Hillary Clinton is a Hypocrite!

commentary by Monomakh —
Rurik4I must admit that every time I see Hillary Clinton on TV I cringe! There’s just something about her that isn’t quite right. For one thing she seems distant and aloof, sort of unreachable or out of touch. I was relieved to read an editorial in the New York Post today that echoed my feelings making me feel I’m not alone. What really gets me about Hillary is her almost constant shouting and over gesturing that, frankly, makes me thinks she’s got a screw loose somewhere. I don’t know about you but that is NOT the kind of person I want to be POTUS and just to be fair let me say I have the same concerns about the GOP leader Donald Trump.

To top it off, Hillary seems to have some sort of memory problem or disconnect with reality and that concerns me more than anything else. For one thing she says that if elected she’ll make every effort to close tax loopholes for the rich BUT Hillary and her husband Slick Willy BOTH take advantage of those very loopholes. So when Hillary says something like this does she include herself and her husband and daughter? She’s trying to paint herself as just one of the good ole gals down on Main Street but the Clinton’s are far, far from that. In fact, the Clinton’s are part, a big part, of the Corporatist clan! So let’s face the truth about Hillary Clinton. She’s a HYPOCRITE! And not only that but she is a KNOWN LIAR!

Thinking back to the Benghazi Affair when she was Secretary of State we were expected to believe that the entire event that result in the murder of a sitting US Ambassador in Libya was due to some unknown YouTube video insulting the Muslim Prophet Mohammad. In fact, Ambassador Stevens murder was the direct result of yet another government sponsored gun running operation to Syria! You remember that first gun running operation don’t you? I’m talking about when the ATF was caught red-handed running guns across the border into Mexico and into the arms of the notorious Mexican drug cartels which resulted in the murder of Brian Terry an US Border Patrol agent. It was known as Operation Fast & Furious and no one went to jail over that little incident. In fact, no one was even fired over that incident. They were simply reassigned.

Getting back to Clinton, the Clinton clan has been taking advantage of using the tax dodging techniques via the Cayman Islands for a long, long time now just like many other rich people do. In fact this strategy is one of the favorite strategies for the rich who desire to avoid paying US taxes. The Clinton’s put their Chappaqua home into a residence trust back in 2010 and by doing so they’ve saved thousands of dollars in estate taxes. Slick! Slick Willie spent years in a financial relationship with former friend Ron Burkle’s investment fund known as Yucaipa Global which was registered in the Cayman Islands. Slick Willie and his wife made a slick $10 million dollars off the scheme at least!

Back in 2011 Slick Willie (and Hillary since she’s his wife) made almost 1/4 million dollars in speaking fees from Whiskey Productions speaking at events that targeted the “business community in Grand Cayman.” Their daughter, Chelsea, and husband, Marc Mezvinsky, is a partner in a hedge fund that has multiple holding in….you guessed it….the Cayman Islands.

So when Hillary says she’s going to close tax loopholes for the rich does that include herself, her husband Slick Willy, and her daughter and son-in-law? Not likely!

Scrolling down into the comments section in the NY Post editorial I noticed a comment made by Harry K which exposes the absolute truth about Hillary Clinton. Truth that I’m sure she was hoping none of voting America would remember. Here’s what Henry K points out………

Hillary Clinton is NOT to be trusted! When POTUS Slick Willy was in office he allowed Hillary to assume authority over health care reform yet she couldn’t even get a vote in a Democratic controlled Congress on any of her proposals for healthcare reform. Her fiasco costed American taxpayers an astounding $13 million with nothing delivered! What a total waste of taxpayer money!! All that money spent on studies, promotions, and other efforts and not a frickin thing to show for it. Would you trust this woman to manage your money? I would not!

Slick Willy then gave Hillary authority over finding a female US Attorney General and it took her 3 tries. First she recommended Zoe Baird and then Kimba Wood but both of these women ended up having to withdraw their names from consideration so on the third attempt Hillary chose the now famous and legendary Janet Reno. Yes, that same Janet Reno who as US Attorney General ordered the wholesale EXECUTION of the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX including men, women, and children all of whom were BURNED ALIVE by US federal law enforcement! Slick Willy has since described Hillary’s selection of Janet Reno as his “worst mistake” during his presidency. I guess he forgot about his LYING UNDER OATH to a federal grand jury?

