And the 2016 “Election” Continues………blah, blah, blah

So loud mouthed Trump and hysterical Clinton appear to be the frontrunners thus far and it’s looking more and more like they will indeed be the nominees for their respective parties. And once again we will find that America really has NO CHOICE as has been the case in past “elections” (read RACKET).

Trump has surprised everyone by getting as far as he has but I’m sure that if the TRUTH were known everything is going just as planned. Trump is an obvious corporatist and the poster boy for the 1%. This man eats out of a silver spoon and if you happen to be one of the working poor and you actually think he’s going to help you improve your lot….THINK AGAIN! Once in office, if elected, he will do everything for Corporate America and nothing for YOU. The man is a genius, however, or an excellent ACTOR as he does in fact have many supporters who are among the working poor who do think he’s actually going to lend them a hand as POTUS. That in itself is laughable IMO. He has a vested interest in Wall Street and the global Corporatist economy. How do you think he’s made so much dough?

And then there is Hilarious Clinton. I don’t know about you but this woman’s voice sends me up the wall. Can she actually talk or just yell all of the time? Hey, BTW, have you noticed the whole Benghazi Affair which got a sitting US Ambassador slaughtered in cold blood while she was Secretary of State has disappeared? Yeah it’s been nicely swept under that old dusty and moldy carpet. And her email problems as Sec of State? Why all that too is in process of being swept under that same only nasty carpet! Get a frickin clue America!!

Of course IF you are one of the FEW Americans who know what’s going on then you well know this election (as all others since JFK) is FIXED. The “corporate powers that be” have it all figured out and thus far it’s all working out perfectly. I predict Hillarious Clinton will be the next POTUS as bad as I don’t want her to be but, let’s face it, Trump is a bit too extreme for most even the “corporatist powers that be ” I suspect. Oh, of course, it will be a “close” election but in the end Hillarious will be sitting in the Oval Office. And then I can see her everyday on TV and the Internet as her screeching voice REALLY drives me up the wall. Oh boy!!

Getting back to Trump this man seems to know know limits to who he insults and alienates. In fact, he’s alienated almost everyone including his latest ACT of alienating the MSM, saying if elected he will make it easier for people to sue the press. Oh yeah, that’s how you score points Donald. But here’s the BEST response I’ve heard yet regarding Trump……….

A few days ago I read on Real Clear Politics that former Mexican el Presidente Vicente Fox said in and interview that Mexico is not going to pay for, and I quote, “his f*cking wall.” VIVA LA FOX!! It’s about time someone stand up to “the Donald.” Fox said that Trump can pay for the wall since he’s got so much money. LMAO. Someday Trump is going to find out that the whole world is NOT going to cater to him.

So America here we go again. A rigged election with two people who should NEVER be POTUS. What a JOKE! Hell, I’d rather have Obama for 4 more years. Oh and get this….the GOP is considering having Mitt Romney enter the race. WTF? Romney? Seriously? He’s worse than Clinton or Trump IMO.

So I’d advise all of you to go out and purchase some really good (high price end) ear plugs because once Hillarious is elected president we are all going to need them. Obviously, she can’t just talk. She YELLS! And her hubbie? I’m sure he’ll have more “encounters” in the White House just like when he was POTUS. Hey I’ve got an idea….why don’t we just change the name to the WHORE HOUSE? And while we’re at it we can change the name of that building where those 535 do-nothings dwell and call it DUNG HILL. No more PC!! Let’s call the bullshit….BULLSHIT America!!


China: Male Teachers Wanted to Make Boys Men!!

China wants more male teachers in the classroom to make their boys into men. Chinese officials are concerned that the lack of male teachers has produced a generation of timid, self centered, effeminate boys. They want to reinforce traditional gender roles and values in the classroom and teach boys how to be masculine. You’ll find the full article at the link below.

