ISIS and Chemical Weapons: RED ALERT!!

terrorThere is no doubt in my mind whatsoever the ISIS leader Baghdadi is nuttier than a fruit cake at Christmas and so are his adherents. That said, you might recall that after the US removed Libyan leader Moamar Khadafi from existence permanently it was announced the many missiles, weapons, and chemical weapons went missing from Libyan bases “mysteriously.” However, there was nothing really mysterious about it at all. Of course the terrorists who moved into Libya took them into their possession and one of those terror groups was most likely ISIS.

A cousin of former dictator Khadafi says weapons were stolen in Libya during the civil war due to the fact that armaments were not being guarded adequately if at all including Sarin gas. Ahmed Gaddafi al-Dam told Russia Today that the Sarin gas was taken to the northern parts of Libya and sold.

Al-Dam went on to say that ISIS has already used Sarin Gas! During recent clashes in Libya a truck full of Sarin gas was discovered near the site. Al-Dam who was also one of Khadafi’s most trusted security chiefs is not alone in his accusations. Many sources have reported the use of Sarin gas in Syria and Iraq as well. It has recently been reported also that Turkey has been the pipeline for materials needed to produce the gas by ISIS.

Sarin gas is a deadly nerve agent. As if it is not alarming enough that ISIS and al-Qaeda now have sophisticated weapons it now appears that ISIS, at least, now has deadly chemical weapons! That should alarm everyone, everywhere! These chemicals in the hands of terrorists have the potential to cause massive death if used. This is just one more reason why ISIS must be eliminated by any and all means necessary!

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