The Muslim Conquest of Europe is Underway!

There are two ways to make war. The most common way is to send in your army and invade the territory of your enemy with force. The other more stealthy way is to send in massive numbers of immigrants into your enemies territory. It seems that the Islamic invasion of Europe is taking place via the later way.

I’ve heard some European leaders say before that the massive number of immigrants from Syria and Iraq are NOT mostly women and children as the MSM claims. It now seems that the President of the Czech Republic has decided to expose the truth about these immigrants giving high profile status to the revelation that these immigrants are NOT mostly women and children.


Czech Republic President Milos Zeman says that the wave of refugees from the Mid East coming into Europe is “organized and MOSTLY consists of YOUNG MEN” who in his opinion should go back to where they came from, take up arms, and fight against ISIS.

Zeman goes on to say that most of these young men are in excellent health and SINGLE. The President also compares the situation to that of Czechoslovakia after Nazi Germany annexed it in 1939. Zemam says, “I am profoundly convinced we are facing an ORGANIZED INVASION and NOT a spontaneous movement of refugees.” If Zeman is right then Europe now faces the greatest danger it has faced in a long time because that would mean these so called “refugees” are not refugees at all but an INVADING MUSLIM ARMY!

Almost 70% of the Czech people oppose the refugees arrival in their country. The Czech Republic is an EU member and it has rejected mandatory quotas which would place these refugees among all EU member nations. Recently, Zeman accused Turkey of being an ISIS ally and suggested Turkey should not be a member of the EU. Zeman also believes that his nation should not have to accept refugees whose culture is distant from Czech culture.

The question now is, has Europe acted dangerously foolish by taking these refugees in? Syria has said that most of these young men are deserters from the Syrian Army who refused to fight ISIS or who were scared to fight. Should we believe Syria? They don’t have a good track record for telling the truth unfortunately.

There may indeed be some stealthy plan by ISIS or others to conquer Europe by flooding it with “refugees.” Refugees who will rise up and fight when ordered to do so by whoever controls the plan. That would be a devastating scenario for Europe. That COULD be the plan OR Syria may be right in that these young men are army deserters. What are we to believe?

One thing is for sure and that is that the MSM is LYING when it claims most of these refugees are “women and children.” The FACT is MOST of them are YOUNG MEN in perfect health as any good soldier should be!! I think Europe has made a very BIG mistake and apparently the Czech President is of the same opinion. Political Correctness always leads to foolishness and in this case I fear Europe has been very, very foolish. These young men need to be sent back to the Middle East NOW and they should go home and fight to protect their homeland from ISIS instead of running away!

And as for Turkey?  I think NATO has a Trojan Horse inside its gates as Turkey has been caught red handed consorting with ISIS the enemy!  Seems to me that Turkey is a PROBLEM!  And, in fact, it DOES appear that Turkey IS an ally of the Islamic State, ISIS!!!!



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