Practicing What You Preach? Hardly!

Commentary by Monomakh —-

Let’s face some reality here. Many people profess religion be they Christian, Muslim, Jew, or whatever, yet FEW actually practice what they profess or preach in reality. Enough of the hypocrisy already! It’s time for America to strip away the gloss and take a long hard look at the ugly truth and when it comes to religion and practicing what you preach that reality is really, really ugly.

Speaking of the 3 primary religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) all of these faiths teach mercy, forgiveness, giving, sharing, humility, et al but as far as I can see very FEW adherents actually practice any of these traits. In fact, what I see most adherents practicing is just the opposite! Instead of showing mercy they are often ruthless in their dealings with others especially with those who have offended them in some way. When it comes to actual forgiveness this is something that the religious practice only rarely if at all. Rather than forgive others they hold grudges! Giving? What is actually practiced is taking! And when it comes to sharing LOL nothing could be further from the truth because the fact is many religious people are some of the most greedy and stingy people I’ve ever met on the planet!

Now let’s talk humbleness. To be humble means one is not egotistical meaning they aren’t stuck on themselves. Egotism and pride were two things that got Satan’s ass kicked out of Heaven so I think it safe to say God hates egotism and self pride. Yet, instead of practicing humbleness I see many religious prancing to and fro like strutting peacocks MOST of the time! In fact, they seem to think that their religion of choice has given them some kind of license to do whatever they want to do and never have to answer to the Maker!

But, here’s the clencher IMO. All three of the major religions teach that God is loving yet I see FEW religious that are actually loving. In fact, many that I see are some of the most hateful, spiteful, and uncaring people I’ve ever encountered without question!

So the question is why don’t these people actually practice what they preach and claim to believe instead of doing the exact opposite? The answer is because they are hypocrites! They wear their religion on their coat tails and use it ONLY when it is convenient for THEM. And, sadly, most of them only do so when they seem some benefit for THEM not others!

A friend of mine likes to say, “Please God not another religion!” and I couldn’t agree more. IMO religion is the LAST thing we need. I mean, look at the facts. Religion has more human blood on its hands than all human wars combined! Religion has been responsible for some of the most horrific atrocities in human history. Even TODAY religion continues to be responsible for some of the most horrific atrocities imaginable.

We all know about the horrific atrocities being committed by radical Muslims today but how about the Jews and Christians? Consider the Jewish oppression of the Palestinians? Atrocity followed by atrocity! And the Christians? Well they had their day in the darkness during the infamous Spanish Inquisitions, Salem witch trials, and the plundering of the American Indian, et al. And need I mention all those good Christian Indian Boarding Schools by which Native American youth were taken off the Reservations by force if necessary, away from their families, placed in these nightmarish schools so they could be “educated” and no one mentioned that “education” also included physical and sexual abuse by some of the good Christians staff? No I didn’t think so………

What gets me about all of these religions et al is the HYPOCRISY!! These people preach and claim one thing yet they actually practice the exact OPPOSITE! They all prance around like studded peacocks thinking they are holier than thou but their NOT! Instead of they are full of hypocrisy and deception! Yet, they wonder why so many people turn away from religion and even turn away from God???? Who in the hell wants to be like them? Who in the hell wants to be a hypocrite?

I sometimes think humanity would be much better off without ANY religion. Religion seems to serve no real purpose other than to divide humanity and keep us divided. So what good is that? What if instead of religion we just each gave God our faithful love daily moment by moment and treated each other like fellow human beings instead of garbage? What if we actually practiced and lived what we profess instead of wearing it on our coat tails? How might the world be changed? Consider the possibilities…………..

I see Jew accusing Muslim and Muslim accusing Christian and I see Chrisitian accusing Jew and Muslim and on and on. Yet, let us recall that when we point our finger of accusation at others we have one finger pointing at them and …… THREE of our own fingers pointing right back at US! Think about it….you’ll eventually get it………….


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