TURKEY Again! Now they are training ISIS terrorists!!

I’m getting a little tired of writing about TURKEY! However, it seems that the NATO member Turkey has a whole lot of irons in the fire. In other words, they’ve got their grubby little paws in just about everything when it comes to the terror group ISIS aka Islamic State! Must I begin keeping a running list?

Let’s see….drug running, smuggling ISIS oil providing mega-funding for the terror group, and now comes even more. Let me start with this. According to the article linked below ISIS now has offices inside Turkey which sell SLAVES! Yes you heard me right I said SLAVES!! See how archaic these rejects are (ISIS)? They actually engage in selling slaves. But that’s just the least of it.

Seems that Turkey is harboring the enemy ISIS BIG TIME! In fact, ISIS fighters are trained inside Turkey according to the report! Turkey is OBVIOUSLY in bed hot and heavy with ISIS the terrorist org and the billion dollar question is why haven’t they (Turkey) been booted out of NATO? Oh wait, I know……MONEY!!

You see you must begin to understand the New World Order. It is an order in which global corporations and nations can do anything they want and get away with it as long as there is MONEY to be made. And I’d say the selling of slaves like the selling of ISIS oil is BIG MONEY. And the training of ISIS fighters? Why ISIS is just the latest boogey man designed to keep the people of the world in a perpetual state of fear so that they may be more easily controlled by the Corporatists and their NWO.



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