2016 GOP Debates: Florina Attacks Hillary!

GOP Candidate Carly Florina

GOP Candidate Carly Florina

GOP candidate Carly Florina went on the attack last night targeting Dem candidate Hillary Clinton. Florina said Hillary Clinton will to anything to gain and hold power, anything. She added that if her husband did what Bill Clinton did she’d have left him a long time ago.

But, Florina wasn’t finished yet! She went on to say, “She’s (Clinton) escaped prosecution more than El Chapo. She has not accomplished much of anything in her life. She’s gotten every single foreign policy challenge wrong and she continues to lie to the American people.”

Frankly, I was glad to hear Florina unload on Clinton as it’s about time for someone to state the cold hard truth about Clinton. I’m glad Carly Florina had the guts to say it PUBLICLY for the whole world to hear.



Hillary’s Emails: Russia, Iran, China likely read them!!

Commentary & Opinion by Monomakh —————

Former CIA Director and US Defense Secretary Robert Gates says, “Odds are pretty high Russia, China, and Iran accessed Hillary’s server.” Gates said the Pentagon servers are attacked daily to the tune of 100,000 times daily by hackers.

Clinton’s emails according to the Inspector General contained numerous “above top secret” government intelligence during her use of a private home-brewed server. Why she did not use State Dept servers is a “mystery” (but not really IMO).

Gates says he never used emails while he was CIA Director or Defense Secretary. He says he preferred dealing with people face to face instead and put his own signature on items needed it especially those items pertaining to national security. Gates and other officials all say it is HIGHLY LIKELY Clinton’s emails were accessed by Iran, Russia, and China which means they now have in their possession any “above top secret” info Hillary put in them! Obviously, this presidential candidate knows NOTHING about NATIONAL SECURITY. If elected POTUS what would she do? Just hand over all above top secret info to our enemies without even asking? Can she be that naive? Did she never suspect that our enemies might be intercepting her emails and reading them? Just what was she thinking? Add this email gross INCOMPETENCE to her BOTCHED fiasco in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in sitting US Ambassador Chris Stevens being killed and for this woman to get elected POTUS would SURELY be the END of the USA!

The FACT of the matter is that Hillary Rodham Clinton has demonstrated REPEATEDLY that she CANNOT be TRUSTED! What more PROOF does the American voter need? Additionally, Hillary is a Corporatist and a Globalist, obviously. She’d sell our nation down the river in a heartbeat. Oh wait….SHE ALREADY DID that as Secretary of State!! Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem Just Got a Lot BIGGER!

Former Secretary of State and now Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s email problems just got bigger! FOX NEWS is reporting that an Inspector General has come across Clinton emails while she was Sec of State that were ABOVE TOP SECRET!! She used her unsecured, “home brew” server to send the emails which contained info from the US government’s most secretive and highly classified programs which were given a SAP (Special Access Program) classification which is ABOVE TOP SECRET, according to Fox News. And it is NOT just one email. It is SEVERAL!!

Government info classified as SAP is considered more sensitive than Top Secret. Access to info classified as SAP is on a “need to know” basis only. To date about 1340 emails sent by Clinton designated as “Classified” have been found on her server. Clinton claims the info was not classified at the time.

According to one former Law Enforcement official with decades of experience investigating SAP violations the info is the “most sensitive of the sensitive” and there is no way that such info could not be recognized as having a SAP classification.

Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus was prosecuted for sharing SAP info with his biographer and mistress not to long ago. At the very heart of the investigation surrounding him was a government document he signed promising to protect SAP info. Hillary Clinton signed an IDENTICAL DOCUMENT agreeing to the same on 22 January 2009!

The findings of the IG may lead to prosecution of Clinton for gross negligence under the US Espionage Act. And since Petraeus was prosecuted for the same why shouldn’t Hillary Clinton be? No more free passes for this lady! The post this morning by Monomakh on this site clearly tells the Hillary Clinton story which is, frankly, one FAILURE after another! This woman should NOT ever be POTUS period!! IF she had any self-pride she would immediately end her campaign for POTUS and gracefully bow out of public life but she won’t I’m sure. Equal justice under the Law. Anyone remember that? If prosecution of Petraeus was good enough for him then Clinton needs to now be prosecuted for the same. By risking exposure of SAP info she jeopardized some of our nations most sensitive information. Her home grown server was NOT secure and why she was using it instead of the secure computers at the State Dept is unimaginable. Judging from the post by Monomakh earlier today Hillary Clinton is obviously incompetent and today’s revelation by Fox News makes her look even MORE incompetent. I hate to think of the damage this woman would do should she ever sit in the Oval Office.

