Scientists Begin to Unlock When Human Conception Begins

According to new research life begins with a bright flash when sperm meets an egg not only in humans but also in other animals. For the first time researchers have captured this astonishing firework on camera. They have seen this phenomena before in other animals but never in humans. Additionally, the size of the flash can be used to determine the quality of a fertilized egg. The research is being conducted at Northwestern University in Chicago.

Apparently, the brighter the egg “burns” the healthier it is and the more likely it is to produce a healthier offspring. Researchers first saw such a flash in mouse eggs five years ago. The flash is known as a “zinc spark” and it occurs when sperm enters an egg. Zinc is then released from the egg and a light is emitted that can now be seen by researchers in humans. Over the past 6 years researchers have shown repeatedly that zinc controls the decision to grow and change into a completely new genetic organism.

This is fascinating as it shows that life truly begins with a BANG!

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