Boy Left in Woods as Punishment Now Missing!!

This story is one I can relate to personally and I’ll explain why in a bit. A 7 year old boy was left in the woods in Japan by his parents as “punishment” reportedly and now the boy has gone missing. The boy’s name is Yamoto Tanooka. His parents told police that they left him in the woods in northern Japan as a “punishment” for throwing rocks at cars and people. But, prior to making that statement the parents had told police that the young boy went missing in the woods while picking vegetables with the family! Seems they just couldn’t get their story (ie: LIE) straight.

After they finally decided to tell police the truth they said they made the boy get out of the car at the base of a mountain and then they drove off and left him there! Now a massive search is underway for the boy. The area has several bears and back in 2010 two people were mauled by the bears. And in 2013 a man was attacked by a bear in the same area. That man used pruning shears to defend himself from the attack.

Hopefully this young boy is still alive and the bears haven’t got him! And the parents? Don’t even get me started on these two clowns! Who in the hell leaves a small child alone in an area known for bear attacks as “punishment”? And that brings me to my own personal experience.

When I was about 9 years old I went out into the woods with my father and stepmother (both of whom were drinking). My father and I never got along. We were always at each others throats. They too drove off and left me alone out in those woods for the rest of the day and they only returned around 5pm! I’d been out there since about 10am. This was my “punishment” for not getting along with my father or stepmother (a woman who I detest to this day). When they finally did come back for me I wished they hadn’t as I got a good beating! The reason? They were mad because I was NOT afraid of being out in the woods alone all day at 9 years old!!

And I wasn’t afraid. In fact, for the first time in my young life I actually felt safe and at home! I drank water out of a near by cow tank and spent the day hiking around the area where they abandoned me. I saw squirrels, eagles, and deer and I thought they were amazing. In fact, I got really close to the deer and loved every minute of it. When I saw my father and evil step mother coming down the road I almost ran the other way out into the woods so they couldn’t find me. That is exactly what I should have done in fact but instead I met them on the road and when they realized I was not afraid of being in the woods alone that sent them into a rage and I paid for it by being repeatedly beat with an empty pistol holster. Their punishment” BACKFIRED and they didn’t like it one damned bit LOL.

Now what kind of parents leave a 7 year old or 9 year old boy out in the woods alone as “punishment”? Hey I got news for parents who do these things to their children. IT’S NOT PUNISHMENT!  IT”S CHILD ABUSE AND CHILD ABANDONMENT!!

Apparently, those parents in Japan who ABANDONED this 7 year old boy were of the same frame of mind as my father and step mother were. It’s called LUNATIC!!

I survived 7 hours out in the woods I was abandoned in and my hope is that this 7 year old boy has survived too. If anything I hope he’s simply avoiding the searchers, alive, and doing fine. That’s my prayer for this boy. And his parents? Their psychotic asses need to be thrown in jail for a long, long time as THEIR PUNISHMENT for child abuse and abandonment!!! POS!



One response to “Boy Left in Woods as Punishment Now Missing!!

  1. UPDATE ————

    The parents of this boy say they’ve done an unforgivable thing! Ya think? And they admit to hesitating about alerting police when the boy went missing. Likely because they knew their sorry asses would be in trouble. Now that they are caught and their 7 year old son may be dead, thanks to bears in the area, they are expressing remorse. Where was their remorse when they kicked this boy out of the car and left him in the woods as “punishment”? POS!!

    Read the update at:

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