For more on this breaking story see:


Hillary Clinton is a Hypocrite!

commentary by Monomakh —
Rurik4I must admit that every time I see Hillary Clinton on TV I cringe! There’s just something about her that isn’t quite right. For one thing she seems distant and aloof, sort of unreachable or out of touch. I was relieved to read an editorial in the New York Post today that echoed my feelings making me feel I’m not alone. What really gets me about Hillary is her almost constant shouting and over gesturing that, frankly, makes me thinks she’s got a screw loose somewhere. I don’t know about you but that is NOT the kind of person I want to be POTUS and just to be fair let me say I have the same concerns about the GOP leader Donald Trump.

To top it off, Hillary seems to have some sort of memory problem or disconnect with reality and that concerns me more than anything else. For one thing she says that if elected she’ll make every effort to close tax loopholes for the rich BUT Hillary and her husband Slick Willy BOTH take advantage of those very loopholes. So when Hillary says something like this does she include herself and her husband and daughter? She’s trying to paint herself as just one of the good ole gals down on Main Street but the Clinton’s are far, far from that. In fact, the Clinton’s are part, a big part, of the Corporatist clan! So let’s face the truth about Hillary Clinton. She’s a HYPOCRITE! And not only that but she is a KNOWN LIAR!

Thinking back to the Benghazi Affair when she was Secretary of State we were expected to believe that the entire event that result in the murder of a sitting US Ambassador in Libya was due to some unknown YouTube video insulting the Muslim Prophet Mohammad. In fact, Ambassador Stevens murder was the direct result of yet another government sponsored gun running operation to Syria! You remember that first gun running operation don’t you? I’m talking about when the ATF was caught red-handed running guns across the border into Mexico and into the arms of the notorious Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the murder of Brian Terry an US Border Patrol agent. It was known as Operation Fast & Furious and no one went to jail over that little incident. In fact, no one was even fired over that incident. They were simply reassigned. Continue reading

Obama’s SOTU and Rev. Graham

President Barak Hussein Obama delivered his final SOTU address tonight which, as expected, was mostly about himself. What I find more interesting is Rev. Franklin Graham’s belief on the state of the union.

According to Rev. Graham, son of the infamous Rev Billy Graham, “Out nation is broken! It’s broken Morally, it’s broken Spiritually, it’s broken spiritually, and it’s broken racially.” I’d say AMEN to all of it!!

banana republic

Graham said he hopes Obama will “turn to God for wisdom and direction” as he spends his last 12 months leading America. He went on to say that the state of America CANNOT be fixed unless we repent of our sins individually and ask our nation to do the same.

Quoting from Psalm 33:12 which says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” Graham said he hopes Obama will turn to God for wisdom and direction. Of course the reverse of Psalm 23:12 is, “Damned is the nation whose God is NOT the Lord.” Personally to me it pretty much looks like Nazi Corporatist America is pretty much DAMNED!

Let’s face it. America has lost it’s moral compass. In fact we’ve lost our compass when it comes to just about everything. Greed is now the rule of the day and the almighty DOLLAR is the REAL god of America now! Most of us today go about screwing others and with NO remorse proving once and for all that most Americans are sociopaths. This nation started going down hill as soon as we started turning away from God and towards the all-mighty dollar! Today ANYTHING goes in America and what doesn’t go soon will I’m sure. We’ve succeeded in turning right into wrong and wrong into right. We’ve made up, down and down, up.

America is ALREADY in a state of decline and we see the evidence of this all around us. America is not simply falling as we are already FALLEN. And everyone on the planet seems to know it EXCEPT Americans!

We’ve already surpassed anything the ancient people of Sodom and Gomorrah could have ever imagined or hoped for.  We murder the unborn by the millions.  We have placed zero value on human life (unless it’s our own of course). We accept any and every thing no matter how SICK it is!  We put our faith in our stuff.  We spent more time thinking about our money (or lack thereof) and satisfying our pleasures (no matter what they are) than thinking about anything else including God and our fellow human beings.  We have now decided that lying, cheating, and even outright stealing are not only OK but necessary to get through life.  Corruption at both low and high levels is now the norm.  We only pray to God when we are in crisis (such as immediately after 9/11) OR when we want something because we have a mistaken idea that God is some sort of magical genie who surely will grant our every wish and desire.  We’ve decided our children are in our way so we stick them in their rooms in front of a computer so we can continue on with our own merry little lives (parental responsibility?  what’s that?).  When we see another human being in need that we don’t know be they begging or injured or dying we sill simply walk on by pretending not to notice.  When we hear about atrocities committed in other places we simply are happy it’s not us and, thus, prove beyond doubt that we have no real compassion for others.  We view life as mostly about the wonderful ME proving beyond any doubt that we are selfish and egotistical beyond imagination.  When it comes to our Republic and the BIG TROUBLE it’s in we simply use the old excuse that we are just one person that can do nothing which is a cop-out and excuse for doing NOTHING.  Basically we are a nation of spoiled rotten snots badly in need of a trip to the wood shed.  And I could go on and on but WHY BOTHER?!!

