Cruz: Make Trump Pay for Wall

Last nights GOP debate in Las Vegas, NV was highlighted when Senator Ted Cruz stated if elected he’d also build a wall between the US and Mexico and get Trump to pay for it! Trump shrugged off the jibe but, hey, since it was Trump pushing for a wall why not have him pay for it instead of Mexico like Trumps says he’ll force Mexico to do?

Watching the debates last night a couple of things became rather clear. Gov Chris Cristie is out IMO and he might as well give up his bid for the nomination. Jeb Bush is another one who might as well thrown in the towel. Americans DON’T want a Bush III period! Two Bushes are enough both of whom got us into a war in Iraq btw. Jeb does not come across as presidential nor as a strong and decisive leader. Trump, on the other hand, does. He’s got all the right moves and I can see him as POTUS. But……………….there’s a dark horse IMO.

That dark horse is Senator Ted Cruz R-TX. Cruz is a mellower version of Trump and, frankly, Trump is a bit extreme for the majority of Americans. Cruz offers something more towards the center of the spectrum and that appeals to many voters. Keep an eye on Cruz as he may be the dark horse that comes into the winner’s circle before long.

Something else is when the subject of banning Muslims from entering the US came up Trump explained his position a bit more than he has in the past. Trump said, “We aren’t talking about religion. We are talking about security!”. The MSM has tried to spin his statement about banning Muslims from entering the US if elected to a matter of religion but this is not the case according to Trumps statement last night. It’s about SECURITY not about religion!!

This nation MUST start taking measures to protect our people and way of life. We cannot do that as long as we attempt to be all PC! The fact is that most terrorists are young men of Arab ethnicity whose religion is radical Islam. It’s not granny carrying a bag of homemade cookies in her purse as the TSA still seems to think! The problem is we don’t know which young Muslim males entering our country are radicalized and which ones aren’t. At this point we have to do something to protect ourselves and suspending immigration into the US of young males from Middle Eastern countries seems like the most logical thing to do. I hate to say that but Trump is right. This is about NATIONAL SECURITY not religion!


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