America’s Corruption…..EXPOSED!!

FINALLY, the whole world is beginning to see firsthand just how things in our political system operate! The world is beginning to see that all of this horse-crap about how you vote matters really does not and that now seems especially true of the Republican GOP (Gredy Old Party). In reviewing the headlines today on The Drudge Report I was shocked (no not really). Seems the GOP had been busy making “DEALS” in those old smoke-filled backrooms ensuring that even though Donald Trump has the majority of delegates he WON’T be their nominee for POTUS. Ted Cruz seems to be the party favorite and the powers that be within the GOP seem intent on making sure he IS the nominee and NOT the Donald even though We The People have cast the majority of our primary votes for Trump.

banana republic

Now let me make one thing clear. I’m not a Republican. I don’t like Donald Trump. I think Trump would be a disaster as POTUS. HOWEVER……I agree with what Trump said today about the political system in this country being CORRUPT and it’s time for CHANGE!

Trump said today that the GOP is “disenfranchising” voters with “crooked shenanigans” as Ted Cruz picks up delegates EVEN in states where TRUMP has won more votes! How the hell is that? It’s simple. It’s called BACKROOM DEALS and outright corruption! For example, Trump won more votes in Louisiana yet Cruz is emerging with more delegates than Trump. Trump said that the GOP is working to make certain he is not their nominee and that in fact DOES seem to be the case. He cited Louisiana as a prime example of a “corrupt system” saying, “It’s not right. We are SUPPOSED to be a democracy” making his comments in Rochester, NY.

In Colorado basically its come down to the GOP telling voters that they are NOT NEEDED which PROVES the votes of We The People DO NOT MATTER!

If you think this large-scale corruption exists only within the GOP you couldn’t be more WRONG. It also exists in the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton had an “establishment” victory in Wyoming even though she LOST to Bernie Sanders! WTF?

The FACT is this…..this nation is riddled with high level corruption beyond imagination and has been for a long, long time now. We have a CONSTITUTION but apparently our government and political party officials just think of it as a piece of ass-wipe that really doesn’t mean anything! What needs to happen is that ALL of these CORRUPT government and party officials need to be put in a prison somewhere for their remainder of their lives but that will never happen as long as they continue to run things. This nation is NOT A DEMOCRACY anymore, period! This nation is a corrupt CORPORATIST state!!

The GOP has decided they don’t want Trump as their nominee and the Dems have decided they don’t want Sanders as their nominee and what the voters want is NO LONG CONSIDERED. They want this election to be Clinton and Cruz and the “establishment” within each party is going to make sure that is what turns out to be so. And to hell with the American voters and the will of the people!

So what does this all come down too? We are no longer living in a Constitutional Republic. What America now is, is a CORPORATIST DICTATORSHIP! Things are controlled by the leaders of the TWO (what a frickin JOKE) political parties and Wall Street, the 1% and THEIR WILL is IMPOSED on We the People who are the 99%!! There’s no way you can call that a democracy or republic!!

One thing good coming out of all this is that TRUMP is making these corrupt party elites show their true colors for the entire planet to see and it’s about time the world see the TRUTH about our so-called Republic. Of course, MOST of the world figured that out a long, long time ago and the ONLY ones on the planet living in denial are AMERICANS. It’s time to face the TRUTH, bring these corrupt government and party “elites” to JUSTICE and CHANGE THE SYSTEM so that the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is heard once again LOUD AND CLEAR.



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