ObamaCare & Etc.

obamacareAs you well know President Barack Obama has recently been on his farewell apology tour in Asia which has been a signature trait of this POTUS for the past almost 8 years. This president has apologized for just about anything and everything that the US government has done since its founding in 1776. I’m sure there are more than a few foreign heads of state that just keep shaking their heads in amazement as under this president everything has been done to weak our international image and dethrone the US from being a world leader. In fact, it appears to me that we are likely viewed as a “wannabe 3rd world state” now, thank you Barry O.

That’s been Obama’s signature trait and now I want to turn to his signature piece of legislation commonly known as “ObamaCare” and formally known as the Affordable Healthcare Act. Of course we all already know that the “Affordable” part of the acts title is questionable at best.

I just can’t help but notice every few days now there is some new bit of news on ObamaCare concerning how premiums are higher than expected and costs are going up. I don’t call that “affordable” do you?

Let’s face it. ObamaCare is a DISASTER and it’s becoming even more of a disaster with each passing month or day! I have always maintained that this legislation was never tweaked with an eye off paper and in the real world. A lot of things look fantastic on paper but they just don’t fly well in the REAL WORLD. That’s true of ObamaCare, sadly.

Don’t get me wrong. I think everyone should have some level of health insurance and, in fact, I have been a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders idea of simply extending Medicare to all US citizens with a few tweaks. Oh yes I can hear you sucking up air now! YES IT’S SOCIALIZED MEDICINE….get over it already.

I don’t see the Obama Administration doing anything about the growing problems with ObamaCare and I can only assume he’s betting on Hillary Clinton being the next POTUS so he’s leaving that task to her. However ………

I can’t help but wonder if all of this growing cost and increasing premiums wasn’t part of the original plan or DEAL the whole time! After all, ObamaCare was written with the “help” (read bribery and influence) of the health insurance industry who, frankly, are notorious for ripping off the customer and anyone else they possibly can. Perhaps that’s why Obama is ignoring it all?

There is no doubt in my mind that UNBRIDLED GREED is now the real “god” of the USA and ObamaCare seems to fit right in as expected. That’s sad for people who had no insurance or struggled paying their premiums prior to ObamaCare becoming the law of the land because these people were the Working Poor……yes again! It saddens me that this nation won’t do anything worthy or honorable for the working poor in this country. The working poor who are becoming the MAJORITY of people in this nation today. Instead we are conned and scammed and lied to by our “fearless leaders” who are nothing more than lying charlatans….period! Instead of acting with honor our leaders act with DISHONOR because that is where GREED has gotten us.

So what happened to America caring about Americans? What happen to making the American Dream within everyone’s reach? What happened to honesty and integrity in leadership and government? What happened to Americans truly being their brother and sisters “keeper”?

We are not only a nation and society bent on unbridled greed today but we have become a dishonorable nation led by dishonorable men and women. Don’t think for a minute that other nations and people don’t see that because THEY DO and CLEARLY. Yes, these things I spoke of above existed in days gone by and, in fact, these things are what made America the greatest and richest nation on earth. We cannot return to that place without returning to the values and morals that made this nation great since its founding. Greed and selfishness have got us to the dark place we are in today and if you think these two things can make us great again……think again!


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