ObamaCare & Etc.

obamacareAs you well know President Barack Obama has recently been on his farewell apology tour in Asia which has been a signature trait of this POTUS for the past almost 8 years. This president has apologized for just about anything and everything that the US government has done since its founding in 1776. I’m sure there are more than a few foreign heads of state that just keep shaking their heads in amazement as under this president everything has been done to weak our international image and dethrone the US from being a world leader. In fact, it appears to me that we are likely viewed as a “wannabe 3rd world state” now, thank you Barry O.

That’s been Obama’s signature trait and now I want to turn to his signature piece of legislation commonly known as “ObamaCare” and formally known as the Affordable Healthcare Act. Of course we all already know that the “Affordable” part of the acts title is questionable at best.

I just can’t help but notice every few days now there is some new bit of news on ObamaCare concerning how premiums are higher than expected and costs are going up. I don’t call that “affordable” do you?

Let’s face it. ObamaCare is a DISASTER and it’s becoming even more of a disaster with each passing month or day! I have always maintained that this legislation was never tweaked with an eye off paper and in the real world. A lot of things look fantastic on paper but they just don’t fly well in the REAL WORLD. That’s true of ObamaCare, sadly.

Don’t get me wrong. I think everyone should have some level of health insurance and, in fact, I have been a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders idea of simply extending Medicare to all US citizens with a few tweaks. Oh yes I can hear you sucking up air now! YES IT’S SOCIALIZED MEDICINE….get over it already.

I don’t see the Obama Administration doing anything about the growing problems with ObamaCare and I can only assume he’s betting on Hillary Clinton being the next POTUS so he’s leaving that task to her. However ………

I can’t help but wonder if all of this growing cost and increasing premiums wasn’t part of the original plan or DEAL the whole time! After all, ObamaCare was written with the “help” (read bribery and influence) of the health insurance industry who, frankly, are notorious for ripping off the customer and anyone else they possibly can. Perhaps that’s why Obama is ignoring it all? Continue reading


Boy Left in Woods as Punishment Now Missing!!

This story is one I can relate to personally and I’ll explain why in a bit. A 7 year old boy was left in the woods in Japan by his parents as “punishment” reportedly and now the boy has gone missing. The boy’s name is Yamoto Tanooka. His parents told police that they left him in the woods in northern Japan as a “punishment” for throwing rocks at cars and people. But, prior to making that statement the parents had told police that the young boy went missing in the woods while picking vegetables with the family! Seems they just couldn’t get their story (ie: LIE) straight.

After they finally decided to tell police the truth they said they made the boy get out of the car at the base of a mountain and then they drove off and left him there! Now a massive search is underway for the boy. The area has several bears and back in 2010 two people were mauled by the bears. And in 2013 a man was attacked by a bear in the same area. That man used pruning shears to defend himself from the attack.

Hopefully this young boy is still alive and the bears haven’t got him! And the parents? Don’t even get me started on these two clowns! Who in the hell leaves a small child alone in an area known for bear attacks as “punishment”? And that brings me to my own personal experience.

When I was about 9 years old I went out into the woods with my father and stepmother (both of whom were drinking). My father and I never got along. We were always at each others throats. They too drove off and left me alone out in those woods for the rest of the day and they only returned around 5pm! I’d been out there since about 10am. This was my “punishment” for not getting along with my father or stepmother (a woman who I detest to this day). When they finally did come back for me I wished they hadn’t as I got a good beating! The reason? They were mad because I was NOT afraid of being out in the woods alone all day at 9 years old!!

And I wasn’t afraid. In fact, for the first time in my young life I actually felt safe and at home! I drank water out of a near by cow tank and spent the day hiking around the area where they abandoned me. I saw squirrels, eagles, and deer and I thought they were amazing. In fact, I got really close to the deer and loved every minute of it. When I saw my father and evil step mother coming down the road I almost ran the other way out into the woods so they couldn’t find me. That is exactly what I should have done in fact but instead I met them on the road and when they realized I was not afraid of being in the woods alone that sent them into a rage and I paid for it by being repeatedly beat with an empty pistol holster. Their punishment” BACKFIRED and they didn’t like it one damned bit LOL.

Now what kind of parents leave a 7 year old or 9 year old boy out in the woods alone as “punishment”? Hey I got news for parents who do these things to their children. IT’S NOT PUNISHMENT!  IT”S CHILD ABUSE AND CHILD ABANDONMENT!!

Apparently, those parents in Japan who ABANDONED this 7 year old boy were of the same frame of mind as my father and step mother were. It’s called LUNATIC!!

I survived 7 hours out in the woods I was abandoned in and my hope is that this 7 year old boy has survived too. If anything I hope he’s simply avoiding the searchers, alive, and doing fine. That’s my prayer for this boy. And his parents? Their psychotic asses need to be thrown in jail for a long, long time as THEIR PUNISHMENT for child abuse and abandonment!!! POS!



