5 comments on “Zimmerman and his Golden Gun

  1. I say, Zimmerman, murdered that kid. There was insufficient wounds on Zimmerman except a cherry nose, and a little boo-boo on the back of his head, all of which, I suspect his friends who brought him in, the cops, gave him, to “support” the killing. A 30 year old man, vs. a 17 year old boy. Zimmerman could have chicken winged the kid and tied him into pretzel knots. The gun, as far as I am concerned, is a murder weapon. The gun should have been cut and melted down with a welding torch. Now the mockery of Zimmerman’s get rich quick scheme. He is a very dangerous person to allow roam in society.
    I am, a retired Detective Sergeant. I have been around and seen many life and death struggles and street fights. None had a cherry nose and little boo-boo head. Let that gun, rot.

    Brittius [I am still locked out of the dashboard of my regular blog]

    • Thank you for the reblog Brittius and thanks for letting us known about your regular blog problems. I was wondering what was going on. Regarding this story YES the gun is a murder weapon IMO also. And now Zimmerman is trying to cash in and I highly doubt should he get 1/2 million for the thing that he plans to use it for all he says. A 1/2 million would make a comfortable life for him I’m sure.

      My question has always been why did Zimmerman take it upon himself to follow the 17 year old Trayvon? Let’s face it. The Police eventually DO get their man….or woman in the end. Zimmerman was on the phone to 911 as I recall and the police were on their way so why did Zimmerman decide to play cop? Sadly, I’ve seen many people working as security guards or on a neighborhood watch who mistakenly think they are police officers. They’re not and likely they should not be in these positions. I consider such people dangerous, frankly. And then there is the question as to why Zimmerman was even carrying a gun? Why not pepper spray or a taser?

      I get the impression that Zimmerman has no remorse over the death of Martin as I have not heard him express any. Now he’s not only trying to cash in on the gun but he’s also not being truthful. Point in fact is that the Smithsonian has NEVER expressed ANY interest in collecting the gun according to the museum itself. So where does Zimmerman get off saying they want it? And as for the weapon being a “part of American history” it is a part of America’s DARK HISTORY.

      All that Zimmerman had to do was give a description of Martin to the police and then show them the direction he went in or the building he went into but instead he killed him and that is pretty sad in my opinion. Frankly, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Zimmerman as I like you consider the man a danger.


      • How about this, Rob, the kid was only trespassing, a Violation, and not a Misdemeanor or Felony. Watch, means, “Observe & Report”, not escalate matters into a damned homicide.
        Maybe, Zimmerman, had some premeditation or fantasy about wanting to shoot ANY human being. I don’t care if the kid was high on some teenager Skittle trip, it is ALL THE MORE REASON, for force OTHER THAN, Deadly Physical Force. Otherwise cops would be shooting winos. But it doesn’t happen. HAND RESTRAINT. You know, as in, BE A MAN. Anybody can pull a trigger, a Man, will first use his hands IF necessary, but, Zimmerman was NOT a cop, so bird-dog and report the location, description, direction of travel. Let the cops handle it. (It’s why they sign the back of the paycheck, every other week).
        Zimmerman is on some delusional god trip. Like a bad penny, he most certainly will, be back, and looking for headlines.

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