Gun Control: Obama Misses the Target Again!

Commentary by Monomakh

It’s old news now in this, the final year of the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, that the Obama Administration most often misses the target on, frankly, just about everything.  And when this administration doesn’t miss the target it has a history of only putting forth a half-ass effort!  “Incompetent” doesn’t even begin to describe the current administration. The latest fiasco comes today with President Obama’s revelation of new gun control regulations via his now infamous Imperial Edicts otherwise known as Executive Orders.  In his newest order the president today will beef up gun rules (notice rules, not laws).  The POTUS does NOT have the power to dictate law.  Only Congress does! That said some of what the president plans to announce today has been “leaked” by none other than the White House itself and other details have been released in a phone conference call yesterday with reporters.  So what do we know thus far about the forthcoming EO?

Reportedly, the newest EO is aimed at cracking down on gun shows and expands the definition of “gun dealer.”  It also includes people selling guns online.  If such persons accept credit cards and conduct regular business selling firearms then they will be considered “dealers” and will have to get a federal firearms dealer license which are not cheap.  They will also have to begin running background checks on purchasers.  Frankly, I agree with this EO as I do think people selling guns at gun shows and online should be licensed and conduct background checks on purchasers.

Reportedly, the newest EO will also allow physicians to report patients to the FBI who are mentally ill and who pose a danger to themselves or others and, thus, prohibit them from purchasing firearms.  I agree with this EO as well as I do not think people with severe mental issues should have guns.  The EO also would prohibit people on Social Security Disability who have payees from purchasing guns.  These are people who are unable to handle their own money or affairs.  Again, I agree with this EO.

So, while I agree with most of the President’s anticipated actions I do, however, believe he’s missed the target!  Let me explain…..

These measures are aimed at law-abiding citizens in many ways while the target that is being missed are the criminals with guns.  It’s not law-abiding citizens who pose the greatest threat IMO.  It’s people who commit crimes using guns!  But the executive orders apparently ignore this group altogether!  The POTUS can’t dictate law so Obama would have to go to Congress to get new laws passed regarding guns.  Yet, this administration doesn’t seem to be doing that.  How about stiffer penalties for people who commit crimes with guns?  How about passing a law that says that if you commit a crime with a gun you are going to be sentenced to a minimum of 20 years in prison? And while we’re at it we can enact a law that stipulates that if you kill someone with a gun intentionally you are going to be sentenced to a life sentence with no chance of parole or early release!

My point is this….I think enacting stiffer laws relating to the use of guns in crimes is the solution NOT penalizing people who aren’t using them to commit crimes.  But Obama’s executive orders don’t target that group at all and instead go after those not committing gun crimes.  That’s what I call missing the target.  IF the Obama Administration REALLY wanted to do something about gun violence then they could pursue enacting tougher gun laws via Congress.  Frankly, what Obama’s executive orders do is put a band-aid on the whole thing!

And what about assault weapons?  Sales of these weapons have been halted by prior administrations yet Obama hasn’t done that.  People do not need military style assault weapons such as AR15s or AK47s.  These weapons were designed for soldiers not civilians.  Frankly, I think both the sale of and possession of these weapons should be outlawed.  But, again, Obama’s executive orders do not address this.

Bottomline from what I can see thus far is once again the Obama Administration is making a half-ass effort!  And that has been the typical M.O. of this administration.  Everything has been half-assed!  Gun violence isn’t going to stop even if all guns are outlawed!  The only thing that is going to have any real effect is to toughen up laws pertaining to crimes committed with guns.  This will serve as a deterrent and people might think twice about reaching for that gun before they commit a crime with it.

One last thing.  We already have an over abundance of laws in this little Nazi America so why don’t we enforce the laws already on the books?  This administration doesn’t seem to want to do that either, frankly.  In short, this is all just one more farce designed to appear this administration is doing something when in actuality they are doing NOTHING!


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