Obama’s SOTU and Rev. Graham

President Barak Hussein Obama delivered his final SOTU address tonight which, as expected, was mostly about himself. What I find more interesting is Rev. Franklin Graham’s belief on the state of the union.

According to Rev. Graham, son of the infamous Rev Billy Graham, “Out nation is broken! It’s broken Morally, it’s broken Spiritually, it’s broken spiritually, and it’s broken racially.” I’d say AMEN to all of it!!

banana republic

Graham said he hopes Obama will “turn to God for wisdom and direction” as he spends his last 12 months leading America. He went on to say that the state of America CANNOT be fixed unless we repent of our sins individually and ask our nation to do the same.

Quoting from Psalm 33:12 which says, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,” Graham said he hopes Obama will turn to God for wisdom and direction. Of course the reverse of Psalm 23:12 is, “Damned is the nation whose God is NOT the Lord.” Personally to me it pretty much looks like Nazi Corporatist America is pretty much DAMNED!

Let’s face it. America has lost it’s moral compass. In fact we’ve lost our compass when it comes to just about everything. Greed is now the rule of the day and the almighty DOLLAR is the REAL god of America now! Most of us today go about screwing others and with NO remorse proving once and for all that most Americans are sociopaths. This nation started going down hill as soon as we started turning away from God and towards the all-mighty dollar! Today ANYTHING goes in America and what doesn’t go soon will I’m sure. We’ve succeeded in turning right into wrong and wrong into right. We’ve made up, down and down, up.

America is ALREADY in a state of decline and we see the evidence of this all around us. America is not simply falling as we are already FALLEN. And everyone on the planet seems to know it EXCEPT Americans!

We’ve already surpassed anything the ancient people of Sodom and Gomorrah could have ever imagined or hoped for.  We murder the unborn by the millions.  We have placed zero value on human life (unless it’s our own of course). We accept any and every thing no matter how SICK it is!  We put our faith in our stuff.  We spent more time thinking about our money (or lack thereof) and satisfying our pleasures (no matter what they are) than thinking about anything else including God and our fellow human beings.  We have now decided that lying, cheating, and even outright stealing are not only OK but necessary to get through life.  Corruption at both low and high levels is now the norm.  We only pray to God when we are in crisis (such as immediately after 9/11) OR when we want something because we have a mistaken idea that God is some sort of magical genie who surely will grant our every wish and desire.  We’ve decided our children are in our way so we stick them in their rooms in front of a computer so we can continue on with our own merry little lives (parental responsibility?  what’s that?).  When we see another human being in need that we don’t know be they begging or injured or dying we sill simply walk on by pretending not to notice.  When we hear about atrocities committed in other places we simply are happy it’s not us and, thus, prove beyond doubt that we have no real compassion for others.  We view life as mostly about the wonderful ME proving beyond any doubt that we are selfish and egotistical beyond imagination.  When it comes to our Republic and the BIG TROUBLE it’s in we simply use the old excuse that we are just one person that can do nothing which is a cop-out and excuse for doing NOTHING.  Basically we are a nation of spoiled rotten snots badly in need of a trip to the wood shed.  And I could go on and on but WHY BOTHER?!!

America is O-V-E-R!!  So wake the hell up and FACE the FACT!!  The America we live in today is NOT the America that our parents or grandparents grew up in!  In fact, it is a far-cry from the America they grew up in!  And, one last thing, THANK GOD THIS WAS OBAMA’S LAST SOTU as next year I won’t have to listen to him glorify himself.  Oh but wait………..I’m fairly sure Donald Trump is going to be the next POTUS and that means I’ll have to listen to that ego-maniac glorify himself for the next 4 years WTF?  His head is even bigger than Obama’s come to think of it. GOD HELP US ALL!!





3 responses to “Obama’s SOTU and Rev. Graham

    • They sure have and now that she’s won in a major way in South Carolina she’s likely to win really big on SUPER Tuesday. What a frickin RACKET!!

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