America is O-V-E-R!!  So wake the hell up and FACE the FACT!!  The America we live in today is NOT the America that our parents or grandparents grew up in!  In fact, it is a far-cry from the America they grew up in!  And, one last thing, THANK GOD THIS WAS OBAMA’S LAST SOTU as next year I won’t have to listen to him glorify himself.  Oh but wait………..I’m fairly sure Donald Trump is going to be the next POTUS and that means I’ll have to listen to that ego-maniac glorify himself for the next 4 years WTF?  His head is even bigger than Obama’s come to think of it. GOD HELP US ALL!!




Obama’s Gun Grab…with tears???

President Obama made it official today via Executive Orders tightening gun rules in the US. Under the new rules your doctor can report to the FBI that you are mentally ill and you won’t be able to buy or possess a gun. I’d fire my doctor after that and tell the entire world what a shitty physician they are! Those on Social Security Disability with payees are also now band from purchasing guns and if you sell guns at a gun show and take credit cards and/or do so for a living you are now considered a gun dealer and must get a federal firearms license which takes aeons and costs you up the ass!

Obama has taken some lessons from former House Speaker John Boehner apparently as during today’s announcement he became tearful….on que. Please! What is with American MALE leaders crying like babes? I thought leaders were suppose to be STRONG not sissies! What in the hell has this nation come too anyhow?

Obama said guns are killing our children. Say what? Sorry Mr President but guns aren’t killing anyone. PEOPLE are killing PEOPLE and in most of the gun violence we see our CHILDREN are killing CHILDREN!! Guns are inanimate objects which require a HUMAN to pick them up, load them, and pull the trigger. Take a look at the gun violence in this nation. Many of the mass shootings in this country have been carried out by young WHITE males from middle class families or upper middle class families. Most are of high school age or college age. Most have spent a lot of time playing violent video games and/or watching violent movies in which the first choice is to always grab the gun and take care of things. But, grabbing the gun ought to be the LAST choice not the first!

Fact is Barack Obama and any other politician can enact all of the laws and rules and executive orders they want and it really isn’t going to do a whole lot to curb gun violence in this country. That’s because gun violence is not the cause. It’s a SYMPTOM! A symptom that something is deeply WRONG in America and, specifically, with American YOUTH although this does not make older Americans immune. For decades now we’ve watched our youth play violent video games and watch slasher movies to no end. All the while Hollywood has said that if a youth goes out and kills someone it’s not their fault EVEN though they are the ones producing the movies. Fact is they ARE partially at fault period!! There’s an old theory in Sociology. Present an idea to anyone long enough and they will eventually begin to see that idea as being an option for them. And THAT is what has happened in this nation to our youth!! The idea of gunning people down has been presented to them numerous times in video games and movies to the extent that now gunning someone down IS an option for them in their minds. Remember James Holmes who shot up the theater in Colorado not so long ago? He said it was like watching a video game. What that tells me is that Holmes was unable to distinguish reality from non-reality prior to and during his killing spree. And what does that mean? SCHIZOPHRENIA!  Schizophrenics cannot distinguish reality from non-reality. I have no doubt that Holmes is mentally ill as is MUCH of our youth today all across this nation.

In fact, guns don’t kill people. Not only do we have youth killing youth and other people but we also now have trigger-happy cops killing people! What happened to the days when cops shot to wound first? Now they jump right to their guns with intent to kill. Like I said….mentally ill. Carrying a badge does NOT make one immune from mental illness or from being a sociopath or even a psychopath.

Once again we see American leaders addressing the symptom and not the cause. That has now become beyond typical for this nation. We must have learned that from our medical people because that’s what most of them do. They address symptoms not the cause of the illness! I have news for you. You can treat symptoms until Hell freezes over and NOTHING will really change until you begin to treat and alleviate the CAUSE!! And so when it comes to gun violence and mass killings in America Obama’s actions today only treat symptoms but ignore the CAUSE.

We’ve got a real SERIOUS PROBLEM in this nation and it is not guns. IT’S PEOPLE! People on the verge of psychopathy or well into it already! Until we start addressing the fact that we have been, and still are, brainwashing (conditioning) our youth into the notion that grabbing a gun is the answer to any and all that ails them no law or no rule is going to change anything when it comes to gun violence period!! Gun violence is the SYMPTOM. The CAUSE is to be found in PEOPLE.

America is today not only a LOST nation but a LOST SOCIETY. Let’s face it. We’ve got Sodom and Gomorrah beat by 10 miles! In fact, we do and approve of things in this nation and society that likely those two EVIL cities couldn’t even think of. America’s got a real problem and that problem has been allowed to fester for so long that it now runs DEEP in American society. We’ve thrown out our traditional and historical values and morals and replaced them with NO morals and NO values…..other than money and our beloved dust collectors that is.

