America: A Time for Decision

Sometimes I like to just kick back and watch it all unravel without commentary. Just simply observing the fools and the foolish as they feel their way through the darkness of their own creation. That’s what I’ve been doing of late and I’ve had some deep thoughts about where this country is and where we seem to be going. Let me explain………..

banana republicThere comes a time in every society and every nation when a people’s must choose. Some call it a “crossroad” but I like to call it “A Time of Decision.” America is now in such a time. We are at a crossroad. We are at a time of decision. Here’s what I mean………

Regarding the upcoming 2016 Presidential race on one hand we have a man who is doing nothing short of playing on people’s fears, biases, and hatreds. He’s playing on our emotions and with grand results. That’s why this candidate has gotten further than anyone thought he would and that’s why he is now the leading candidate for the GOP and appears to have the nomination securely in hand. But is this the kind of person we want to lead our nation, our people?

True leaders and great leaders all have had one thing in common throughout the course of human history. That is, they have all sought to UNITE their people. That’s what truly great leaders do. They seek to unite their people not divide them. But, Trump is not attempting to unite the American people save for a selected group. Instead what he is actually doing is fostering DIVISION and that is a very BAD path for this nation to be on or follow. America is already riddled with division along every line from race to religion to gender to economics. Do we really need or want any more division? That is a question every one of us must now ask ourselves because the future of our nation and our people depends on our answer.  If we make the choice of division then we all must prepare ourselves for the end of America and the end to We The People because that road will only lead to our destruction.  This is something every American needs to seriously think about because on the road of division the end result is that our children and grandchildren have NO FUTURE… least not one that we would like to think of or have had ourselves.

On the other end we have Hillary Clinton.  I don’t like her.  Never have.  Her voice makes me cringe!  I don’t agree with a lot of her ideas either.  I see her as a Corporatist who is attempting to sit in the Oval Office so she can make all things nice for her corporate backers.  But, then again, Trump is a corporatist too.  I hope you seriously don’t believe he’s for all of us “little guys and gals.”  He’s not!  Both candidates have more pesos than any of us will every accumulate in our lifetimes combined.  Neither one comes from Main Street.  Both come from that Golden Street where they’ve been fed with silver spoons owned by the Fascist corporatist!

I’m 99.9% certain that the election in November is going to come down to Trump and Clinton and when that time comes I’ll have to go for Clinton in an effort of choosing the less of two evils, sadly.  Why?  Because I think Clinton is not bent on division of our people like Trump is and I see Trump as a loose cannon while Clinton is likely more receptive to the will of the voters.  I don’t like either one but if it comes down to these two I’ll have no choice but to go for Clinton.  Trump will bring this nation to disaster, at least, for all of us poor working folks living down on Main Street.

The candidate I’ve been supporting is Senator Bernie Sanders but in terms of delegates Clinton is far ahead of him so it looks like he is not going to be the nominee, unfortunately.  I agree with almost everything he says, not all but most, and I think he’d be a dynamic President who would actually return power to We The People to a large degree. But, there’s that old scary word associated with him….”Socialist”……and that drums up visions of Stalin and the USSR in America’s head even still after the end of the Cold War.  Fact is Sanders is a Democratic Socialist who believes in DEMOCRACY not dictatorship.  I’m not so sure I can say the same about the other two candidates because I see them as Fascists and history shows that Fascists love dictatorships.

And so here we are.  At the point of decision.  And very soon we will vote and put Trump or Clinton into the White House.  Do we make the choice of bigotry, hatred, and anger?  Or do we make the choice that is more mellow?  Will we decide to engage in the “blame game” blaming illegal immigrants for our nations woes and getting into a war with Mexico over some stupid, stupid wall?  Or do we make the other choice of forgetting the whole wall thingy and, perhaps, realize that illegals are NOT the source of our woes but the Fascist corporatist sure as hell are!

I find it ironic that all of these company owners and rich people who are so against illegal immigration are the SAME PEOPLE who HIRE illegal immigrants to do their landscaping, fix their limos, and do their laundry!  That just truly astounds me in terms of their HYPOCRISY.  They want to blame the illegals YET they are the very people who give them jobs!  The ignorance and hypocrisy in this nation is blinding!