Mexico Illegal Immigration Laws

Many make the claim that Mexico has tougher illegal immigration laws than the US so let’s take a look………………

Under Mexican law illegally immigrating into the country is considered a felony. According to Article 123 of the Mexican General Law on Population if you illegally come into Mexico and are caught you will be arrested and jailed. You may then be imprisoned for up to 2 years in a Mexican prison and fined anywhere from 300 to 5000 pesos or whatever the judge decides is appropriate. According to Article 125 the court may decide to deport you rather than imprison you.

MexicoNow this all sounds fine and dandy on paper but a REALITY CHECK is needed in this matter. For one thing Mexican jails and prisons are some of the worst on the planet and in some places when you are jailed you are basically forgotten about. “Gringo are you still here in our jail?” LOL

The Mexican judicial system and corrections system is NOT what it is in the good ole US of A. In fact, in some places when you compare American zoos to Mexican prisons the zoos win hands down! Mexican jails have no special treatment for anyone, no golf courses or swimming pools, no catered meals nor anything of the such. In fact, when you are thrown into a Mexican prison you are basically on your own in a land filled with violent and rabid wolves. “Good luck Amigo!”

UNLIKE American immigration authorities MEXICAN immigration authorities actually enforce their immigration laws and that includes Mexican laws pertaining to LEGAL immigrants as well. To begin with Mexico ONLY welcomes legal immigrants whom the Mexican government believes will be “useful to Mexican society.” Immigration officials watch such people to ensure that they are in fact contributing to the betterment of the Mexican nation and if the legal immigrant is deemed not to be doing so then they are simply deported back to wherever they came from. You may be a legal immigrant in Mexico BUT if the authorities decide you are physically or mentally “a problem” you will be deported back to where you came from as well. Further, if Mexican authorities decide you might be upsetting the “equilibrium of the national demographics” or if they decide foreigners are “detrimental to economic or national interests” authorities will round you up and deport you as well. Also breaking Mexican laws is another reason you might be deported and/or jailed or imprisoned. “That wolf pit just keeps popping up in all these laws doesn’t it Amigo?” Continue reading

Obama and Deportation…..DOUBLE TAKE!!

obama5The Obama Administration announced last week that this month ICE will conduct a series of raids across the country with the goal of arresting and deporting mothers and children from Central America who have entered the US illegally. Today both Democratic contenders for the presidency voiced their opposition to Obama’s plan with Hillary Clinton saying “Large scale raids are not productive and do not reflect who we are as a country.” Senator Bernie Sanders said, “Sending these people back into harms way is wrong.” Sanders was referring to the all out drug wars going on in Central America between rival drug cartels.

When I read this report I had two thoughts. First, why is Obama opposing Clinton and Sanders on this issue? Is he attempting to help Trump get elected come November? But more than that my thought was “Yeah wait a minute! Obama is the guy who let these women and children from Central America into the country in the first place and housed them in various mass camps around the country! So why the sudden reversal?”.

This is the kind of CRAP that happens when you have a two-faced government that just can’t make up its mind about ANYTHING! This is why Obama’s leadership has been grossly lacking for the past 8 years and it’s why Obama has lost MOST of his support as compared to the support he had in 2008 when he first took office as POTUS. He has a classic pattern of saying one thing and doing another AND of doing one thing and then turning around and doing the opposite. Confusing? Not really as it’s called two-faced.

Despite the outcry when Obama allowed these women and children into the country a few years back and despite his ordering the US Border Patrol to basically stand down now this president wants to conduct nationwide raids and round these people up and deport them. I can imagine the US Border Patrol must be HIGHLY CONFUSED right now. Which policy directive are they to follow? Stand down and simply watch illegals cross the border with your thumb up your ass OR arrest and deport them? WTF????

Of course the real question now is WHY has the Obama Administration suddenly gone from an apparent “Open Borders” policy to an “Arrest and Deport” policy literally overnight? Or is this a political move to help Trump get elected or……maybe not. Maybe what this is is yet another misguided attempt by Obama to get Clinton or Sanders elected by showing the nation that Democrats are now “tough on illegal immigration.” However, if that is the case both Clinton and Sanders just BLEW IT by voicing opposition to Obama’s intended move this month. Oh well, another failure for this POTUS, no?

And the beat (or what is left of it) goes on in America’s erratic pulse and, frankly, that pulse is almost nonexistent now……………………..

Oh one other thing…………………

The article claims, “During his tenure, Obama has had more people deported than any other US president.” That MAY be true BUT he’s also allowed MORE illegals into the US illegally than any other president! Just a little REALITY CHECK THERE AOL News!