One comment on “Hillary’s Emails: Russia, Iran, China likely read them!!

  1. What this comes down to is a matter of credibility and accountability. As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has proven beyond any doubt that she is not credible and not accountable. For anyone in government to put highly classified material in emails is a sure sign of gross incompetence and/or ignorance.

    As you’ve said Monomakh, Hillary Clinton has already broken the trust of the American People. What kind of incompetence would she display if she were POTUS? I hate to even think about it.

    There is a gross disconnect between career politicians like the Clintons and the American people. This goes far, far beyond party lines. Hillary Clinton is truly out of touch with the American people who are tired and fed up with career politicians who represent NOT the American people but their own interests and those of Corporate America, their contributors. We want people in government who will represent us and carry out the WILL of We The People, period! Hillary Clinton obviously doesn’t understand that at all.

    Gen. Petreaus was charged with high crimes for exposing highly classified government secrets to his biographer. He was indicted, prosecuted, and found guilty. Why not Hillary Clinton? Exposing highly classified secrets to our enemies is something not to be taken lightly. She MUST be brought to justice and the American People should DEMAND such!


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