State of the Workers: DEPLORABLE!!!

protestor-san-cristobalToday is May Day with a focus on workers, the common people down on Main Street.  When it comes to workers in the United States the working poor really are POOR and getting poorer.  Prices keep rising as the American Corporatists continue to take advantage of the working poor every chance they get.  In Corporatist America workers have basically been reduced to mere SERFS!  Women continue to earn less than men and the ideology among the Corporatist overlords is that “employees are a dime a dozen.”  Bottomline is that the state of American workers is DEPLORABLE and getting worse!

Although the Obama Administration claims the “recession” (read DEPRESSION) is over that is only a myth reflected in their unique ability to fudge unemployment numbers.  The US economy is in a state of perpetual crisis and, frankly, this administration seems inept when it comes to doing anything about it.  What is going on is the fleecing of America and the fleecing of the American workers in which cheap talk is everywhere but ACTION is NOWHERE! For instance, Barack Obama has made repeated statements about how the infrastructure in this nation is severely in need of repair and maintenance.  He and our inept House of Fools (aka:  Congress) COULD have put thousands of people to work by creating something akin to the WPA (Works Project Administration) like FDR did during the Great Depression.  Had he done so then our nation’s infrastructure would now be in a state of repair but instead he and the House of Fools has done nothing over the past 8 years.  And what will the next POTUS do?  Nothing!  Nothing because the Corporatists know that they must keep the working poor, POOR as they are more easily controlled.  That’s why they have successfully dumbed down America as well.  Both of these tactics are right out of Dictatorship 101, frankly!

It USED to be that American workers lived paycheck to paycheck but that is not the case today because their current paychecks don’t even stretch to their next payday.  When workers complain or want improvements in working conditions they are mocked and scorned by their Corporatist overlords and simply told that if they don’t like the conditions or their job that they can simply quit.  Remember, in the Corporatist greed ridden mind of psychosis “workers are a dime a dozen.”

GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump (a billionaire and corporatist) says if elected he will make America great again.  Really?  I doubt it!  I really do not think this man is going to seek to improved the state of America’s working poor at all.  I’ve heard nothing from him along the lines of improving the plight of the working poor.  All I’ve heard is a bunch of crap talk about building some ignorant wall akin to the Berlin Wall between Mexico and the US to solve the problem of illegal immigration.  Hey Trump!  How about just letting the US Border Patrol do their job and enforce existing US immigration laws???  I know….that is a REVELATION!

IF Trump truly does want to make America great again then he’s going to have to do something to improve the state of America’s working poor.  He’s going to have to put an end to the Fascist Corporatists exploitation of working Americans.  Again, I’m not hearing anything about this from Trump and that is because he has no intention whatsoever of helping American workers.  As a Corporatist, however, I’m sure he has plans to exploit us even more and that will only make America weaker not stronger.  Trump is full of empty rhetoric and his goal appears to be DIVISION rather than unification among Americans.  He throws out accusations that are unfounded and fans the flames of racial hatred.  He seems to really dislike Hispanics and Muslims and I can’t help but wonder if this man is elected might not he have plans to deport any and all persons of Hispanic heritage be they legal citizens or not?  And I don’t even want to think about what he will do to Muslims.

Hillary Clinton is no better although she is certainly the lesser of two evils.  Again, this woman is also a Fascist Corporatist and billionaire and I’m sure her LEAST concern is the state of America’s working poor.  Frankly, it doesn’t matter which one of these clowns is our next president as the American worker is still SCREWED!  Both Trump and Clinton are owned by the global Corporatist and I’m 100% certain they will do THEIR bidding no matter what.  And, once again, America’s working poor will continue to pay the price.

America USED to be great NOT because of its military might but because of the American worker.  There was a time when American labor and American products were highly valued around the world and sought after.  American workers took pride in their work and in what they produced as they saw their work and what they produced as a reflection on themselves and, thus, they had PRIDE.  But American workers today don’t have any pride because they’ve been plundered and had their spirits crushed.  Today in working America a job is just a JOB and nothing more.  So if Trump really wants to make America great again then he must change the state and the mindset of the American worker but, again, I’m not hearing anything from him along those lines.  Instead he seems to think that making the American military machine even larger seems to be the trick!  He’s wrong!

The State of America overall is deplorable and we all know it and we all know it’s getting worse not better.  But this should have all been expected as this nation has been taken over by global greed ridden Fascist Corporatists!  The late Italian dictator during WW2, Benito Mussolini, once described Fascism as the marriage between the corporation and the state.  He later characterized that as “Corporatism.”  Corporatism and Fascism go hand in hand.  The worker is seen as nothing more than a serf or slave.  For as long as these people are in control of America the working American’s lot will NOT improve and the Corporatists will make certain of that.  Why?  Because the ultimate goal of the of the Fascist Corporatist is PROFIT and EXPLOITATION!  These are the reasons America will NEVER be great again because there is no focus on improving the state of America’s working poor who are the backbone and foundation of that old America that USED to be great.


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