What sad times we live in. America is a nation and a society in GROSS DECLINE and that decline is coming from WITHIN not from the outside. We are a nation and people who have lost our way and who are now directionless! We have traded the moral for the immoral and we’ve succeeded at turning right into wrong and wrong into right. Until we begin to address our immorality in this society NOTHING is really going to change other than things are going to continue to get worse. It’s time for Americans to wake up and get out of denial. Now I know. I can already hear many of you yelping, “but what can I do I’m only one person.” How about this for starters……….


That’s a good place to start because for the most part today what we’ve been teaching our youth is how to have NO respect for ANY life including HUMAN life!!

Finally, getting back to the crying politician routine…….good show but I’m NOT buying it. I expect my leaders to be STRONG and LEAD not run to and fro like sissies and wimps or like ball-bags! Good God! Can’t we have a REAL LEADER in this nation anymore instead of these wimpy politicians of late!! Enough of the fake crying already DC. Most of you are BAD, BAD ACTORS!!

Gun Control: Obama Misses the Target Again!

Commentary by Monomakh

It’s old news now in this, the final year of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, that the Obama Administration most often misses the target on, frankly, just about everything.  And when this administration doesn’t miss the target it has a history of only putting forth a half-ass effort!  “Incompetent” doesn’t even begin to describe the current administration. The latest fiasco comes today with President Obama’s revelation of new gun control regulations via his now infamous Imperial Edicts otherwise known as Executive Orders.  In his newest order the president today will beef up gun rules (notice rules, not laws).  The POTUS does NOT have the power to dictate law.  Only Congress does! That said some of what the president plans to announce today has been “leaked” by none other than the White House itself and other details have been released in a phone conference call yesterday with reporters.  So what do we know thus far about the forthcoming EO?

Reportedly, the newest EO is aimed at cracking down on gun shows and expands the definition of “gun dealer.”  It also includes people selling guns online.  If such persons accept credit cards and conduct regular business selling firearms then they will be considered “dealers” and will have to get a federal firearms dealer license which are not cheap.  They will also have to begin running background checks on purchasers.  Frankly, I agree with this EO as I do think people selling guns at gun shows and online should be licensed and conduct background checks on purchasers.

Reportedly, the newest EO will also allow physicians to report patients to the FBI who are mentally ill and who pose a danger to themselves or others and, thus, prohibit them from purchasing firearms.  I agree with this EO as well as I do not think people with severe mental issues should have guns.  The EO also would prohibit people on Social Security Disability who have payees from purchasing guns.  These are people who are unable to handle their own money or affairs.  Again, I agree with this EO.

So, while I agree with most of the President’s anticipated actions I do, however, believe he’s missed the target!  Let me explain…..

These measures are aimed at law-abiding citizens in many ways while the target that is being missed are the criminals with guns.  It’s not law-abiding citizens who pose the greatest threat IMO.  It’s people who commit crimes using guns!  But the executive orders apparently ignore this group altogether!  The POTUS can’t dictate law so Obama would have to go to Congress to get new laws passed regarding guns.  Yet, this administration doesn’t seem to be doing that.  How about stiffer penalties for people who commit crimes with guns?  How about passing a law that says that if you commit a crime with a gun you are going to be sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison? And while we’re at it we can enact a law that stipulates that if you kill someone with a gun intentionally you are going to be sentenced to a life sentence with no chance of parole or early release!

My point is this….I think enacting stiffer laws relating to the use of guns in crimes is the solution NOT penalizing people who aren’t using them to commit crimes.  But Obama’s executive orders don’t target that group at all and instead go after those not committing gun crimes.  That’s what I call missing the target.  IF the Obama Administration REALLY wanted to do something about gun violence then they could pursue enacting tougher gun laws via Congress.  Frankly, what Obama’s executive orders do is put a band-aid on the whole thing!

And what about assault weapons?  Sales of these weapons have been halted by prior administrations yet Obama hasn’t done that.  People do not need military style assault weapons such as AR15s or AK47s.  These weapons were designed for soldiers not civilians.  Frankly, I think both the sale of and possession of these weapons should be outlawed.  But, again, Obama’s executive orders do not address this.

Bottomline from what I can see thus far is once again the Obama Administration is making a half-ass effort!  And that has been the typical M.O. of this administration.  Everything has been half-assed!  Gun violence isn’t going to stop even if all guns are outlawed!  The only thing that is going to have any real effect is to toughen up laws pertaining to crimes committed with guns.  This will serve as a deterrent and people might think twice about reaching for that gun before they commit a crime with it.

One last thing.  We already have an over abundance of laws in this little Nazi America so why don’t we enforce the laws already on the books?  This administration doesn’t seem to want to do that either, frankly.  In short, this is all just one more farce designed to appear this administration is doing something when in actuality they are doing NOTHING!