The Confessions of Congressman X

Congressman X

There’s a new book coming out set to be released in 2 weeks.  It’s entitled “The Confessions of Congressman X.” Allegedly, it is a tell-all book of a Democratic member of the US House of Representatives who is not seeking re-election.  Below are some quotes from the book authored by Congressman X himself.  The book will be available from which is now taking pre-orders.

THIS is what our elected representatives REALLY think of WE THE PEOPLE and I suppose this attitude doesn’t only exist in the US Congress but in your own State Legislature and City Council.  America has gone to SHIT and we can think these people for THAT!!  And btw there is now apparently NO WAY of saving it!  


There seems to be a complete disintegration of confidence in government. A fear that government is its own special interest…..America’s on an irreversible decline and no one in Washington seems to care….God help us all

Money corrupts and House members are puppets to lobbyists who bankroll their campaigns……Business organizations and unions fork over more than $3 billion a year to those who lobby the federal government. Does that tell you something? We’re operating a f–king casino!

We spend money we don’t have and blithely mortgage the future with a wink and a nod. Screw the next generation! It’s about getting credit NOW, lookin’ good for the upcoming election.

Harry Reid is a pompous Ass! More time is spend fundraising for the next election than reading bills and Washington is a sinkhole of leeches.

Like most my colleagues I promise my constituents a lot of stuff I can never deliver. But what the hell? It makes them happy hearing it….My MAIN JOB is to KEEP MY JOB!

Voters are incredibly IGNORANT and know little about our form of government and how it works….It’s easier than you think to manipulate a nation of NAIVE, self absorbed SHEEP who grave instant gratification.

Voters CLAIM they want substance and detailed position papers, but what they really crave are cutesy cat videos, celebrity gossip, top 10 lists, reality TV shows, tabloid tripe, and the next f–king Twitter message!

I worry about our country’s future when critical issues take a backseat to the inane utterings of illiterate athletes and celebrity twits!!

I SELDOM read any bills I vote on.  I don’t even know how they’ll be implemented or what they’ll cost….My STAFF gives me a last minute briefing before I go to the floor and TELLS ME WHETHER TO VOTE yea or nay.  How bad it that?

On controversial bills I sometimes vote yes on a motion and no on an amendment so I can claim I’m on either side of the issue.  It’s the old shell GAME, if you can’t convince ’em, CONFUSE ’em.

Lawmakers DON’T want to mingle with the POOR unless it’s for a soup kitchen photo op.

Our party USED to be a strong advocate for the working class.  We still PRETEND to be, but we AREN’T.  Large corporations and public unions grease the palms of those who have the power to determine legislative winners and losers.

Most of my colleagues want to help the POOR AND DISADVANTAGED.  To a point!  We certainly don’t want to live among them or mingle with them unless it’s for a soup kitchen photo op.  Poverty’s a great concern as long as it’s kept at a distance.

‘Seniority sucks. Most of the leaders in both parties – House and Senate – are living fossils who don’t exactly convey an attractive and vigorous image of Congress. We need to weed our geriatric landscape. Replace longtime careerists with new blood. People who understand the power of collaboration.’




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