3 comments on “Obama and Deportation…..DOUBLE TAKE!!

  1. Mothers and children in central America have not done anything. Neither are they planning to do anything evil. Muslims are they that are the planers. Muslims who repent admitting that Jesus is the Lord God that Thomas said making no excuses should be the only ones that should be allowed to stay. The rest need to get out. Obama bad mouthing God thinking he is for slavery is of the same mindset.

    • If Obama would allow the US Border Patrol to do their jobs and enforce our immigration laws then they’d be rounding up plenty of those they call “Other Than Mexican” (OTM) illegals. This group includes young men in their 20s from such countries as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, and the rest of the Mid Eastern countries. The USBP routinely finds discarded para-military uniforms in the deserts of the US southwest with Islamic insignia on them including shoulder patches that depict the planes crashing into the World Trad Center on 9/11. I can guarantee that it is NOT Mexicans, Central Americans, or South Americans who wore and then discarded these uniforms. Additionally, not so long ago Mid Eastern young men were being encouraged to illegally immigrate into the US via the border with Mexico. They were flown to Venezuela during the time of Hugo Chavez. There they were taught to speak Spanish and Mexican culture so they could pose as Latino if caught by the USBP. How many of these OTM’s are in the USA? I would bet thousands at least!

      Thank you for your comment Johnathan Hughes and remember the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

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