Hillary Clinton’s Email Problem Just Got a Lot BIGGER!

Former Secretary of State and now Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s email problems just got bigger! FOX NEWS is reporting that an Inspector General has come across Clinton emails while she was Sec of State that were ABOVE TOP SECRET!! She used her unsecured, “home brew” server to send the emails which contained info from the US government’s most secretive and highly classified programs which were given a SAP (Special Access Program) classification which is ABOVE TOP SECRET, according to Fox News. And it is NOT just one email. It is SEVERAL!!

Government info classified as SAP is considered more sensitive than Top Secret. Access to info classified as SAP is on a “need to know” basis only. To date about 1340 emails sent by Clinton designated as “Classified” have been found on her server. Clinton claims the info was not classified at the time.

According to one former Law Enforcement official with decades of experience investigating SAP violations the info is the “most sensitive of the sensitive” and there is no way that such info could not be recognized as having a SAP classification.

Former CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus was prosecuted for sharing SAP info with his biographer and mistress not to long ago. At the very heart of the investigation surrounding him was a government document he signed promising to protect SAP info. Hillary Clinton signed an IDENTICAL DOCUMENT agreeing to the same on 22 January 2009!

The findings of the IG may lead to prosecution of Clinton for gross negligence under the US Espionage Act. And since Petraeus was prosecuted for the same why shouldn’t Hillary Clinton be? No more free passes for this lady! The post this morning by Monomakh on this site clearly tells the Hillary Clinton story which is, frankly, one FAILURE after another! This woman should NOT ever be POTUS period!! IF she had any self-pride she would immediately end her campaign for POTUS and gracefully bow out of public life but she won’t I’m sure. Equal justice under the Law. Anyone remember that? If prosecution of Petraeus was good enough for him then Clinton needs to now be prosecuted for the same. By risking exposure of SAP info she jeopardized some of our nations most sensitive information. Her home grown server was NOT secure and why she was using it instead of the secure computers at the State Dept is unimaginable. Judging from the post by Monomakh earlier today Hillary Clinton is obviously incompetent and today’s revelation by Fox News makes her look even MORE incompetent. I hate to think of the damage this woman would do should she ever sit in the Oval Office.

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