Is Trump a RACIST?

Appearing this morning on “Meet the Press” GOP leader Mitch McConnell R-KY avoided answering this question not once, not twice, but THREE times! Although he was supportive of Trump he dodged several questions saying he couldn’t disagree more with some of Trump recent jaw flapping.

The questions centered around Hispanic Judge Gonzalo Curiel who is the judge on the case against Trump University. Trump has accused the judge of being a member of La Raza and implied that the judge’s Hispanic heritage is an “absolute conflict” of interest and, thus, he should be removed from the case.

Trump Clown1

McConnell said he disagreed with Trump’s claim and said the GOP is concerned about the Hispanic vote saying, “I think it’s a big mistake for our party to write off Latino Americans. They’re an important part of our country.” He went on to say he hopes Trump will change his tune and start to unify the party.

Well Mitch that AIN’T goin’ to happen! Trump is a DIVIDER not a uniter and he’s demonstrated that fact clearly from day one!! As I’ve said several times before here a true leader unites his/her people. A pretender, a divider, divides his/her people. Trump is definitely in the later category. He’s nothing more than an egotistical SHOWMAN like the ringmaster in a circus. His behavior is all an act and for the former “reality star” this is his biggest SHOW. Likely he’s anticipating an Emmy or Oscar after November.

Trump IS a RACIST in my opinion and it doesn’t surprise me at all that that SPINELESS McConnell wouldn’t admit to the fact. After all, he is the Senate Majority Leader and as every American already knows our US Senate is spineless beyond amazement! Trump recently made a racist comment about a Black American at one of his rally’s. He singled out a Black supporter referring to him as “My Black American.” Really? As if Trump owned him? As in slavery days? And of course Trump just won’t shut up about how he’s going to build that thousand mile wall between the US and Mexico to keep Hispanics out. Go right ahead Senor Trump! Build that frickin’ wall and Latinos as well as others or other races will rip it down as many times as it takes!!!!

Trump winning the election is an absolute nightmare! If he does win then I certainly hope someone in the WH has the common sense NOT to give him the codes to our nukes as he just might use them during his first temper tantrum as POTUS. He’s already insulted just about every ethnic and religious minority in this nation and he’s alarmed our allies beyond belief. The whole world already knows he’s going to not just BE a disaster if elected but BRING disaster. That is excluding the good ole’ boys who are voting for him.

Trump Clown2

Trump has the support of the Neo-Nazi Movement, the Ku Klux Klan, and few other racists terrorist orgs. However, he has rejected their support I must note. Still what is coming out of his mouth is very much in line with what these racists orgs preach and teach. No wonder they support him.

Trump seems to NOT know that if he plans on being POTUS he must be president of ALL of the people not simply a select view which he may like. One of his aides not long ago said it’s all an “act” and Trump will soon start acting much more “presidential.” LMAO I doubt that!

Trump has tried to paint himself as one of us folks down on Main Street, working and struggling to make ends meet. But, he’s NOT one of us at all. In fact, he IS one of the Corporatist! His act is pretending to be one of us common folk and once in office I’m sure we all will discover rather quickly that he is a Corporatist. He’s trying to pull the wool over America’s eyes and thus far it appears HE HAS!

He continues to bash his former opponents in the GOP nomination race even though they’ve gracefully bowed out.  He hasn’t uttered one word of unity towards them or anyone else.  He’s inflamed ethnic and religious minorities across this nation and is anything BUT Presidential.  I’ve always said Washington DC was nothing but a circus and now I’m wondering if Trump is the circus clown!  Trump seems NOT to comprehend at all the BIG AND DEEP problems our nation and people face today.  If he does then he doesn’t seem to take them seriously.  He speaks of making America great again but just how does he plan on doing that by dividing people.  A people divided CANNOT stand!  Trump and his seeming “need” to create division is only going to serve to destroy this nation and society more and more.

From what I’ve seen from Donald Trump thus far is that he’s a bigot and racist.  He seems to think he’s just in another reality show.  He would be a disaster for America as POTUS.  It’s sad that the GOP can’t come up with anyone better than Trump!  Of course, it’s also sad that the Dems can’t come up with anyone better than Hillary Clinton.  NO, I don’t like her either and I also think she’d be a disaster as POTUS but slightly less so than Trump.

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