I don’t know what our decision is going to be come November.  Trump says if he doesn’t get the nomination there will be riots in the streets.  Hey….haven’t we heard that line before?  Why we sure have!  It was back when the corporate bailouts (aka:  the Sacking of the US Treasury) happened and when they threatened Congress that if the bailouts weren’t passed there would be riots in the streets of America the very next day.  Hmmm…seems Trump is using the same line.  Wonder how much stock he owns in Goldman Sachs or AIG……just askin’.

Frankly, I don’t trust Trump at all and I don’t trust Clinton all that much either.  I think either one is going to just screw this country up even more.  But, like I said, I guess it’s going to come down to choosing the lesser of two evils. Trump the Corporatist or Clinton the Corporatist.  What a hell of a choice!  So I’m sitting back just watching it all and having some deep thoughts about the whole charade.  Sometimes it’s all rather comical but most of the time it’s frightening as hell.  Frightening because I see our country, our people sinking ever-deeper into an abyss of darkness from which very soon there will be NO ESCAPE.  What sad, sad days we live in America.  What sad, sad days…..





AZ Sheriff and Border Patrol; Wide Open Border!

Pinal County Arizona Sheriff says that the Obama admin has handcuffed the US Border Patrol and lied to the American people. He was joined a few days ago by members of the National Border Patrol Council in denouncing the Obama administrations apparent policy of open borders.

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu

It’s a well known FACT now that Obama has been bypassing Congress ever-searching for those backdoors in order to keep the US Border Patrol from enforcing US immigration laws. His favorite “tool” is the infamous Executive Orders which he seems to use as if they are Imperial Edicts. Effectively what Obama has done is grant all illegals amnesty and handcuffed the Border Patrol so they can’t do their job as mandated by US law. Border agents who complain say they’ve been told if they don’t like the policies then QUIT!

Sheriff Paul Babeu in Arizona said high traffic smuggling rousts are INTENTIONALLY understaffed due to Obama’s policies. In the first 4 months of this year Babeu said illegal immigration has gone up by as much as 25% and that there has been a 102% increase in illegal immigration by juveniles. This despite the fact that Federal officials claim illegal immigration is at an all time low. Obviously it is not and there are still hundreds of thousands of juveniles crossing the US-Mexico border.

Illegals from Latin America are not the only concern. Babeu and Border Patrol reps also expressed concern about Muslim terrorists illegally entering the US via Mexico. US Border agents routinely find discarded para-military uniforms along the border marked with Arabic writing.

During the press conference officials in Arizona said Obama has manipulated the data, assigns officers to LOW traffic areas rather than high traffic areas, and has tried to quite dissent by calling those who question the presidents policies “misinformed” yet the Obama admin offers no evidence to support their claims. In short, the Obama Admin is LYING to the American public!

In other matters related to the border and illegal immigration Ranchers from along the border gathered to express Illegal Immigrants Flooding US Facilities Claiming ‘Credible Fear’ for Lives concern about the influx of illegals immigration and smuggling along the border. “We got problems here,” the said. Border patrolmen, area sheriffs, and representatives from the National Guard and US Army were also present at this gathering of several hundred ranchers. In fact, over 600 showed up in a town that only has a population of 237!

Recently, one ranch hand was kidnapped by drug runners along the border. He was beaten up and driven to Arizona in his own vehicle which the smugglers loaded with drugs. Border ranchers have long been concerned about smugglers and illegal immigrants crossing their ranch lands and their concerns are growing as smugglers are becoming more and more aggressive towards them.

Rancher Robert Krentz of Arizona was murdered by smugglers in Arizona back in 2010 and his killing is STILL unsolved. He was found shot dead on his ranch near the US-Mexico border. Ranchers and area residents all along the border continue to say that the US-Mexico border is NOT SECURE at all and, in fact, is more like there is no border at all. Border Patrol officers and area police have said the same thing. Yet, the Obama administration maintains that the border is secure and illegal immigration is at an all time low!

