Obama and Deportation…..DOUBLE TAKE!!

obama5The Obama Administration announced last week that this month ICE will conduct a series of raids across the country with the goal of arresting and deporting mothers and children from Central America who have entered the US illegally. Today both Democratic contenders for the presidency voiced their opposition to Obama’s plan with Hillary Clinton saying “Large scale raids are not productive and do not reflect who we are as a country.” Senator Bernie Sanders said, “Sending these people back into harms way is wrong.” Sanders was referring to the all out drug wars going on in Central America between rival drug cartels.

When I read this report I had two thoughts. First, why is Obama opposing Clinton and Sanders on this issue? Is he attempting to help Trump get elected come November? But more than that my thought was “Yeah wait a minute! Obama is the guy who let these women and children from Central America into the country in the first place and housed them in various mass camps around the country! So why the sudden reversal?”.

This is the kind of CRAP that happens when you have a two-faced government that just can’t make up its mind about ANYTHING! This is why Obama’s leadership has been grossly lacking for the past 8 years and it’s why Obama has lost MOST of his support as compared to the support he had in 2008 when he first took office as POTUS. He has a classic pattern of saying one thing and doing another AND of doing one thing and then turning around and doing the opposite. Confusing? Not really as it’s called two-faced.

Despite the outcry when Obama allowed these women and children into the country a few years back and despite his ordering the US Border Patrol to basically stand down now this president wants to conduct nationwide raids and round these people up and deport them. I can imagine the US Border Patrol must be HIGHLY CONFUSED right now. Which policy directive are they to follow? Stand down and simply watch illegals cross the border with your thumb up your ass OR arrest and deport them? WTF????

Of course the real question now is WHY has the Obama Administration suddenly gone from an apparent “Open Borders” policy to an “Arrest and Deport” policy literally overnight? Or is this a political move to help Trump get elected or……maybe not. Maybe what this is is yet another misguided attempt by Obama to get Clinton or Sanders elected by showing the nation that Democrats are now “tough on illegal immigration.” However, if that is the case both Clinton and Sanders just BLEW IT by voicing opposition to Obama’s intended move this month. Oh well, another failure for this POTUS, no?

And the beat (or what is left of it) goes on in America’s erratic pulse and, frankly, that pulse is almost nonexistent now……………………..

Oh one other thing…………………

The article claims, “During his tenure, Obama has had more people deported than any other US president.” That MAY be true BUT he’s also allowed MORE illegals into the US illegally than any other president! Just a little REALITY CHECK THERE AOL News!




3 responses to “Obama and Deportation…..DOUBLE TAKE!!

  1. Mothers and children in central America have not done anything. Neither are they planning to do anything evil. Muslims are they that are the planers. Muslims who repent admitting that Jesus is the Lord God that Thomas said making no excuses should be the only ones that should be allowed to stay. The rest need to get out. Obama bad mouthing God thinking he is for slavery is of the same mindset.

    • If Obama would allow the US Border Patrol to do their jobs and enforce our immigration laws then they’d be rounding up plenty of those they call “Other Than Mexican” (OTM) illegals. This group includes young men in their 20s from such countries as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Libya, and the rest of the Mid Eastern countries. The USBP routinely finds discarded para-military uniforms in the deserts of the US southwest with Islamic insignia on them including shoulder patches that depict the planes crashing into the World Trad Center on 9/11. I can guarantee that it is NOT Mexicans, Central Americans, or South Americans who wore and then discarded these uniforms. Additionally, not so long ago Mid Eastern young men were being encouraged to illegally immigrate into the US via the border with Mexico. They were flown to Venezuela during the time of Hugo Chavez. There they were taught to speak Spanish and Mexican culture so they could pose as Latino if caught by the USBP. How many of these OTM’s are in the USA? I would bet thousands at least!

      Thank you for your comment Johnathan Hughes and remember the Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways.

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