Vladimir Putin: From Manly Man to……calendar boy???

Commentary by Monomakh —-

A new 2016 calendar is out for sale in Russia featuring President Vladimir Putin in a variety of poses some shirtless. Each page of the calendar also has a thought for the month from Putin. Once again Russia portrays Putin as not only a strong leader but a MANLY leader unafraid of and very comfortable with his masculinity UNLIKE the metrosexual UNMANLY leaders we have in the USA! I won’t mention any names but I assume you can figure out who they are 🙂


The calendar is selling off the shelves and that is to be expected as Putin remains very popular with Russians. So why is Putin so popular with Russians? Over the course of the past 15 years Putin has held power in one position or the other either as President or Prime Minister. He has a support rating of about 85% almost consistently.

Putin portrays the image of an intelligent and strong Russian male and Russians like that as they are not all nice and fuzzy with the American concept of “manhood” which is somewhere between wimp and bringing out the woman inside of them. In Russia traditional and historical male values still fly high and males are expected to be strong, competitive, decisive, and masculine. They are also expected to be proud of their masculinity not ashamed as seems to be the case in America where males are bashed and degraded beyond any reasonable limit.

Russians also like the way in which Putin stands up to the world especially the metrosexual USA! His resent military campaign in Syria against ISIS is a good example. Putin decided to go it alone and started bombing the hell out of ISIS while exposing the truth about the half-ass effort of the USA and NATO against ISIS. Being the MAN he is Putin launched Russian airstrikes against ISIS targeting where it would hurt ISIS the most and he shrugs off Western criticism of his military campaign.

One thing Russians like, admire, and respect both traditionally and historically are STRONG men and STRONG and decisive leaders. Russians don’t have much respect for the weak male or weak leaders. In Russia leaders who have achieved the most have always been strong, decisive, charismatic, MANLY men. However, I must note too that Russians love strong women leaders such as Catherine the Great and others. Russians love STRENGTH and Putin exhibits that strength perfectly.

America needs to take a lesson from Russia. ENOUGH of the weakling metrosexualism already! It’s time America elect a REAL MAN as POTUS or a REAL WOMAN! It’s time to get rid of the WIMPS! We need a strong and decisive leader cut from the same mold as Putin now more than ever!!





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