Wheaton College Suspends Prof for saying Muslims-Christians worship same God

HawkinsWheaton College, a Christian institution, has suspended Political Science Professor Larycia Hawkins who is a tenured professor at the college. The suspension came after Hawkins gained media attention for deciding to wear the Hijab (traditional head scarf for Muslim women) during the Christian Advent (Christmas) season.

Hawkins said she decided to wear the Hijab in a show of solidarity with Muslims. She referred to Muslims as “People of the Book” on her Facebook page and she also paraphrased recent comments by Pope Francis who said Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

“People of the Book” is a phrase used in the Koran referring to Muslims, Christians, and Jews who, according to Quranic teachings, all worship the same God.

Initially the college had no issue with Hawkins wearing the Hijab but on Tuesday they placed Hawkins on administrative leave “in response to significant questions regarding the theological implications of statements” made by her regarding the relationship between Christians and Muslims.

Hawkins said she stands by her comments. Hawkins is not a Muslim. She is a Christian and Wheaton College is a Fundamentalist Christian college. Evangelist Billy Graham is a graduate of Wheaton and he himself has made similar comments regarding Muslims and Christians worshiping the same God in the past as have other evangelical pastors.

In my opinion, when we think of extremism we tend to think of extremist Muslims BUT it appears in this case we have extremist Christians! What a crock!!

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