Turkey is a PIPELINE for ISIS…..again!!

Turkish MP Eren Erdem is now facing charges of treason in Turkey for information he revealed during an extensive interview with Russia Today. One would think Erdem would be applauded for revealing the truth but, instead, he’s now facing treason charges once again proving that Turkey, a member of NATO, is playing both sides of the fence! Let us not forget that Turkey has been buying ISIS oil and providing a transport route for ISIS oil trucks.

Erdem told RT, “Chemical weapon materials were brought to Turkey and put together in ISIS camps in Syria…”. He went on to say that the materials did not originate in Turkey but were bought in Europe and he added, “Western sources know very well who carried out the sarin gas attack in Syria.”

Erdem stands by his statement that Turkish businessmen are involved in supplying ISIS with sarin materials purchased in Europe and apparently at least 5 Turkish nationals have now been arrested for their involvement in the operation.

So, Turkey has been the pipeline for ISIS to sell its oil and now we find out Turkey has also been the pipeline for ISIS chemical material. But there’s more………

It also seems that Turkey is used by ISIS to funnel heroin into Europe! This is apparently big money for ISIS as it transports drugs out of AFGHANISTAN through the Balkans and Turkey and into Europe!! No wonder ISIS is well funded. They are in the business of chemical weapons, oil sales, and the drug trade!! Not to mention the help they get from some backstabbing Mid Eastern states (Turkey apparently is one of these)!

According to Russia’s anti-drug Czar Ivanov, ISIS has already made an astounding $150 BILLION by selling its heroin and other drugs in Europe!! So who’s been financing the ISIS rise to power? DRUG USERS in the West et al.

One thing is clear. ISIS needs to be put out of commission but I HIGHLY DOUBT that is going to happen. Why? Because ISIS now appears to be a MAJOR illegal drug supplier for WESTERN drug addicts who are RICH!!!!!





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