SHOCK!! Over half Americans Believe System is RIGGED….and it is!

A new poll suggests that 51% of those participating believe that the American presidential primary system is rigged. This is apparently a shock to the Fascist Corporatist who live somewhere out there is LALA land but is not to the average American living down on Main Street.  Of course the system is rigged!  We like to THINK we live in a democracy but in fact we don’t.  What we actually live in is a TWO party system in which the party bigwigs control anything and everything during elections and thereafter.  My question has always been “why only two parties?”.  Answer…because the system IS rigged and is nothing short of a JOKE!  The fact that Clinton and Trump are now obviously the nominees proves it’s a JOKE!  America can’t do any better that these two CLOWNS?  WTF?

Trump is a loud mouthed bigot bent on dividing the people of this nation like never before.  And Clinton?  Well I see her little Benghazi Affair that got a sitting US Ambassador (Chris Stevens) killed during her tenure as Sec of State has now all been nicely swept under that stinky old carpet AND her little problem with putting TOP SECRET info in her emails while Sec of State is in process of being nicely swept under that same old stinky carpet.  BTW as a US Senator from New York what did she do?  What did she do as First Lady?  Apparently NOTHING yet she’s being hailed as some sort of great stateswoman and Caesar.  WTF?

Trump is a divider and that fact alone speaks volumes to the fact that he’s NOT a leader because a true leader unites their people.  Put in the Oval Office and we’ll see discrimination, racism, and sexism resurrect their ugly heads on a scale never before imagined.  Frankly, I think this man hates everyone including himself!  All I’ve heard from him is his continued rhetoric about building a wall between Mexico and the US.  Seriously?  As in a Berlin Wall 2?  Walls are not only meant to keep people out but they are also intended to keep people in.  Hey Donald when you build that wall can you also put up armed guard towers spaced about 10 feet apart all along our border from Mexico to Canada to the Atlantic to the Pacific?  I mean if we are going for the American prison routine just do it up real good!

Trump actually thinks he’s going to force Mexico to pay for the wall which is comical at best.  Mexican officials have already said they aren’t paying for it and have told Trump to go to hell (to put it mildly).  If Trump thinks he can just cut off foreign aid to Mexico if they don’t pay for the wall he’s made an IDIOTIC foreign policy choice.  Mexico will just buddy up to Russia and China and become a satellite state of one or both.  Great move!  NOT!  This man doesn’t understand foreign policy at all.  What he’s done is appeal to people s anger, hate, and prejudice which is actually highly dangerous and idiotic.  He’s not a uniter; he’s a divider.  Do you really think this Sodom and Gomorrah nation needs anymore division????

The thought of having to listen to the screeching voice of Hillary Clinton for the next four years is enough to make me become a drunk!  She sends me up the wall.  I swear sometimes when she speaks (read yells) she sounds nuts (read lunatic).  There are many more women in this nation MORE qualified to be POTUS because they’ve actually done something significant in their political careers and they’d make far better presidents than Hillary.  But these women want nothing to do with the presidency because they know it’s a can of worms.

It is now OBVIOUS that our choices in November will be either Trump or Clinton.  Doesn’t matter who you vote for we’re getting a loser once again as POTUS!  A CORPORATIST who is the owned servant of Wall Street and will do exactly what Wall Street wants like a good little rich lackey!  Meanwhile, all of the REAL statesmen and women and all of the REAL men and women leaders who SHOULD be POTUS have bailed and disappeared.  They want nothing to do with the system because they not only know it’s rigged but it is CORRUPT!!

And so……….FURTHER down the SEWER out nation goes…………..and meanwhile we STILL sleep????

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