China and the Persecution of Christians

Lately when we think of Christians being persecuted we think of how ISIS rapes and crucifies or beheads them in Iraq and Syria but there is another place where Christians also endure persecution and that is in China.

Christian pastors in China are routinely the victims of government surveillance and harassment. Out of fear of the government many of China’s Christians meet in-house churches in much the same way Christians met in secret in the time of the Roman Empire. Sadly, many are routinely “interrogated” while others simply “disappear” never to be seen again, as in permanently. Get the point?

A crackdown this month in Guiyang resulted in the shutdown of the thriving Living Stone Church, the shadowing of dozens of churchgoers by police, and the arrest of a priest for “possessing state secrets.” Further, all across the nation Chinese police are removing Christian crosses wherever they find them. Officially, China is an atheist state, still.

A leaked Chinese government directive reveals that the shuttering of churches is “necessary” in order that “social stability” can be maintained. That is a catchall term often used by the Chinese Communist regime to justify massive crackdowns by police.

Communist China is making a big effort to control the spread of religion in its nation along with a broader effort to prevent civil dissent. That would be because the atheist Chinese government fears Christianity as they well know it advocates FREEDOM AND LIBERATION! The Communist ruling China only desire subjection and oppression of the masses period! China wears many masks but things are NEVER what they appear to be in China, ever! Keep that in mind.

Over the past few years China has often worked stealthily out of fear of being in the global spotlight to crackdown on Christians and civil disobedience. The already iron fisted regime is seeking to hold the masses even tighter in its iron fist!

ironically, Christianity has been thriving inside China. There are estimated to be 23 million Protestants in China and 5.7 million Catholics. Some figures put the number of Christians inside China at about 67 to 100 million which is odd compared to the fact that the Chinese Communist only number 87 million. Evangelical Christians are the fastest growing group and it’s estimated that by 2030 Christians in China will number around 250 million. Obviously, the Communists are becoming a minority and they believe that clamping down on Christians they can ensure these Christians never challenge their rule. So the Communist use TERRORIST tactics to persecute Chinese Christians and dissents. Who said China wasn’t a TERRORIST nation?

Of course China has that “look so good” Constitution just like the Soviet Union did that guarantees certain rights including the right to free speech and freedom of religion but those right exist ON PAPER ONLY! In real world practice the Chinese people DO NOT have these rights.

The regime is not only fearful of the growing number of Christians but also of nonprofits and libraries! Libraries? YOU BET! Any good dictator knows you must keep the people dumb because once the educate themselves they catch on to your dictator tactics and terrorism. That spells BAD NEWS for any dictator worth his salt!

Tight controls are maintained over ALL religious persons in China be they Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or whatever. In China you can be religious BUT on the government’s terms! State backed churches are the only churches one is supposed to attend and in those churches state propaganda is preached more than religious doctrine. Proselytizing is strictly forbidden in China as well and local Communist officials decide what is “normal” and what is not.

The end result of all this is that local Communist officials have wide discretion when it comes to turning the other way or persecuting Christians, or members of any other faith for that matter. Economic expansion in China has resulted in moving masses of people from the countryside into cities.  Many of those relocated feel dislocated and they long for a sense of community not found in the cities.  This in turn has fuel religious  awakening among many and the Chinese Communist government sees this as a problem.

House Churches are thriving in China even though they are illegal under Chinese law.  The government “encourages” bigger churches to meet for social rather than religious purposes.  WTF?  Why have a church and why not just have a social club then?  Chinese police who shut down churches brand them as “cults” and they guard the closed doors of these places to “stop people from joining.”

Chinese Christians see God as their only leader and the Chinese government takes this view as a threat to their power.  That’s why so many governments and regimes see Christianity as a threat.  Because the teachings of Jesus are NOT about enslavement or persecution but about FREEDOM AND LIBERATION!  That’s something that the Chinese Communist government can’t stand.  And it’s also something that the pack of lunatics known as ISIS can’t stand!  They fear freedom and liberation of the masses because they are ruthless, inhumane regimes with no regard for human dignity or freedom.  They are, in fact, the real DEMONS in this world!!





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