Well China all I can say is look at America! We’ve been turning our boys into effeminate, selfish, and timid metrosexuals for decades now and, in fact, we’ve completely thrown out masculinity altogether! That’s one big reason why our nation is in the position it’s in today. We’ve become not only a FAILED STATE but a FAILED SOCIETY! Oh but wait… already know that don’t you China?  I guess China doesn’t want to be a nation of sissies like America.  Hmmm….odd that they wouldn’t want to be just like us…………NOT!


Immigration Laws TRASHED…..again!!

Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives In yet another stroke of genius with the goal being the destruction of our nation and society the Obama Administration has made yet another not-so-brilliant decision regarding illegal immigration.

US Border Agents have been instructed to release detained illegal immigrants and to NO LONGER order them to appear at a deportation hearing! Essentially, that gives all detained and released illegals a free pass to stay in the US indefinitely. This information came during testimony before the House Judiciary Committee’s Immigration subcommittee and was given by US Agent Brandon Judd who is also President of the National Border Patrol Council.

“We might as well abolish our immigration laws altogether,” Judd told the Subcommittee. He went on to say that the Border Patrol agents have been ordered to stand down and that the new Obama directive includes a directive stipulating that no released illegal is to be tracked by ICE.

Judd told the subcommittee that the new Obama directive is the result of the administration “embarrassment” that just over half of those illegals ordered to appear at a future deportation hearing after their release actually bother to show up at such hearing. Judd said this has resulted in extreme embarrassment for the Dept of Homeland Security which we might as well change to the Dept of Homeland IN-security! DHS, however, countered Judd’s testimony saying that the government continues to be strict on border security.

So basically what is happening here is that illegals are being arrested, detained, then released but not tracked which in effect gives them a “notice to disappear” as Judd told the subcommittee. Just what the hell kind of border security is this? Let’s face the truth here. THERE IS NO BORDER SECURITY! So why don’t we just defund ICE and the Border Patrol and save a bunch of taxpayer money. And while we’re at it why don’t we defund DHS which seems inept to do their job and has ever since its creation! I frankly don’t see why we should be spending money funding a bunch of government agencies that FAIL to do their job so why have them?

Of course this new policy applies to illegals who enter our country illegally but have no criminal history, you’ll note it says in the article linked below. WTF? Wait a minute!!!

These people enter our country ILLEGALLY and up until they cross the border they may have no criminal record BUT once they cross our border they BREAK THE LAW and HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD! So ABSOLUTELY EVERY ILLEGAL HAS A CRIMINAL RECORD if for no other reason than they entered the US illegally! Just who do these Obama hacks think they are fooling?

Another concern is that some of those entering the US illegally are “foot soldiers” for Mexican gangs such as MS13 and the notorious Mexican drug cartels.  And need I mention AGAIN all those discarded para-military uniforms with Arabic insignia on them that the border agents find FREQUENTLY?  And DHS is “concerned” about “domestic terrorism”?  Hell they’d better get concerned about WHO IS COMING INTO OUR COUNTRY!!  Obviously the REAL PROBLEM is that our government either cannot protect our borders OR has NO DESIRE to do so!  The American people should be OUTRAGED over all this especially since the FACT is it’s been going on since 9/11 2001.  What in the HELL IS WRONG WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE??????  Have we become a total nation of IDIOTS? MORONS?  Anyone who has ever taken a class in CIVICS knows that our government is supposed to be composed of PUBLIC SERVANTS not overlords and kings!  WE THE PEOPLE are the boss!  It’s time to start recalling and impeaching these entrenched career politicians and their agendas.  We all sit here thinking about how ignorant Chancellor Merkel of Germany is for letting millions of illegals from Syria into Germany yet we need to look at our OWN COUNTRY which is acting just as ignorant or more so!

What should scare the hell out of YOU is that we DON’T know WHO is coming into our country because we’ve strapped the US Border Patrol and made it impossible for them to do their jobs!!  That’s NOT national security.  That’s national IN-security and is beyond MORONIC!  Not to mention such policies are also DANGEROUS to US, all of US!

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