Mexico Illegal Immigration Laws

Many make the claim that Mexico has tougher illegal immigration laws than the US so let’s take a look………………

Under Mexican law illegally immigrating into the country is considered a felony. According to Article 123 of the Mexican General Law on Population if you illegally come into Mexico and are caught you will be arrested and jailed. You may then be imprisoned for up to 2 years in a Mexican prison and fined anywhere from 300 to 5000 pesos or whatever the judge decides is appropriate. According to Article 125 the court may decide to deport you rather than imprison you.

MexicoNow this all sounds fine and dandy on paper but a REALITY CHECK is needed in this matter. For one thing Mexican jails and prisons are some of the worst on the planet and in some places when you are jailed you are basically forgotten about. “Gringo are you still here in our jail?” LOL

The Mexican judicial system and corrections system is NOT what it is in the good ole US of A. In fact, in some places when you compare American zoos to Mexican prisons the zoos win hands down! Mexican jails have no special treatment for anyone, no golf courses or swimming pools, no catered meals nor anything of the such. In fact, when you are thrown into a Mexican prison you are basically on your own in a land filled with violent and rabid wolves. “Good luck Amigo!”

UNLIKE American immigration authorities MEXICAN immigration authorities actually enforce their immigration laws and that includes Mexican laws pertaining to LEGAL immigrants as well. To begin with Mexico ONLY welcomes legal immigrants whom the Mexican government believes will be “useful to Mexican society.” Immigration officials watch such people to ensure that they are in fact contributing to the betterment of the Mexican nation and if the legal immigrant is deemed not to be doing so then they are simply deported back to wherever they came from. You may be a legal immigrant in Mexico BUT if the authorities decide you are physically or mentally “a problem” you will be deported back to where you came from as well. Further, if Mexican authorities decide you might be upsetting the “equilibrium of the national demographics” or if they decide foreigners are “detrimental to economic or national interests” authorities will round you up and deport you as well. Also breaking Mexican laws is another reason you might be deported and/or jailed or imprisoned. “That wolf pit just keeps popping up in all these laws doesn’t it Amigo?”

Here’s a tidbit many people don’t know not even those in Mexico. Per the Mexican General Law on Population Mexican authorities MUST keep track of every single person in the nation! Federal, state, and local police MUST cooperate and aid federal immigration officers per Article 73. And, according to the stipulations put forth in Articles 85 & 86 a National Population Registry must be maintained that “keeps track of every single individual who comprises the population of the country [Mexico].” And that registry must also verify each persons identity! Further, Article 91 stipulates that a National Registry of Foreigners also be maintained and must track all foreign tourists and immigrants and each one must be assigned a tracking number per Article 91. “Can you say ESTATO POLICIA amigo?”

If you are apprehended for anything and it is discovered you have fake identity papers and/or you entered the country under false pretenses you can basically kiss you ass bye….bye! You will likely be one of those gringos who are “forgotten about” in that little dirty jail in some small Mexican village or big city. If you fail to obey the rules regarding immigration you will be arrested, jailed, and charges with a felony and it’s anybody’s guess what happens to you next. “Good luck Amigo! You’re going to need it!”

If you enter Mexico illegally you are automatically deemed a criminal. If a Mexican national marries a foreigner with the sole intent of helping them live in Mexico that citizen is subject to imprisonment for up to 5 years under Article 127. “Little American tricks just don’t work much in Mexico, mi amigo.”

Under the Mexican Constitution any and all non-citizens are forbidden from participating in Mexican politics in any way, shape, or form. Non-citizens are forbidden to participate in demonstrations OR express their opinions in public about domestic politics! “Don’t like el Presidente Pena Neto, amigo or the local mayor? Voice it and you get a free trip for a free stay in one of those notorious Mexican prisons or jails!”

Foreigners have NO fundamental property rights in Mexico either under the Constitution. That is…..UNLESS… are willing to denounce the protection of your native country’s government. If you don’t then any and all property you THINK you own in Mexico CAN be confiscated at ANY time. Additionally, be you a legal or illegal immigrant in Mexico you are NOT entitled to any equal employment rights! The Constitution states specifically that “Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners under equality of circumstances for all classes of concessions and for all employments, positions, and commissions….” “Equal Rights amigo? WTF is that????”

Here’s a biggie! The Mexican Constitution guarantees that you will NEVER be treated as a REAL Mexican citizen EVEN if you become legally naturalized under Mexican law!! “Lo siento amigo but you’ll always be a foreigner in Mexico.”

If you decide to become a Mexican citizen then you better not return to your native country and stay there for more than 5 years or you may be stripped of your Mexican citizenship. Further, if you become a naturalized citizen of Mexico you can NOT serve as a Mexican military officer nor can you serve on a Mexican ship or airline crew. You can NOT become a federal lawmaker, serve in the el Presidente’s cabinet nor serve on the Mexican Supreme Court. And you can NEVER be the EL PRESIDENTE DE MEXICO either as he must be native-born of parents who are native-born. If you happen to be born in Mexico and your parents are not Mexican born citizens you are deemed as a SECOND CLASS citizen. In case for some reason you manage to enter into Mexico illegally (or legally for that matter) and you manage to evade the Mexican Federal Police you might want to be aware that the Mexican Constitution grants all Mexican citizens the right to make citizen’s arrests. “That’s right amigo. Be VERY careful what you tell Jose your neighbor because he can arrest you!”

And finally but not lastly under the Mexican Constitution Mexico may expel ANY non-citizen for ANY REASON and WITHOUT due process at ANY time.

Of course what is on paper isn’t what always transpires in real life. Mexico has its share of corrupt politicians all the way from the dog catcher up! And in some places if you are arrested you basically can sit in a Mexican jail until you rot (literally) as you DO NOT have any right to a “speedy and fair trial.” Of course, there is the problems with trigger happy police and soldiers too. And then there are the drug cartels…..cross them and yours may be one of the severed heads hanging from the bridges or worse. Frankly, none of these people really care if you are illegal or legal and that’s about the only “equal rights” you’re going to get down south, amigo.

Government in Mexico doesn’t stand in the way of authorities there enforcing the immigration laws pertaining to legal or illegal aliens. What happens in Mexico is NOT the same as what happens in the USA!

Now I know you’re wondering about the freight trains with hundreds of Central American illegals riding on top of them headed north, right? Well sometimes they have to smuggle their way across Mexico to the US border but other times authorities just pass the trains through right up to the US border, Central Americans and all. I guess the thinking in Mexico City is, “Hey why bother? Allow them to the US border and they become America’s problem not ours, Si?” YOU BET!

Now here’s the BILLION DOLLAR question……………..

Since Mexico can enforce their immigration laws WTF is wrong with the US enforcing theirs????? Answer:………..POLITICS! And besides we’ve always had to have a “slave race” in case you haven’t noticed that from US history!




4 responses to “Mexico Illegal Immigration Laws

  1. Perhaps America’s immigration law should include this: Or may be prosecuted under the laws of the person’s home country.

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