess sophisticated weapons and modes of transportation including tanks and missiles. It became obvious rather quickly that someone was funding ISIS with huge amounts of money. We are now beginning to discover who that is.

A few weeks ago Russia’s President Vladimir Putin provided photographic PROOF that ISIS has an oil truck pipeline from Syria into Turkey. Turkey is a member of the Western Alliance known as NATO. Turkey became guilty of consorting with the enemy ISIS but NATO and the US have done NOTHING in response! Instead they have provided excuses for Turkey and created a smoke and mirror show defending Turkey all the way!

But, Turkey is not the only nation buying ISIS oil. It now appears that Syria under the leadership of President Bashar Assad is also buying some of the oil from ISIS! This along with ISIS sales to Turkey is now being confirmed by a senior US official in the Treasury Department. If you recall a few weeks ago the Treasury Dept launched an investigation in an effort to discover how ISIS had accumulated so many Toyota pickups. Now, apparently, we know! ISIS has been selling oil it gets from the territories it holds in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS is using money received from oil sales to finance its terrorist activities around the world and that is why Putin has been ordering Russia forces to destroy the ISIS oil convoys and wells in areas ISIS dominates. Putin has also ordered Russian forces to target ISIS leaders in an effort to chop off the head of the monster so the body will die. And the US and Europe? They’ve played with ISIS too long! There is no reason in the world why the most powerful military on the planet cannot remove ISIS immediately! Yet, the US has not done this and has condemned Russia and Putin for attempting to do this. The US plan was to use ISIS to overthrow Assad and then try to work out some kind of “deal” with ISIS once this as accomplished. That is pure FOOLISHNESS and once again proves the incompetence of the Obama Administration when it comes to foreign affairs. Putin’s plan is to eliminate ISIS and then deal with Assad if at all. Putin’s thinking is sometimes it is better to allow sleeping dog to lay and, thus, choosing the lesser of two evils. The US strategy is just the opposite! The US has removed two strongmen from the Middle East, namely, Saddam Hussein and Moamar Khadafi which has destabilized the region. Removing Assad would only create more destabilization in my belief.

Of course we also have Iran and Saudi Arabia in the mixture and BOTH are KNOWN providers of money, weapons, and manpower to KNOWN terrorist groups. Yet, the Obama Administration continues its kiss-ass relationship with the Saudis as did the Bush Administration and many others. I have long said that Saudi Arabia is NOT our friend! What more proof do we need?

The Obama Administration has now bowed to Iran as well in negotiations which have allowed Iran to proceed with its nuclear program even though Iran’s crazed Ayatollahs have vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the planet once Iran develops nuclear weapons! Iran too is a KNOWN financier of terrorism so why are we agreeing to anything with them?

The ISIS rise to power has been financed by oil sales to Turkey and Syria and I suspect many more nations some of which are also NATO members. The ISIS rise to power I believe has also been financed by Saudi Arabia and Iran et. al. The Obama Administration continues to claim that it is providing support, arms, and money to “moderate” groups inside Syria fighting Assad’s Syrian forces. The problem with that is that there are NO MODERATE GROUPS INSIDE ISLAMIC RADICALISM!

ISIS has now grown to the point of posing a global threat as evidenced by the recent multi-attacks in Paris and the more recent slaughter in San Barnardino, California by Farook and Malik both connected to ISIS. Meanwhile, American and European police are conducting multiple investigations into others in their countries with ties to ISIS and it now is pretty clear that ISIS has numerous sleeper sales throughout the West. ISIS has morphed from a rat into a monster rat and rather quickly thanks to the TREASONOUS associations with them by both NATO an no-NATO states! ISIS has now come to the point in which the world must eliminate them by ANY MEANS NECESSARY AND AVAILABLE! Russia and Putin appear to understand this but the US and Europe appear to still be having a problem comprehending this for some reason. The fact is ISIS is the biggest threat on the planet right now and MUST be removed from existence immediately!

ISIS is selling oil on the Black Market and it has plenty of buyers I’m sure.  Turkey and Syria are only the two revealed nations buying that oil but I am certain their are many more.  So much for alliances and loyalty!  There are no such things in this modern world unfortunately.  Seems the call of the day should be, “Trust No One!”.  And that hearkens back to the old Soviet Union, sadly.  Back in the Soviet era that was not only the call of the day but was also a warning if you valued your life!


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