Ranchers and residents along the border along with law enforcement say that the border is NOT SAFE and it isn’t. In fact, large sections of US land have been closed off to the public as drug smuggling and human trafficking is so out of control that these criminals basically now control those lands. One example is Organ Pipe National Monument in southern Arizona which is effectively closed due to smuggling problems. In some areas police no longer even patrol the area as it is too unsafe! Of course you can still enter at your own risk and the Federal government has put up signs warning visitors of this. That’s their idea of “secure borders”????

The ranchers, military, and police officials gathered at the news conference said all along the US-Mexico border there are growing problems and the Obama administration is trying to hide the facts.

National Guard Brig General Andrew Salas said people along the border have grave concerns for themselves and their communities and that the National Guard is ready to help. Really General Salas? PROBLEM is Obama WON’T let you do anything either!!

Of course I’m still trying to figure out why George Bush 2 didn’t move quickly to secure the US-Mexico border immediately after 9/11. Why did he not order the US Army and National Guard to the border after that TERRORIST attack? He, like Obama, ignored the elephant in the room. Fact is the drug and human smugglers from California to Arizona to New Mexico to Texas are becoming more sophisticated and brave. They are already killing Americans on the US side of the border and police are finding more and more decapitated human heads out in the middle of nowhere which are obviously the actions of illegal drug smugglers just like in Mexico! Further, the Mexican drug cartels have ALREADY entrenched themselves in the US southwest and are operating just as they do in Mexico!

This is why I laugh when I hear Obama talk about national security. Along the US-Mexico border there is NO NATIONAL SECURITY at all. This issue is now coming to a head and the border problem is not getting better but WORSE.


Message from border: ‘We got problems here’

Mexico to Trump….No FRICKIN’ Way!!


Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto

Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto

A couple of weeks ago former Mexican el presidente Vicente Fox stated during an interview that Mexico is not going to pay for Trump’s “f*cking wall” and went on to suggest Trump himself pay for it since he has so much money. Fox was referring to GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s assertion that a wall should be built between Mexico and the US and Mexico be made to pay for it.

And just went Trump thought the world had forgotten the issue yesterday sitting Mexican el presidente Enrique Pena Nieto echoed Fox’s comment staying that Mexico has no intention to pay for Trump’s Wall. But Pena Nieto went even further than Fox.

Pena Nieto compared Trump’s rhetoric to that of former WW2 dictators and FASCISTS Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler! He also said electing Trump to the US presidency would hurt US-Mexico relations. Several other nations including allies have recently expressed concerns over Trump possibly being elected and have warned that his election will hurt US relations with those nations also.

The Mexican president said that Trump seems to have the idea that he can use simple solutions to solve complex problems and noted such approaches have led to “very fateful scenes in the history of humanity.” He continued saying, “That’s the way Mussolini arrived and the way Hitler arrived.” I might note that both of these WW2 dictators used the same approach and it all sounded good on the surface but ended up in a devastating world war in which millions lost their lives. Trump says he’s a “unifier” but to me he appears to be a divider. Hitler and Mussolini considered themselves unifiers as well but they most certainly were not.

President Pena Nieto said during the interview that there is NO WAY in which Mexico would pay for Trump’s Wall. He added that he would hope that cooler heads would prevail. It must be noted that walls are not only built to keep people out BUT WALLS ARE ALSO BUILT TO KEEP PEOPLE IN! Wake up America!!!

Trump has gotten further than most thought he would in his campaign. However, IMO he’s playing on people’s frustrations and he’s creating bigger divisions rather than attempting to unify the American people. He is a very divisive figure. Does this nation really need anymore division??? A REAL LEADER would be trying to unify people not divide them. That’s what real and GREAT leaders do.

Further, Trump is trying to paint a picture that he is not a Corporatist but, in fact, he is IMO. He’s playing a con-game and thus far it’s gotten him a lot of support. IF elected to the presidency I strongly suspect America will quickly see Trump’s true colors and those true colors are the colors of Corporatism NOT Main Street America!