Obama’s Gun Grab…with tears???

President Obama made it official today via Executive Orders tightening gun rules in the US. Under the new rules your doctor can report to the FBI that you are mentally ill and you won’t be able to buy or possess a gun. I’d fire my doctor after that and tell the entire world what a shitty physician they are! Those on Social Security Disability with payees are also now band from purchasing guns and if you sell guns at a gun show and take credit cards and/or do so for a living you are now considered a gun dealer and must get a federal firearms license which takes aeons and costs you up the ass!

Obama has taken some lessons from former House Speaker John Boehner apparently as during today’s announcement he became tearful….on que. Please! What is with American MALE leaders crying like babes? I thought leaders were suppose to be STRONG not sissies! What in the hell has this nation come too anyhow?

Obama said guns are killing our children. Say what? Sorry Mr President but guns aren’t killing anyone. PEOPLE are killing PEOPLE and in most of the gun violence we see our CHILDREN are killing CHILDREN!! Guns are inanimate objects which require a HUMAN to pick them up, load them, and pull the trigger. Take a look at the gun violence in this nation. Many of the mass shootings in this country have been carried out by young WHITE males from middle class families or upper middle class families. Most are of high school age or college age. Most have spent a lot of time playing violent video games and/or watching violent movies in which the first choice is to always grab the gun and take care of things. But, grabbing the gun ought to be the LAST choice not the first!

Fact is Barack Obama and any other politician can enact all of the laws and rules and executive orders they want and it really isn’t going to do a whole lot to curb gun violence in this country. That’s because gun violence is not the cause. It’s a SYMPTOM! A symptom that something is deeply WRONG in America and, specifically, with American YOUTH although this does not make older Americans immune. For decades now we’ve watched our youth play violent video games and watch slasher movies to no end. All the while Hollywood has said that if a youth goes out and kills someone it’s not their fault EVEN though they are the ones producing the movies. Fact is they ARE partially at fault period!! There’s an old theory in Sociology. Present an idea to anyone long enough and they will eventually begin to see that idea as being an option for them. And THAT is what has happened in this nation to our youth!! The idea of gunning people down has been presented to them numerous times in video games and movies to the extent that now gunning someone down IS an option for them in their minds. Remember James Holmes who shot up the theater in Colorado not so long ago? He said it was like watching a video game. What that tells me is that Holmes was unable to distinguish reality from non-reality prior to and during his killing spree. And what does that mean? SCHIZOPHRENIA!  Schizophrenics cannot distinguish reality from non-reality. I have no doubt that Holmes is mentally ill as is MUCH of our youth today all across this nation.

In fact, guns don’t kill people. Not only do we have youth killing youth and other people but we also now have trigger-happy cops killing people! What happened to the days when cops shot to wound first? Now they jump right to their guns with intent to kill. Like I said….mentally ill. Carrying a badge does NOT make one immune from mental illness or from being a sociopath or even a psychopath.

Once again we see American leaders addressing the symptom and not the cause. That has now become beyond typical for this nation. We must have learned that from our medical people because that’s what most of them do. They address symptoms not the cause of the illness! I have news for you. You can treat symptoms until Hell freezes over and NOTHING will really change until you begin to treat and alleviate the CAUSE!! And so when it comes to gun violence and mass killings in America Obama’s actions today only treat symptoms but ignore the CAUSE.

We’ve got a real SERIOUS PROBLEM in this nation and it is not guns. IT’S PEOPLE! People on the verge of psychopathy or well into it already! Until we start addressing the fact that we have been, and still are, brainwashing (conditioning) our youth into the notion that grabbing a gun is the answer to any and all that ails them no law or no rule is going to change anything when it comes to gun violence period!! Gun violence is the SYMPTOM. The CAUSE is to be found in PEOPLE.

America is today not only a LOST nation but a LOST SOCIETY. Let’s face it. We’ve got Sodom and Gomorrah beat by 10 miles! In fact, we do and approve of things in this nation and society that likely those two EVIL cities couldn’t even think of. America’s got a real problem and that problem has been allowed to fester for so long that it now runs DEEP in American society. We’ve thrown out our traditional and historical values and morals and replaced them with NO morals and NO values…..other than money and our beloved dust collectors that is.

What sad times we live in. America is a nation and a society in GROSS DECLINE and that decline is coming from WITHIN not from the outside. We are a nation and people who have lost our way and who are now directionless! We have traded the moral for the immoral and we’ve succeeded at turning right into wrong and wrong into right. Until we begin to address our immorality in this society NOTHING is really going to change other than things are going to continue to get worse. It’s time for Americans to wake up and get out of denial. Now I know. I can already hear many of you yelping, “but what can I do I’m only one person.” How about this for starters……….


That’s a good place to start because for the most part today what we’ve been teaching our youth is how to have NO respect for ANY life including HUMAN life!!

Finally, getting back to the crying politician routine…….good show but I’m NOT buying it. I expect my leaders to be STRONG and LEAD not run to and fro like sissies and wimps or like ball-bags! Good God! Can’t we have a REAL LEADER in this nation anymore instead of these wimpy politicians of late!! Enough of the fake crying already DC. Most of you are BAD, BAD ACTORS!!


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