UNFORGETTABLE! Singer Natalie Cole Dead at 65

Unforgettable……yes she was!

Legend Natalie Cole 1950-2015

Legend Natalie Cole

Singer Jazz and R&B singer Natalie Cole has died in Los Angeles at the age of 65. She was the daughter of famous Jazz singer Nat “King” Cole. She died yesterday (12/31/15) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from complications related to ongoing health issues. In her lifetime she battled Hepatitis C and past drug addiction issues.

Despite being the daughter of a legend Natalie carved out a singing career of her own and on her own. Some of her most memorable songs were “Out Love” and “This Will Be,” But, her legendary and signature song was “Unforgettable” which she turned into a duet with her late father using some high tech wizardry. She won several Grammy’s and other awards during her career.

A statement has been released by her family saying, “Natalie fought a fierce, courageous battle dying how she lived….with dignity, strength, and honor. Our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain UNFORGETTABLE in our hearts forever. Indeed she will and also in the hearts of her fans of which I am one.

God bless you Natalie and thank you for allowing the world to hear your wonderful voice. We will miss you greatly and we love you, always!!

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