As if all this FIASCO via HILLARY Clinton in charge wasn’t enough Slick Willy then allowed his wife to make recommendations for the head of the Civil Rights Commission! Lani Guanier was Hillary’s selection until after a little probing revealed Guanier’s radical views and her name had to be withdrawn from consideration.

Not wanting to give up on Hillary (or was it to keep her happy in hopes she’d be nice to him once his affair with Monica was revealed?) Slick Willy then allowed Hillary to make even more recommendations during his administration! Wild? I know! But, hey, the man had BIG SECRETS.

In those recommendations Hillary chose former law partners Web Hubbel for the DOJ, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William Kennedy of the US Treasury. Hubbel ended up in prison. Foster (allegedly) committed suicide! And Kennedy was forced to resign!

And then there was Travelgate! Hillary wanted to award unfettered travel contracts of Clinton friend Harry Thompson but the White House Travel Office refused to comply. The result? She had the people in the office reported to the FBI and fired!!

As Harry K puts it, “Still not convinced of her ineptness….” (now, now Harry K remember Slick Willy had some BIG secrets to hide from Hillary) Hillary was allowed to recommend close friend Craig Livingstone as Director of WH Security. Livingstone was investigated for improperly accessing an astounding 900 FBI files of “Clinton enemies” (known as Filegate) and for the wide-spread DRUG USE OF WHITE HOUSE STAFF! Drug use in the WH? No wonder everything is so FRICKED UP!! These drug addicts are leading our nation? Upon investigation miraculously both Slick Willy and Hillary denied even knowing Livingstone!! WTF??? And as Harry K points out in his comments they both denied any knowledge whatsoever of WH drug use….WIDESPREAD. Excuse me but they worked with these people DAILY. How could they not know? Oh and btw after this little incident the FBI closed it’s liaison office in the WH after more than 30 years. Guess they didn’t want to be associated with KNOWN DRUG ADDICTS IN HIGH PLACES?

And then came Slick Willie’s day in the sun! Monica Lewensky! Allegations began being made of Bill sexually harassing and even raping women! Hillary was put in charge of the affair to do damage control. She urged Bill NOT to settle with Paula Jones in a lawsuit but after an investigation they did settle with her.

Hillary refused to release documents pertaining to the Whitewater Affair which led to the appointment of a Special Prosecutor named Ken Starr. He spent an astounding $80 million in taxpayer money investigating Hillary and it was his investigation that led to Monica Lewinsky! And that exposure led to Slick Willy LYING about and then turning around and admitting to his affairs! Hillary’s strategy and “damage control” led to Bill’s losing his law practice license for LYING UNDER OATH to a Grand Jury! He was then IMPEACHED by the US House of Representatives!! Thank you Hillary Clinton!!

During the Starr Investigation Hillary herself avoided prosecution for perjury (LYING) and obstruction of justice by repeatedly answering questions with “I don’t recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know.” In fact when questioned about anything Hillary amazingly appeared not to know or recall anything about anything including the time of day! She used these waterless excuses a total of 56 times according to Harry K. while under oath. Oh and let us not forget Slick Willy’s ploy…..”Can you define the term is?”. WTF? Hey Slick Willy can you now define the term “DUMBASS”?

And then along came the day for Slick and Hillary to move out of the White House but they weren’t about to go empty-handed. They took property belonging to the federal government with them to the tune of $200,000 dollars! Did they think no one would notice? It included furniture, china, and artwork. STOLEN PROPERTY for which they were never prosecuted but simply allowed to return the items.

And now comes the Hillary emails during her tenure as Secretary of State that the FBI are investigating. Apparently, she had a “you gots to pay to play” strategy going on via the Clinton Foundation according to Harry K. Just the latest FIASCO in the life of HILLARY CLINTON. Why on earth would anyone want this woman to be POTUS. Oh and here’s something else you need to be made aware of…………….

Hillary has spouted off about Women’s Rights but apparently Hillary pays women working in her campaign LESS than she pays the men working in her campaign according to the NY Post article. Can you say HYPOCRISY?

God help us all if this woman ever becomes POTUS! But, hey, she fits right in with the rest of the CORRUPT DRUG ADDICTED leaders in Washington DC!! Let’s face it. Our nation is O-V-E-R no matter what!!



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