Turkey AGAIN!! Now involved in Drug Running!!

TurkeyIs there no end to NATO member nation Turkey’s antics? I’m beginning to think Turkey’s hands are dirty than a rat in the sewer! Let me recap Turkish news of late…..

First we learn Turkey has been buying ISIS oil and providing a corridor for ISIS to sell oil to other nations (some in Europe). Then we learn that Turkey is the place where Sarin gas was imported from Libya and moved on to ISIS. And need I mention that Turkey has been claiming to be bombing ISIS targets BUT IN FACT they have been bombing KURD targets not ISIS targets! And please allow me to mention Turkey’s downing of a Russian war jet claiming the jet was in Turkish airspace and was warned off several times even though the EVIDENCE says otherwise!

As if this isn’t enough dirty laundry for Turkey now comes news that Turkey is a pipeline of HEROIN! Reportedly, opium is brought into Turkey from the Afghanistan opium fields and turned into heroin in Turkey which, in turn, exports it to Europe where it is sold and I’m sure TURKEY makes a nice profit!

Consorting with the enemy, aiding the enemy, helping to produce weapons of mass destruction, wholesale slaughter of the Kurds, providing air cover for ISIS the enemy, lying about the downing of a Russian fighter, and now drug running. Seems to me Turkey has it’s paws in a little bit of everything that is illegal and backstabbing! And yet, NATO and the US continue to defend Turkey as being as innocent as the driven snow? Are they blind, stupid, or BOTH?

The accumulating evidence now suggests strongly that Turkey is a corrupt NATO partner that CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be trusted. Turkey has already betrayed the NATO Alliance and, frankly, should be booted out ASAP. But, NATO will not do so as it considers Turkey a strategic point and some control is better than no control.

The latest revelation concerning Turkey’s involvement in the heroin trade comes from Russia’s anti-drug chief, Viktor Ivanov. The illegal drug is reportedly produced in secret Turkish labs for distribution in both Europe and Russia and I’m sure the US is getting its share too. Reportedly, the opium route goes from Afghanistan to Iran and into Turkey. The secret labs are reportedly well equipped and produce high quality heroin.

Not to be lost out of the mix is ISIS also. The drug trafficking has enabled ISIS to boost its numbers 4-fold since 2014. Ivanov pointed out a correlation between the rise in number of ISIS fighters and the increased drug trafficking. Ivanov estimates ISIS’ profit from this drug trade to be around $200-500 million annually!

Turkey is DIRTY! And NATO turns the other way pretending not to see! It’s long been known by some that Turkey was a major corridor for the global drug trade and now Russia has confirmed it. Turkey CANNOT be TRUSTED! It’s not only US politicians that are corrupt but it is also politicians in ALL OTHER COUNTRIES on the planet. Let’s face it, the leaders of humanity have become corrupt! Our conflicts are not about regime change, freedom, or democracy but are about protecting the global drug trade! That’s why our nations act like mafia bosses instead of real nations! I find Turkey’s behavior and involvement in these matters deplorable! But even more deplorable I find NATO and the US response to Turkey even worse!

Finally, I guess all of those allegations made by Western soldiers that the real War on Terror in Afghanistan is NOT about taking out the Taliban or al-Qaeda but is about protecting the opium fields is TRUE and just got confirmed!  Thank you Russia!!

Now just how does this drug running operation jive with Islam anyhow?




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